Post Aug. 8th 2017

1. The following was taken from an pro Palestinian blog and answered by me:
Israel steals important Jerusalem property deeds from Al-Aqsa
MEMO | August 7, 2017
During the closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque last month, Israeli occupation authorities stole important documents from Al-Aqsa Mosque relating to Jerusalem’s properties and endowments, revealed yesterday.
Chairman of the Jerusalem International Centre Hassan Khater said that the Israeli occupation stole the documents from the “rooms, libraries, documentary archives” of Al-Aqsa Mosque when its forces were alone during the closure.
“Through these documents, the Israeli occupation is putting its hand on the endowments, properties and real estate of Jerusalem’s endowment department,” Khater said, noting that the theft of these documents is a “real disaster”.
He noted that these documents include “details, secrets and signatures”, adding that more than 90 per cent of Jerusalem’s Old City is part of these endowments.
Khater stressed that the “Israeli occupation’s ability to forge documents will harm the endowments of the city.”
He also expressed his fears that the Israeli occupation would use these documents to help carry out its Judaisation plans in the holy city, noting that Judaisation is “the main battle” between the Palestinians and the Israelis
seelistenunderstand, on August 8, 2017 at 4:04 am said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Another silly lie of the sick Muslim lies industry. You,, lier Khater, should have brought a name of one, just one, a document that was “stolen”.Let me tell you and all your crowd in order to make them know who are you and your people: Israel did not touch a thing because everything is written and documented in the bible and afterward document. The problem is that you have no evidence and you try to establish your ownership of the holy places. So, you blame Israel for stealing the documents. It will not work. Take all the documents and make photocopies. No, you will not do it as if you do it you can never blame Israel for stealing documents that you never owned.
Now, think about it and don’t think that the world will swallow your evil stories.

2. Wher from this behavior of the Muslims come from? From the following and similar behavior: The Palestinian guides, that are free/entitled to guide tourists, including students from Palestine and abroad, tell them deviated history and their explanation are full with incitement and hatred. The Muslim guides tell their groups that "Israel behave to the Palestinians the way that the Germans treated the Jews in the 2nd world war". They instruct this when they visit the "Yad Vashem" museum of the holocaust. Only stupid people, like the Muslims, can believe it. They see the high standard of lives of the Palestinians. But they believe the guides as it suites the Muslim's ideology and they like to hear it and to spread it further on. I want to believe that you the reader know the history of the holocaust and you believe Israel not the Arabs.
3. What Israel can do is to deny the right to guide from the rebellious guides. Then they will blame Israel in Unesco that Israel eliminated their income and Unesco will issue their resolution that Israel behaved impolite. Why impolite? Because, they, the Unesco delegates support the Muslims. This is the story of the Muslims leading the world.
4. Nada Amin was Iranian journalist that escaped from Iran to Turkey. SAs long as the relations between Turkey and Iran were moving on a unpaved surface, she could stay there. But, now, after the relations were improved, she was warned that Turkey is going to hand her to Iran, where she was sentenced to death. She escaped to Israel and got here political absorbed many refugees from all over the world. The problem is that nobody publicizes it. The only publication that Israel gets is that we kill Palestinians. This is right, but when and why and for what reason? Answers to these questions you will never get from Palestine.
5. King Abdullah, of Jordan, visited Palestine yesterday. It was a quick one. 3 hours. Why he came there? Because he needs the Palestinian approval to reopen the Israeli embassy in Aman. Why he wants to reopen it? Because they got stuck with the entry visas to Israel in order to visit their relatives, but more important is to get medical aid in Israeli hospitals. It should be mentioned and explained that the Muslims need Israel more than we need their friendship. They are dependent on Israel. I will not go over the long list. I will just confirm that they can't, like the Palestinians, survive a long time without Israel. Israel is the back of the king and the Palestinian leader. Without water, power, food Etc they can survive, the most, 6 months. The visit was very successful. They agreed to stand still with their relations with Israel, that they need more than we do.
6. The Arabs blame Israel for everything. But now they started to give troubles to Europe. So, the German Bundestag members decided to submit the Bundestag a proposed resolution to take Palestinian and Lebanese terror organization to exclude of the law. It's time that Germany and all other states will establish this kind of resolution in order to limit the action of the Muslims all over.
7. In spite of all the hardships that the Palestinians and other Arabs try to give us, we expand our economy and build better relations almost all over. For example: a Mexican company invested in Israel, by buying a drip irrigation factory for…………………..$1.16 billion. And, in addition, the factories, head quarter and the R&D will stay in Israel. How many stupid Arab states managed to build such factories, the largest drip irrigation system in tge world. Just for your info, to let you understand the profitability of this company, so far, in 2017 the Ebitda is $135 million on a turnover of $980 million. China is buying for $40 million and India for $150 million. The interesting point is that all large states buy the Israeli drippers. Why, cant they produce it by themselves? No, it is patented and it is sophisticated.
8. The police statistics show a sharp reduction in agriculture crimes. I wrote about it last week. Today's news talk about a kind of remedy that was developed by the Israeli police. The herd of bulls was stolen from the farm of the family of Ariel Sharon, the late Israeli general and prime minister. It was detected and returned to the farm. This is due to new/different ways of working inside the police and with the citizens. The info and quick action arte among the most important factors in the success.
9. The following you don't find in the Quran: Israeli students picked the 1st place in the Math Olympiad that took place, this weekend, in Bulgaria. 71 of the most famous universities in the world, 351 students participated this competition. So, I ask you, Muslims, why don't you win in such events? Why you win only in cases of murder/destruction etc.
So, please learn/study/imitate Israeli behavior and build instead of destruct spend your time in studying subjects that will help you to improve your lives. Murder/killing/beheading are excluded of the term of improvement.

Please share the posts.

In friendship………………………….Amir

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