Post Aug. 11th 2017
1. S&P is one of the 3 largest/reputable credit rating companies in the world. So, this company knows what they are doing. The upgraded the credit rating of Israel to +A and they upgraded the rating forecast from "Stabile" to "Positive". This is due to0 the improvement in the fiscal performances and due to the strong growth. This is achieved in spite of the Arab world and the BDS to damage Israel. Ha, Ha, Ha. What a joke are you. You will do much better, the Muslims, if you join Israel and get its support to develop your lousy economies.
2. Please read the following carefully in conjunction to the previous para #1): Sandra was born in Ramallah To a Palestinian, Muslim family that supported the Fatah. She felt that something is wrong with the Islam. It didn't satisfy her. So, she converted to Christianity. After she learned to know Israel she became a big supporter of Israel and fighting the BDS. She has 2 tattoos: One is "Jesus is the Messiah" And the other:…………Israel. "I don't believe in 2 states solution and I don't see peace coming. When I was young we were educated to hate Israel. Now, after reading the Bible and being in Israel I see that all we were studied was fake and just hatred. The Palestinians call to boycott Israeli products but the Phones and the medicines that they use are all of Israeli made". She said much more, Unfortunately she is the only brave woman to see and say the truth. She was not brain washed like many others of the Palestinian race. So, who is right/logic, she or the haters?
3. I restrict myself of express my opinion in American issues. This time I will change my habit. President Obama received his Nobel prize before he even started his cadence. It was due to his ideology to stop fights/wars and people killing in the world. This was a trap. After he was granted with such honorable prize he was not able to switch to more active way. So, he, and the prize, neutralized him. USA's tight hand for their benefit. The agreements that he signed with N. Korea and Iran were a big shame. In both cases, we see today, the US partners didn't even think of reducing the flames. Today N. Korea is threatening USA and Iran behaves freely and overrule all restrictions that he agreed upon in the agreements. Iran is making joke of the world. While US was negotiating the Iranians an French delegation was waiting in Iran in order to be the 1st to sign huge contracts with the Iranians. The money blinds the eyes of merchants. They signed the very profitable agreements with the Iranians. The French as well as the Iranians look just for money. They don't care about lives/security/safety of their citizens. The outcome is that the Iranians use French money and technology to produce terror in French. 2 days ago it was a traffic knocking down of 6 French soldiers. When you the French people, like many other money sickness, will learn that lives worth more than money? You will never ask you, like the Muslims, are not sensitive enough to people lives.
4. Here is another story that proves the difference between Israel and the Muslims: An Israeli, Argentinean born, Dr. was granted with prize. The prize was giving to Dr. Eljandaro Rosenthal by the Argentinean. The reason: He is working in a hospital that treats most of the Syrian wounded soldiers and he is in charge of healing them. Do you know, by any chance, of similar behavior of a state, like Israel, that treats its enemies? It's time that you, the enemies of Israel, learn and imitate Israel.
5. Israel won't attack Gaza. The IDF is defending Israel. In order not to kill innocent Arabs (to differ from the Arabs that are looking to kill innocent Israelis) Israel is spending a lot of money (3 billion Shekels=$1 billion) in building an obstacle to eliminate the Gazans of using the attack tunnels. The obstacle will be 40 meters (120 feet) deep on the ground and 6 meters (18 feet) fence above the ground.
6. Hamas is digging the tunnels under homes occupied by innocent civilians/people. They expect that in case of war Israel, who is recognized as a state that honor the war rules and respect people lives, will not attack innocent civilians. But they, Hamas, do attack Israelis. And in case that in such a war- they, the Gazans, will blame Israel for attacking innocent civilians. Yes, this is the logic of Hamas war: They can kill civilians but Israel is prohibited.
7. It should be known to everybody that civilians that occupy firing position are not protected of being shot, according to the international laws, So in such a case Israel is protecting itself and we are allowed to do it. Well, Israel is not a bunch of murderers, like the Arabs, so, every time before civilian position is attacked/bombed, Israel send messages to the citizens to warn them. The point is that, when such messages arrive to Gaza, Hamas put its guards to eliminate the people of escaping/leaving their hopes. This way they turn innocent people into live shields.
8. Palestine: We are completely disappointed from the American mediation in the Israeli Palestinian conflict". This needs an explanation: In the Palestinian demands there is one that demands full return of the Arab refugees that escaped from Israel, following the advice of their leaders, in 1948. This means that they want 75% of the area of Israel as following: 50% is according to the 2 states solution + the refugees that will occupy Israel. Does anybody think that it will work? No, it will not. This is a basic demand of the Arabs, that will be rejected and here you have the reason why peace will not be achieved as long as they insist on this principle.
9. This is specially for BDS: Since 2010 the agriculture/papers market was very hard due to the Russian market that stop ordering due to financing difficulties. Now it is over. Israel is planting 15% more area as the demand for Israeli products is climbing. One of the reasons is that Israel is using biologic pest control instead of chemicals. You can enjoy full proof vegetables from Israel. The Arabs can, too, provide that they will pay the price. We don't ask you, Palestinians, to run in the streets and declare that you use Israeli products. We don't need it as we have the best name. You, Palestinians can stay behind. Nobody will take care of you and nobody will feel sorry if you buy lousy products from your farmers with chemicals.
10. Weitzman Institute, its university, was ranked No. 6 in the world in innovation rating. 200 R&D institutes took place in this competition. The Israeli Institute is the only, not American state that deals with R&D that are ranked among the 1st 10. "This achievement is due to our philosophy that we receive scientists of the Highest position in the world and we allow them full independence in their work". You should learn and adopt it, Arabs.
11. What an expensive game: $500000000 is the price that the Australian Co "Aristocrat" paid for the Israeli start up "Pelarium". The interesting point is that the startup is dealing with games. Now we know why games are that expensive. Anyway, this is another Israeli success that bypassed the BDS and adds another nail to their coffin that they built very instantly. Seriously, when an Arab startup made an exit and what was the sum of money that they were paid for? Anyway the cash of Israel was enriched with another nice sum of money. Congratulations Israel and the sellers.
Now, after reading this story you can carry on buying Israeli products.

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Shabat Shalom………….Amir

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