Post Aug. 13th 2017
1. Yesterday, Sat. a terrorist woman, mother of 4, tried to stab a man in Jerusalem. He was slightly injured. He was her next door neighbor, from E. Jerusalem who was guarding the train. He was lucky that the Israeli police watched it very closely and she was neutralized very quickly, with no shooting. What else can be said about these fanatic Muslims that go to the death with open eyes because they were brain washed by their religious/Muslim leaders? It seems that these people adopted the crimes/killing/death as the motto of their lives. It seems that their parents grow them to negative manners and doings. This is a substantial difference between the life ideology of Jews and Muslims. The Bible educate/sanctifies to lives. Quran to death. I am not sure that the Islam can be changed in the way that they will respect other's lives and ideology.
2. The education system influences all layers of the Muslim society. In Israel there are 2 main variations of the best way, for the Muslims, to live in peace in Israel. One of them is conducted by an author, Neemar Darwish, that supports none violence debate concerning the Arabs right to Israel. He was very active in fighting, but, after he was jailed for couple of years and he studied the material, he decided that his people suffer more than they win. So he switched to peace solution to solve the conflict. He moved from the bad side of the map to the good side. In parallel, another Muslim leader went the opposite way and from being quite moderate fighter he turned his supporters to the very extreme side. This one, whose name is R is making all he can, including collaboration with the most extreme anti Israeli groups, to damage Israel. This last one was a mayor of an Arab city. He developed it very nicely, with the support of the Israeli Gov. After 4 cadences he decided to take a bad way and since then he spent a lot of time in jails. I am sure that Neemar's way will lead to the estimated solution. Even if not, R's way will leads to war and lose of lives. Neemar, who is not religious, is looking for peaceful solution, while R, the Imam, look for the Quran solution=war, fight, blood. According to him if the peace will not be colored in red-blood, it will not be considered as success. Success in fighting is in the 1st place. The peace that is in the 2nd place can wait. This is what the Islam dictate and this is how the Imams explain the written there.
3. Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor who became the world's oldest man, has died at the age of 113. The Polish-Israeli man died on Friday, a month before his 114th birthday, following a short illness. Certified as the oldest man alive by the Guinness Book of Records in 2016, he had two children, nine grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. Mr Kristal hit the headlines last year after deciding to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah a century late. Usually marked at 13 for boys and 12 or 13 for girls in the Jewish faith, the Bat or Bar Mitzvah marks the transition to a person responsible for their own actions. 4. These are the people that the Arabs try to kill. It is not enough that they survived the Holocaust. More important point is that many Muslims leaders deny the Holocaust. For example, the Palestinian president, Abu Mazen, in his doctorate thesis wrote that in order him to approve the existence of the Holocaust, it must be rechecked. The fact that Germany recognized it is not enough for this "clever" leader. I wish that we will have no more such people like him. But, these are the kind of people that the Arabs elected to lead them. 5. One of the Palestinian claims is that Israel occupies their land. Let's examine it carefully: The different committees that the UN established approved that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. It was recognized by the international law and institutes too. It was conquered, from Israel, by Jordan in the 1948 war. Since then, till 1967, this land was under the rule of Jordan. In 1967 King Hussein, joined Egypt and Syria, in their attack on Israel, in order to free Israel, to push the Jews into the Mediterranean sea and having all of Israel for them. But, God was, like usual, with Israel and Israel beat all 3 of them in 6 days. Now, the one that can claim the land is Jordan. The Palestinians has nothing to do with this land as formally it never was under their rule. So, Israel freed/returned the land that was taken from her in war. The Jordan's, who is the only one that can apply to this asset, never asked to return it. (The reason is that they don't trust the Palestinians and they don't want to solve Palestinian's problems and difficulties). This is in one hand. On the other hand the land was never privately owned. Which means that Israel returned it to her with all the rights that she had before the 1948 war. So, the question is where are all the juridical advisors/experts in international laws to force the Arabs to stop the wasting of time, in UN and its institutes, aiming to the land that does not belong to the Palestinians? The experts are there but they fear of the Arabs and they want the Arab money. This is the entire story on one leg. Read it carefully and remember it every time you hear the Muslims claim for Israel. 6. Well, I feel that you want to laugh, not just to smile. Here is the reason. Where is BDS??? In the 2nd quarter of this year the export of goods, without Hi-Tec, jumped by 5.1%. The income in taxes went up accordingly. This is the success of Israel fighting the BDS. Please tell it to Mr. Watters. Let him be sorry. I am happy. I suppose that you too. In such cases Israel must support/pay the BDS. 7. A new venture (Jewish) that will bypass all other ways of payments and to transfer money is on its way. The name is Bitcoen. (Not Bitcoin). The name Coen means that it will be established for Jews, but everybody will be permitted to use it. This will be a Kosher (as well as Halal) way to transfer money. I am curious to see when this new one will pass his older brother-bitcoin? Anyway it is a god new as competition always helps the people to get better deal. 8. Who is going to be the 1st to use Bitcoen? For sure the new exit. It was informed that the Israeli start up "Streetsmartt" was bought by Gett (get a taxi) company. The price was not published but we know that it will be enough for many families to live the entire of their life very comfortably. 9. One will ask how come that Israel is selling everyday a startup? How many they still have to sell? When their bank of the startups will finish? Well, my answer is not in our life time. Israeli has so many ideas and so many customers that know that Israeli Hi Tec is different than others. So, in many cases foreign companies call Israeli Hi Tecists to check/recommend/improve and selling assistance as the major users, of hi Tec, will apply to Israel to get our approval if they want to buy directly from a 3rd party. This must be told for the "satisfaction" of BDS, 10. Why Israel is that successful in start-ups and more developments/innovations? Because this year Israel will invest in R&D $500000000. This is very small money compare to the fruits that it will produce for Israel. The interesting point is that we, Israel, are sharing, on equal bases, joint ventures with giants like USA, Russia, Germany, China, India, Singapore, France and more. Can you imagine: 8.5 million people is equal to all these giants and we have common interest in keeping these joint ventures live. Yes, you Muslim countries. This is the contribution of Israel to the world. What is yours? 11. This is an army secret that I release free: following the war in Gaza Israel developed a method/ application that study and mark the points wherefrom Israel will be attacked/shelled. This means that these places will be destroyed first in order to eliminate unnecessary damage to Israel. The problem is that the Arabs are using hospitals, schools, churches, mosques and other kinds of public institutes in order to eliminate Israel of bombing them. They turn the innocent citizens/people/Arabs into a human shield. I am not sure that Israel will honor this tactics as long as there is a danger that Israelis will be hurt. 12. Now, after all this Hi Tec I want to inform you about low Tec. The stores of Kelvin Klein the underwear selling chain, that buys from Israel (In cooperation with Egypt) faced an increase of 9%, in its organic growth with Israeli products. This means, again, that BDS went bankrupt. Otherwise, if not, how come it happens?
All these sales are not enough. Israel wants to use its full capacity of production in order to supply jobs to the remaining 4% unemployed. So, please help us and buy Israeli products. You will get the best quality and we will get the means to produce more top quality products.
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