Post Apr. 12th 2018

  1. Today, Thursday, in the holocaust day. This is the memorial day of the victims of the Nazis in the 2nd world war. Among the very many that does not recognize this day is the Arab leader Abu Mazen. In his Doctorate, he said that it must be rechecked as there was no such a thing. 18 million people, Arabs, and Christians too, were killed in this mass massacre of the Germans, but for this "big" man it is not enough. This is the moral of the Arab leaders and following them the Arabs in general.                        Please honor the victim's memorial day with the honor that they deserve.                     Jesus in the Quran/By John Herbst                                                                                           A few months ago I wrote about historic Christian views of Muhammad.  In that post, I presented my theory that, largely due to the words and writings of Christians, Muhammad is the most hated person in history.  Yes, the most hated person today is probably Adolf Hitler.  But if we think about who has been hated continuously over the past 1,000 years or more, Muhammad take the top spot.           If Christians have shown so much loathing toward Muhammad, what can we say about Islamic views of Jesus?                                                                                                    I found this chart about Jesus in the Qur’an.  (While I do not endorse CARM generally, they do have some useful   pieces).                                                                        There are a few things here that are especially important.  First, we need to keep in mind always that Muslims believe that God and humankind are, by definition, entirely separate, so that Jesus cannot be God. This is one of the fundamental issues which separates Islam from Christianity. My regular readers know that I look for ways in which Muslims and Christians can serve and worship God together, but we should never get the idea that Islam might someday be open to the possibility that Jesus is God.                                                                                                                                    Yet once we come to grips with the fact that Muslims insist that Jesus was human only, the picture we get of Jesus in the Qur’an is amazingly positive. The Qur’an teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin (in fact, the Qur’an says more about the Virgin Birth than does the Bible!) and that he performed real miracles.  Perhaps more important, the Qur’an teaches that God genuinely gave a message to Jesus.  Muslims may not believe that Jesus was God, but they think of him as a great prophet.                                                                                                                                        Is the teaching of the Qur’an about Jesus “correct?”  As a Christian, my answer is “no.”                                                                                                                                            But Christians need to admit that the Qur’an treats Jesus with great respect. So even when Muslims have bad relations with Christians, they at least speak well of our Lord and Savior.                                                                                                                         If Muslims can say nice things about Jesus, then I hope that we can be kind about Muhammad.  Christians are not required to acknowledge Muhammad as a prophet, but it shouldn’t be too much to recognize Muhammad as a decent man who encouraged people to follow God and loves others.                                                                Amir: Shalom John. Very interesting point. Please allow me to refer to the last paragraph in your application: It is not necessarily right to behave to Muhammad the way that the Muslims treat Jesus. Maybe the Muslims recognize Jesus as "Good" while the Christians evaluate Muhammad as "Bad". Do you mean that in spite of these differences, the Christians must honor Islam just because the Muslims honor Jesus? I am not sure what you mean, as you know the substantial humanitarian differences between the Christianity and the Islam.
  1. Quotation from an Arab blog: "78 percent of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israel’s coffers… To reach the Palestinians, donors have no choice but to go through Israel. This provides ripe opportunities for what he terms “aid subversion” and “aid diversion”… the World Bank estimated that Palestinians lose at least $3.4 billion a year in resources plundered by Israel… Israel also uses the occupied territories as laboratories for testing weapons and surveillance systems on Palestinians – and then exports its expertise. Israel’s military and cyber industries are hugely profitable, generating many billions of dollars of income each year…"        Amir: This is the lowest type of propaganda that I ever met. I am Israeli. I know Israel. If this was true I would never publish it. Just because this propaganda is so low and ridiculous I took this opportunity to give you the feeling of the nonsense that the Muslims publish because they have no, more serious facts/matters. My only reaction is that Israel is supporting the Arabs in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria more than any Arab country worldwide. So, don't trust the evil messages coming from Arab/Muslim sources.
  2. "A video of soldiers filming themselves shooting a Palestinian protester in Gaza and then cheering emerged one day after the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court warned Israeli leaders that they may face trial over the killings of unarmed demonstrators.                                                                   The undated video was reported on by Israel’s Channel 10 after it was shared on social media on Monday.                                                                                                            In the video, Palestinian demonstrators are apparently seen through a rifle scope or binoculars while Israeli soldiers discuss shooting a protester who is standing still near the Gaza-Israel boundary fence".                                                                                     Amir: This message that was copied from a pro-Muslim blog is true. I want to refer to the last 10 words in the quotation. What he had to do near the fence? Did he approach the fence to "hug/pet" it or to plant explosives?? Yes, this is the right answer. He has led a group of people aiming to break into Israel. Before he was shot he was warned by voice message, by shooting in the air, and other means of warning. Only then, after he refused all warnings he was shot. At any rate, one thing is sure: the fence is not the right place for entertainment, especially during riots. So, there was not a reason to be near the fence unless he was on a malicious mission. Please take it into your consideration, the terrorists.
  1. The Iranians say that 4 of their high ranked soldiers got dead in the attack in Syria. Nobody took responsibility for it. Some say it was Israel. So far Israel didn't confirm it. Anyway, according to the news agencies, the attack destroyed Iranian drones and other most sophisticated equipment. If it was aimed for/against Israel-the attacker deed was very good and accurate.
  2. Concerning the same attack, all, but all, except pure Syrian's supporters, bless Israel (I am not sure that this is the right address to bless) for attacking the Iranians. They say that all Arab states, as well as others, just chattering. Israel does not chat. Israel is doing the job. They claim that Israel is their back. If Israel is the one that did the job-I bless them too.                                                                                                                      7. Very important point, concerning the same subject: Russia, yes, this is not a mistake, Russia, expressed its satisfaction with the death of the Iranians. They do it, most probably, because the Iranians disturb the Russians of being the only rulers of Syria. The Russians are looking for a quiet footstep in the Mediterranean Sea. They plane to have it from Syria. The Iranians put a leg in the door so the Russian will have to split the port services with the Iranians.                                                                8. More concerning Iran. This time a different war. Indian companies will drill in Israel economy water to look for energy. As for today, Israel is already the largest owner of energy in the Mediterranean zone. Cyprus and Lebanon, that share the same sea blocks, will have a lot of energy too. The Indians left Iran as the Iranians cheated them all the way. So, they decided to take the chance to work with Israel. Let's hope that both parties will be happy and benefit out of this cooperation.   At any rate, Iran gave the Indians, and Israel, a good lecture about their how not to make business.                                                                                                9. Israel is a state that is located in a desert. The Middle East is a desert. All states surrounding Israel suffer a shortage of water. The only country that enjoys a  surplus of water in Turkey. They, brutally, completely blocked the water sources of Syria and use the entire of the water of Syria and its neighbors for its uses. Israel is desalinating sea water. It cost much more than river water, but, Israel has at least enough water for its and its neighbor's use. Israel supply water, which is the drug of life, water. Yes, this is the cruel state that the Arabs want to demolish. Where they will get water from? Only they know. Maybe from the Islam. They will hit the Quran, the way Moses hit the rock, and water will start flowing out of there. I suggest them to try it now as if the water will not come they have guaranteed water from Israel the monster. Anyway, in order to keep everybody having enough water, even the Arab/Muslim enemies, Israel is constructing another 2 new desalination facilities. The Arabs will never be satisfied with anything done for them as they have a very narrow vision and lack of understanding of life hardships.                         10. This is typical Arab way of transfer news: "70 Years of Nakba: The Deir Yassin Massacre Sparked 750,000 Palestinians to Flee Their Homes, and the Establishment of the Zionist State". Amir: They, the Arabs, remember the attack on the village of Deir Yasin that was located on the way to Jerusalem that was under complete siege by the Arabs. This was OK. In order to open the way Israeli troops attacked Deir Yasin and more Arab villages. Couple of days later the Arabs attacked Israeli convoy of vehicles transporting food and supplies to the trapped citizens of Jerusalem. In this attack there were 72 Jews killed. This fact is not mentioned anywhere. It is agreed, by the Arabs, since then, that to kill Jews is OK while Arabs are saints.              11. the most interesting point is that they remember what happened 70 years ago, but they forgot 3 days ago, that Syrians killed 150 women and children. This is OK. They care about the past not about the present and the mass murders, to come, of Assad in the future. What a sensitive selfish people. Sensitive just for themselves. 12. How ironic that the only anti-war voice in the mainstream media can now be found on Fox News. A strange world we’re living in indeed. By the way, you’ll notice that Sen. Roger Wicker never gets around to answering the question on why it’s in the US national security interest to overthrow the Syrian government. His chief concern seems to be Israel. “Well, uh, if-if you care about Israel, you-you’re-ah-you have to be interested at least in what’s going on in Syria,” he says. All in all, I’d say a rather crystalline confession of where the senator’s priorities lie.                                    Amir: Do I have to understand, Mr. Edmondson, after reading your above comment, that you don't see any difficulties/problems with the behavior of the Syrian leaders towards his people not just in the Saturday's gas attack/bombing and killing 150-200 honest citizens, but all the way?  If you support Assad's action I do understand much better why you attack Israel and supporting the Arabs. This/your stand has no remedy but re-education.

13. This is the Israeli answer to all Arabs that aim to destroy Israel:      
Netanyahu: "If someone tries to attack you, rise up and attack him first".


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