Post-Dec. 14th 2017
1. You remember the story of "Soda Stream" an Israeli producer of appliances for the production of soda at home. Well, please allow me to remind you the story: this successful factory had its main industrial branch in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. NP (Not Palestinians as the place that they live is not Palestine and its citizens are not the ancient Philistines). Soda Stream was a very good home for Israelis, Jews,and Arabs, that worked one next to the other under the same roof. The Factory was very successful. The BDS became jealous because of the successful relations between the workers, Arabs, Jews and more, and the money that the factory made. So, like every time, the solution was to destroy this ideal nirvana in which everybody was very happy. BDS was very successful. He forced the Israeli factory to move its premises from its original place, in the West Bank, to Israel. The time passed by. The success, of the excellent factory, went sky high. The new factory Israeli Arabs, instead of other Arabs, Israeli Bedouins, Jews and men,and women together. As for today, "Soda Stream" Is selling 50 million sets of Soda producers, a year, in its 80000 branches, in 5 continents. In this year "Soda Stream" shares went up 65% in Tel Aviv and 79% in NY stock exchanges. Only in this month, they climbed 11.4%. In the past some of the parts were produced in Turkey and China. Today everything is produced solely in Israel by Israeli workers/subcontractors. The quality was improved and the profit accordingly. So, let me tell you, stupid BDS Roger Waters king, the following: What a big advantage you lost to help your people. As long as you will look @ everything in a negative way you will stay negative as every battery, that supplies energy, has 2 poles. One of them, the Positive (+), is Israel. The other pole that you choose is the negative (-). The problem is that you, Muslims, don't see your problem and you don't try to improve the way that you walk already 70 years. How many more years will take you to understand your constant mistake? Hopefully not forever as your people suffer.
2. Two months ago NP (Not Palestinians- as they are just simple Arabs-not from the ancient Philistines) Arabs tried to kidnap Israeli soldiers. The Israeli secret services detected and prevented/avoided it. The Arabs target was to kidnap Israelis for negotiating the free of their Hamas/Fatah murderers that were jailed, after they were judged in an Israeli court, for their barbaric deeds. This is what the Arabs do: they send their murderers to kill Israelis. When the Arabs get caught, because Israelis don't kill if the Arab was caught alive, they are sentenced to jail. The terror organizations that send the murderer, promise them that they will do everything to free the terrorists. One of the ways is to kidnap and free their murderers for the kidnapped Israelis. These are the way how the enemies of Israel behave. It is against the law. Against the UN rules. Against any ethics. Ethics? What is ethics? The Arabs don't know what ethics is. For them the ethics are what they learn from the Quran: Kill, Kill, and Kill.
3. The Arabs from all over the world and none Arab Muslims, including the NP are paying a very expensive price for their behavior. They don't understand it and therefore they don't want/try to improve their bad situation in order to equalize it to the Western's world Std of living. For example, the 2 very close states that share a border with Israel live still in the 1st century. The NP of Gaza has power for just about 3 hours a day. The NP in the West Bank has a shortage of water. The Jordanians have water in their homes just once a week. More Arabs states have more and different hardships. Can anybody justify this difference between Israel that has continuously water flow and power? Israel export/import and traveling all over and the world. The only reason for this situation of the Arabs is what I repeat every day, in each of my posts. They don't want to improve their people's lives because they want to carry on blaming Israel. They are that "clever". But these "clever" people are leading the UN. If they were different they could have blooming. But they don't understand it. The Quran doesn't as well. This is their main problem.
4. The following reflects it much stronger: Erdugan, of Turkey, called anti- Israeli/anti-Trump conference to deny the recognition of Trump in Israeli Jerusalem. Many, not all, Arab countries and none Arab Muslim states, attend this conference. Erdogan called Israel a terror state. He blamed Trump for supporting Israel. Abu Mazen called Trump to cancel his recognition otherwise he will object US nomination for a mediator in the Middle East dispute. The Jordanian King Abdullah said that all Arab states must stop this situation, where everybody tries to be more extreme, as the only ones to benefit out of it will be the terrorists. The Muslims of all around the world understand that this is the only way, by fighting among them, to revive "the Muslim world spring" problem. I ask: where exactly this "spring" is performing? If you know – please let me know in order to publish it in the post.
5. A good source, the Israeli bureau of statistics, published the findings of a very big and detailed pole comparing income between Israeli Arabs and NP Arabs. The NP Arabs were divided into 2 groups: professionals and none professionals. The pole combined the education and the working/earn money abilities of each group. The results point very clearly that the lack of education, mostly professional, disables all groups to earn money like Israeli Jews. The Israeli Arabs are more capable to earn money and the others are at the bottom. One more result was that the Israeli Arabs have much more possibilities to have academic education and that the knowledge, of those who studied in Israel were much higher than the others. The reason is that instead of learn/study the NP people deal with many other things other than learning. The Statistics compared between Israeli Arabs to the other 2 groups and the result was that the Israeli ones learn much more than the others. So, the only conclusion is that the NP Arabs are far away from the Israelis. They, of course, will say that this is the Israeli responsibility but, you the reader, Please try to analyze it and to find who is the real responsible for the shortage/lack of know-how among the Arabs. Israel is not responsible for the done in closed Muslim educational institutes. The Muslims are the only responsible for the poverty and level of lives among the Arab population in Israel and outside.
6. How many cities/states you know that the streets have no names? Funny question, right? Why I ask such silly questions? Where did I 'fish" this question? Well, the answer is that most of the small streets, in all Arab states, around the globe, have no names. Sometimes they are recognized by numbers. In most of them – no markings. The interesting thing is that it does not bother the Arabs and they live, with this phenomenon. It exists in Israel too. So, in order to differ Israel from Arab states and in order to enable a serviceman to find the address, in case they are called to give service, the Israeli Arab villages and cities will get, as from now, street address. This is a very big change in the Arab world. No, my friend, this is not a joke. This is the true. You are invited to go anywhere in the world, where Muslims are settled to see it by your own eyes.
7. In the following address, 70 Atzmauth St. In Acre there is something which the Arabs, in the world, will not believe: The address is of 14 storey building. 56 families live there in full coexistence/cooperation. The 56 families are from different religions: Jews, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs and Druze. All of them celebrate the Israeli Independence Day, although it is not accepted/recognized by the Arabs in the world. I have Arab friends. About some of them I wrote in my posts. We meet, talk, even politics. They know my opinion. I am not afraid to tell them what I think about them and the Islam. I must say that if they don't accept my position, they do understand it. This is the versatility of Israel and this example must be adopted in many places in the world.
8. Kosher Cannabis/Marijuana made in Israel. The world's market is about $25 billion a year. Tiny Israel sent its products for check by international authorities and the FDA. . The results were top, top. This is the outcome of many years of R&D. Now Israeli Cannabis will star in the world of medicine, as the Israeli cannabis is not for drugs users/edicts, it is produced to help/cure people. Besides the medical help to the users it will help many Israeli farmers to establish wonderful industry. Let's hope that it will come true very soon.
9. One thing I am certain: The Iranians will not have the Israeli advanced medicines consist of Cannabis as long as the current regime stays in power. Israel will not sell to them and they will not buy Israeli product, officially, as one of their generals, Kassem suleimani, said that they, the Iranians, will help Hamas as much as they will need to fight Israel. This promise, to help Hamas, is a very big obstacle in the (very very long) road to peace. The Iranians are not interesting in the peace. They want to become the region leader. They are fighting even Turkey that wants the same. Israel, who is a region power, disturbs both of them, as Israel is the real strong power in this region. So, peace will never be achieved, in the Middle East as long as Turkey and Iran carry on supporting the other/poor Arab states that really need the peace.
10. like "Soda Stream' also another Israeli company, this time one that deals with car theft protection, is staring in Brazil. The name of the company is "Eturan" which means "detecting". This company started with car alarms. Today they R&D, produces, sell various systems that give full protection against theft and more. So far they detected/found and returned to their owners 72000 cars, only in Brazil. The value, moneywise, of the rescued cars is over $1 billion. This is their 1st position in S. America. Now, after the proved their abilities they will "conquer" more S. American states. Let's wish them success.
Have joyful Hanukkah
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Post-Dec. 13th 2017
1. The NP (Not Palestinians as they are just Arabs not the ancient Palestinians) claim for the land/state of Israel but the following quotation from the Quran 5:20,21 say that Muhammad called Israel to enter the land of Israel: "They said, "O Moses, indeed within it is a people of tyrannical strength, and indeed, we will never enter it until they leave it; but if they leave it, then we will enter." + "And [mention, O Muhammad], when Moses said to his people, "O my people, remember the favor of Allah upon you when He appointed among you prophets and made you possessors and gave you that which He had not given anyone among the worlds". So, what you, Muslims, say about it???
2. Israel is democracy. As such there is a free collaboration of people to create/establish a party. There are many, too many, parties. One of them is the "United Arab party". This party is built of bits and pieces of couple of Arab parties. One of this party's members is called Isawee Freij. He is Arab Muslim. He is also a Knesset (Israeli parliament) member. Lately one of his party's members left the Knesset, so he was advanced, one step further. His new position set him into the most secret committee in the Knesset: The committee of security and foreign affairs. In spite of the danger of his presence in the most secret discussions, Israel, the apartheid state allows him to be present. If he will be found/caught releasing secret and any of the discussions, that are all top secret, he will be called to court, as this is the way of democracies, and he might be sentenced to death, as transfer of such secrets is considered as high treason. Israel is taking the responsibility that he might be a problem as we are free country and (stupid enough) trust people. To remind you that Apartheid means not giving all rights to all citizens or differ between citizens concerning their rights.
3. While the market is still getting used to the sale of Kite Pharma to Gilead Sciences for $12 billion, Arie Belldegrun, who was founder, chairperson, president, and CEO of Kite Pharma, has already been involved in another exit. The newly acquired company is Cell Design Labs (CDL), a company founded under Kite Pharma's sponsorship. Gilead Sciences will pay $132 million for CDL immediately and a total of up to $567 million, depending upon success. Like Kite Pharma, CDL, founded less than two years ago, is active in CAR T cancer therapy in which is likely to be the next generation of the technology. Gilead's new acquisition is part of its efforts to control this field. CDL's technology is like a switch that puts CAR T molecules into operation at specific times, and deactivates them the rest of the time. Shortly after CDL was founded, it already signed an agreement with Kite Pharm for the use of CDL's technology in Kite Pharma's products. The agreement also included an investment for 12.2% in CDL by Kite Pharma, and Belldegrun became a CDL director. He also invested personally in CDL, and so is personally benefiting from its acquisition. CDL's technology is already being used experimentally in some of the products that Kite Pharma is developing, and its acquisition by Gilead Sciences was therefore almost a foregone conclusion. CDL has raised $34.4 million to date. Gilead Sciences' acquisition of Kite Pharma was the largest ever acquisition of a pharma company with no sales revenue. The CAR T technology developed by Kite Pharma (and also by other companies, such as Novartis and Juno Therapeutics), is regarded as one of the most promising new technologies in cancer treatment. Belldegrun personally received over $500 million from the sale of Kite Pharma.
Amir: Does anybody can remind us when did any Arab company sell Hi Tec, of any kind, that may help/save/rescue people's lives, in the international market? Please do.
4. Pamela and Eyan Davidson are a married couple and also architects. They have a R&D company. They are Israelis. The won the contest that was called by "Innogy" the all European energy company. The contest took place in Berlin, Germany. The offered a program of implementation of clever, automatic construction. It reduces the cost, shorten the time and save a lot of energy while constructing and living. If may I ask: What do the Muslims offer to help the world?
5. More of new construction technology: Driving up Route 4 from Tel Aviv to Ra’anana, it is impossible not to notice — especially at night when it is all lit up — a square glass box of a building with vaguely egg-shaped windows that dominates the landscape. It is the new local headquarters of SAP, the German software giant: the name, shining at the top of the structure, serves as a reminder that the so-called Startup Nation is a magnet for tech conglomerates who set up operations in Israel in a bid to tap into its technological prowess
6. Here are 3 short stories about Israeli struggle with the NP-None Palestinians (as they are simple Arabs never ancient Philistines). 5.1. Israel detected the 2nd attack tunnel, from Gaza to Israel, and destroyed its part that penetrated to the Israeli territory. In revenge the Gazan Hamas launched rockets into Israel. Israel, 2 days ago, bombed couple of Hamas positions. Today there was no any Israeli activity. Hamas came out with 2 announcements: in an air force bombardment 2 Hamas activists were killed and 4 got injured. IDF: "We don't know about any activity, air or other, from our side, in Gaza". This is very typical Arab behavior: To lie. But, a short while after Israel's denial of the Arab's story they came with another message that the 2 activists got killed while they were in a missin, not by Israel. Tis is typical Arab, to issue lies. So take care/be cautious when you read/hear deal with Arabs. 5.2. Saeb Ariquat is the NP (None Palestinian) minister responsible for the negotiations/relation that is not, with Israel. Couple of months ago he suffered in his heart. He wanted to be operated in Israel. His friends suggested him not in Israel. It is better in USA. So, he went there and had his operation done. Today, couple of months after the operation and after he returned to his job to give troubles to Israel, he felt very bad. He was rushed to…… Israeli hospital to be treated by Israeli doctors that he declares that he want to see them dead and he wants to have the land of Israel for his people-the NP. Amir: My question to him: why did you refuse to be treated in one of your professional's hospital? This question need a straight forward answer but it will never be given as they, the NP, don't know that they fight for fighting and for killing not to achieve any reasonable goal. I don't want to think what would be the results of such a reply from an Israeli minister to the NP. If an Israeli minister would have been hospitalized-what would be the result? Would he return back to Israel safely? I am not sure what kind of treatments he would have got.
This is all for today.
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Post-Dec. 11th 2017
1. An Israeli security guard was stabbed, in his heart, by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem. He was rushed to hospital in a very serious condition. The Doctors managed to stabilize his parameters and he is much better. Unfortunately, the stabber was caught live unhurt. He should have been killed as every terrorist must know that his verdict is one-to be killed. But, the Israelis are too polite/sensitive death so they don't kill even an Arab terrorist that deserves death. Israelis prefer to keep the law that instructs not to shot a terrorist that surrenders. Very bad law because it is too human for terrorists.

2. Well, more good news: Israel detected/monitored another attack tunnel that crossed the southern border, from Gaza to Israel. The tunnel penetrated more than 1 Km (3300 Ft) into the Israeli territory. It was destroyed, not by bombing, in order to avoid terrorists of get killed like in the previous tunnel. The Gazan (Hamas) claimed that Israel violated their space. Can you believe it: Israel is defending itself and the world is against Israel? Yes, this is today's world's ethics lead by the Muslims. The finding of this tunnel, 2nd in one month, is a very big success of the Israeli engineers that managed to develop unique technology that does not exist, so far, anywhere. There is couple of states that already expressed their interest in this unique technology. I am not sure if Israel will sell it as this is the only solution to find tunnels and it is top secret.
It should be reminded that the NP (None Palestinians-as the Palestinian is completely different people and the called Palestinians are people that lived in different places and they adopted the name of the real/genuine Palestinians) tried to attack Israel from the sea-they were blocked, from the air/space-they were grounded or their missiles were shot down by Israeli technology. They tried stabbing-more NP were killed than Israelis. The only medium left was the underground. Now, even digging 40 M (120 FT) into the ground was blocked. I wonder how much time, money, efforts and loss of people will take them till they will come to the ultimate conclusion that only peace will bring/give them the freedom. Only peace will enable them, the NP, to live, like the majority of people in the world, in peace.

3. The Palestinians declared a three-day-long "rage" spree over US President Donald Trump's announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Thus far, however, it seems that the real anger is showing up in the international media, not on the Palestinian street.
Question: How many foreign journalists does it take to cover the Palestinian reaction to Trump's announcement? Answer: As many as the Israel-Palestinian-conflict-obsessed-West can manage to send.
The massive presence of the international media in Jerusalem and the West Bank has taken even the Palestinians by surprise. Since Trump's announcement on December 6, dozens of additional journalists and camera crews have converged on Israel to cover "the big story."
Amir: It is not funny? The journalists were expecting to report of riots, live fire, killing and to have long term work/jobs for them. What a disappointment: Nothing like it and the little info that they send to their media are just color stories and a lot of exaggeration. The majority of the NP are too exhausted of fighting. They want peace. Their leaders that are looking for their jobs are looking to ignite the street. I hope that they, NP, will stay like this and go one step further to solve the problems and to establish stable, long lasting peace.
4. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday called for a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising, over US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This Zionist policy supported by the US cannot be confronted unless we ignite a new intifada,” the head of the armed Palestinian terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip said in a speech in Gaza City. Several thousand Palestinians marched in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, burning US and Israeli flags while chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” In the West Bank, The Palestine Liberation Organization announced a strike in protest across the territory, shutting schools and businesses. Marches were planned in major Palestinian cities at noon. Rioters threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Israeli cars on a road near the West Bank village of Rantis, outside Ramallah. There were no reports of injuries. Israel said it would beef up security with “a number of battalions,” preparing for the possibility of violence following Trump’s announcement. Haniyeh called for quickly finishing a reconciliation process with Palestinian Authority President Abbas’s Fatah party in order to create a united front against Israeli and American policy, rejecting the idea of an Israeli state or Israeli capital. “Jerusalem is united; there’s no eastern or western [Jerusalem]. It is an Arab Palestinian Islamic capital of the State of Palestine,” Haniyeh said, decrying “the blatant and blind bias of the American administration and this satanic alliance.” “I say today that Palestine is also one and united from the sea to the river. It cannot be divided into two states or two entities. Palestine and Jerusalem are ours. We do not recognize the legitimacy of the occupation and the existence of Israel on the land of Palestine in order for it to have a capital,” he said.
Amir: I apply to the writer of the above lines and all Arab leaders and journalists and everybody who can assist: It is very nice to read these lines. It is known for sure that Arab minority are against Israel. Does they know why? If they do will they continue to fight all their generations and pass/lose their life fighting? I don't understand these people's heads. To fight all this long time, 70 years, what for? To create more poverty among NP? To create more suffering? To try to convince that you are right while nobody, so far, decided what is the perfect right? You must, everybody that has sense and access to the NP, to speak to them and to convince them that their way is wrong. They make mistakes all their lives and it is time to bring it to an end. Did you get it, you journalists
5. If this is the order in Lebanon, which is much more organized than other Arab countries, can you imagine what is going in other Arab states? Who can take control on them? Please read: The appearance of the head of an Iran-backed Iraqi militia during a visit to Lebanon’s border with Israel, accompanied by Hezbollah fighters, sparked a wave of anger, especially as it came shortly after the government announced the adoption of a policy to dissociate the country from external conflicts. In a video released on Saturday, Qais al-Khazali, leader of the Iraqi paramilitary group Asaib Ahl al-Haq, declared his readiness “to stand together with the Lebanese people and the Palestinian cause”, just four days after the Lebanese political parties announced the adoption of the policy of “dissociation” from external and regional conflicts. The video showed an unidentified commander, presumably from Hezbollah, gesturing toward military outposts located along the borders, while Khazali was talking to another person through a wireless device, telling him: “ I am now with the brothers in Hezbollah in the area of Kfarkila, which is a few meters away from occupied Palestine; we declare the full readiness to stand together with the Lebanese people and the Palestinian cause.” Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri ordered the security apparatus to conduct the necessary investigations into the presence of the Iraqi leader on the Lebanese territories, which he said violated the Lebanese laws. Presidential sources told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper that President Michel Aoun has requested further information about the video, while military sources denied that Khazali has entered the Lebanese territories in a legitimate way. “The entry of any foreigner to this border area requires a permit from the Lebanese Army, which did not happen,” the sources said, stressing that Khazali has entered the area illegaly. A statement issued by the premier’s office said: “Hariri contacted the concerned military and security officials to conduct the necessary investigations and take measures to prevent any person or party from carrying out any military activity on the Lebanese territory, and to thwart any illegal act as shown in the video.” The Lebanese prime minister also ordered that Qais Al-Khazali would be banned from entering Lebanon again, the statement added.
Amir: How can Israel trust the Arabs and the NP? Sorry, we don't and we will not.
6. Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), a chemicals and fertilizer maker that mines the Dead Sea to produce minerals and potash, said Thursday it has entered an agreement for the sale of its fire safety and oil additives business to SK capital, an investment firm, for approximately $1 billion. The fire safety and oil additives business is part of ICL Specialty Solutions’ Advanced Additives business line, and has operations in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, ICL said. SK Capital is a New York-based private investment firm focused on specialty materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors. ICL’s decision to sell the units is in line with the chemicals maker’s previously announced strategy to divest its low-synergy businesses, and focus the company’s operations on its mineral activities, cut debt and generate funds for growth initiatives, ICL said. ICL’s fire safety unit is a supplier of chemicals and services for fighting wild fires and of foams to extinguish fires. ICL’s oil additives business line products are used to manufacture lubrication oil additives, mining chemicals and pesticides. In the 12 months ended September 30, 2017, the units that have been sold contributed some $294 million to ICL sales, the company said in a filing to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Amir: You, Arabs and especially NP leave Israel be successful while you stay poor. Can anybody explain it?
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Post- Dec. 10th 2017
1. Thank you, dear friends for " like"ing my posts. It is a real pleasure to get the "Like"s and also the comments. Although sometimes, mainly from Arabs that the written does not suite their agenda/beliefs, try to punch me. Don't worry, just because I write only true, I have the privilege/strong backing of the truth that will/can never be defeated, even by instant/ strong lies of the Arabs. Please carry on reading the posts and share them with your friends. Thank you.
2. Further to Pre. Trump's declaration concerning Jerusalem, the Arabs committed attacks/riots. So far the results were that Arabs blew out much hot air that forced Israel to take more care. So far there are 2 dead and more than 200 wounded Arabs. This is very bad. It shouldn't happen. But, the culture of the Arabs and their education force them to solve every dispute by power. It is obvious that when this starts the strong side will win. Israel is, without any doubt, is stronger. But, to differ from the Arabs that would use their force if they were stronger, Israel did/does not behave the same way. We think that the Arabs deserve their part if they agree to come to a final solution to living side by side with Israel.
3. My question is what leads the Arabs stubbornness not to agree to have peace with Israel in order to live and enjoy the life? The public polls that were taken in Israel among the Arab population showed that the majority want to live in peace. Only the Arab leadership is against. They watch their jobs. They don't care about their people's lives.
4. The Israeli Gov. Department of statistics public poll shows that 96% of the workers are happy/satisfied with their manager behavior towards them. 86% said their managers helped them in their jobs. 74% said that their managers consult with them concerning the work. 91% said that they have control on the going in their departments. The bottom line is that 87% of the workers are satisfied with their Jobs/work. The questionnaire was taken in all sectors, including the Arab. This is the result of the public poll in the apartheid state Israel. I wish all of you, Arabs, would have such life/work condition in your Arab countries lead by Arab managers and have Arab staff.
5. I don't understand the rush of the Arabs to demonstrate against Pre. Trump's declaration. The riots are a symbol the shallow knowledge/understanding of the Arabs in history and major issues. The reason is that 4 other presidents, Putin, Clinton. Bush and Obama said the same, that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. None of the Arab leaders said a word. Now, presently, the world turned down his interest in the TPR (Temporary Palestine Residence). So, in order to wake up the world to this issue, the Arabs use the event of Trump's declaration. The problem is that they initiated and do everything to maintain their problems in the news. The world is fed up with the Arabs problems, worldwide, and will turn it off very soon. This is artificial hysterics of people that lost their way and want to attract attention.
6. One thing the Arabs, that initiate and encourage their people to carry on an extreme it, is that the Intifada is a 2-way fight. Israel will fight back. Probable results we see in the last days. So, please, Arab mothers of Arab youngsters, take into consideration that your children can be hurt. I feel sorry for the dangerous chance that you take. One thing is for sure: Israel will not allow you to endanger Israelis. Please think over and take necessary measures to stop it.
7. The Arabs enforce the IDF to be trained and in the best shape at any time as Israel does not know when the craziness will catch the Arabs and they will commence a war. So, Israel has very good friends that cooperate with us. One of them is the next door Cyprus. Israeli troops just now finished common overall exercises with their army. Now, if you ask why Cyprus is doing it? No, not for money. They know that they can trust Israel and can learn a lot. So it pays them to invest in their army and help Israel to train its army in the most modern fighting/battle methods. Cyprus is benefitting.
8. Another most ethic action of the Arabs: Gaza. Hamas keep 4 years, 2 bodies of Israeli soldiers and 2 live citizens. Nobody, including the UN, was allowed to see any of the 4. Israel is holding 5 bodies of Gazans that were killed when the attack tunnel, from Gaza to Israel, was bombed a month ago. Hamas is demanding that in order to give info, not to see them, they want Israel to free 140 live Hamas prisoners in Israel. The 140, all of them, are heavy murderers. They have a lot of blood on their hands. This is education/instructions of the holy Quran. Very human.
9. Israel was calling for a special meeting of the UN in order to discuss the Hamas behavior. It is obvious that the automatic majority will reject the Israeli demand for exchange of dead bodies. The reason is that the Quran is that polite/human that they don't care about their dead citizens. This is the life. Israel should have look/choose human enemy instead of Arabs.
10. Here is different story: A prince from Bahrain, Rashid Ibn Halifa el Halifa (65), who is also an artist and a famous art collector, published a fancy catalog in which Israeli girl soldiers hold a map of the last meal of Jesus. It was when he saw the paintings in the 3rd Mediterranean Biennale show that took place in couple of Arab villages in Israel. Many Arab painters participated. The painters were from 25 Arab states among the states that don't have relations with Israel like Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iran, etc. Now, my question to you, readers, especially you, Michaelee, Amundsen and more, not many, like you, supporters of wars: why can't/don't you support this kind of cooperation that can build real positive relations instead of pushing/encouraging blood. Shame on you, war mongers.
11. If you think that you know what Iran is- please read this: A young civil activist who has been held at Evin Prison since October 2014 has been sentenced to seven years in prison at her interrogator’s urging, a source close to the case told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, for her Facebook postings and her participation in peaceful gatherings. Atena Daemi, 27, who was held for several months under “temporary detention” despite her lawyer’s repeated requests for her release on bail, was prosecuted under four charges: “assembly and collusion against national security,” “propaganda against the state,” “insulting the Supreme Leader and the sacred,” and “concealing crime evidence” by a Tehran Revolutionary Court. Daemi did not accept any of her charges and has since appealed the court’s ruling. “All charges are based on her posts on Facebook, information stored on her cellular phone, and her participation in gatherings against the death penalty and gatherings in support of the children of Kobane [in Syria],” the source told the Campaign. Daemi and her lawyer were informed of the sentence on May 12. Daemi, who worked at the Revolution Sports Club in Tehran, was arrested on October 21, 2014, by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and has been in detention in Evin Prison ever since. Her trial was held on March 7, 2015. “She was accused of ‘insulting the Supreme Leader and the sacred’ because of some jokes and some Shahin Najafi [protest] songs found on her cell phone. Other than these, there is no other [evidence of] actions Atena may have taken about these two charges. She has repeatedly apologized and explained that she meant no insult,” said the source. “Many people in Iran may have these songs and jokes on their cell phones, but they are not charged or sent to prison. It is clear in Atena’s case that the interrogator’s personal taste is at work,” added the source. “Atena was convicted of ‘assembly and collusion against national security,’ and ‘propaganda against the state,’ for her opposition to forced hijab [female dress] through her Facebook posts, and her opposition to the capital punishment through participating in gatherings, as well as gatherings she attended to protest the situation of Kobane children [in Syria],” the source added. Regarding evidence for the charge of “concealing crime evidence,” the source told the Campaign, “Atena was asked to provide the password to the Facebook page of one of her friends, who is also imprisoned, during interrogations. Atena swore that she had forgotten the password, but her interrogator believed that she was lying and that she was hiding the crime evidence.” “Her family is hopeful that her case [will be] reviewed based on justice, humanity, and the law at the appeals level, and not based on personal taste. This girl has done nothing intentionally to deserve four charges and seven years in prison,” said the source. The source told the Campaign that Daemi is thoroughly devastated by the sentence. “Atena was very hopeful of being acquitted and released, but now she faces seven years in prison. It means she will have to spend the best years of her life at Evin. She is in such dire shape, her family have sent her tranquilizers.” Atena Daemi and four other young individuals by the names of Omid Alishenas, Ali Nouri, Atena Feraghdani, and Aso Rostami, were separately interrogated in the same case. Atena Feraghdani’s case was later separated and reviewed independently. The Campaign does not have any information about the outcome of the other individuals’ prosecution.
Well, what you think about Iran?
12. Why they do it? Because this is the way they were grown up and educated to: Murdering, no matter who: just Murder: Rebels killed at least 14 UN peacekeepers and wounded 53 others in Congo and UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres said on Friday the attack that targeted troops from Tanzania was the worst in recent history.
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Post-Dec. 8th. 2017
A. 10 remarks about Jerusalem. After studying it please check what 10 parallel points the Muslims do have:
1. Jerusalem has been the official capital of the State of Israel and the center of its government since 1950. Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s President, Knesset, and Supreme Court, and the site of most government ministries and social and cultural institutions. Jerusalem is the ancient spiritual center of Judaism and is also considered a holy city by the members of other religious faiths. Israel protects the holy sites of all faiths.
2. In 1967, Jordan rejected warnings from Israel and opened an aggressive war against Israel by bombarding Jerusalem. In response and in self-defense, Israel captured east Jerusalem, then controlled by Jordan.

3. As such, Israel’s status in eastern Jerusalem is entirely legitimate and lawful and accepted by the international community under the international law of armed conflict.
4. The 1967 unification of Jerusalem by Israel through the extension of its law, jurisdiction, and administration to eastern Jerusalem, while not accepted by the international community, did not alter the legality of Israel’s presence and status in, and governance of, the city.
5. The United States has consistently stated that the issue of Jerusalem must be solved by negotiation as part of a just, durable and comprehensive peace settlement.1
6. Numerous politically-generated resolutions and declarations by the UN, UNESCO, and others, attempting to revise and distort the long history of Jerusalem and to deny basic religious, legal and historic rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel in Jerusalem, have no legal standing and are not binding. They represent nothing more than the political viewpoints of those states that voted to adopt them.

7. The PLO and Israel agreed in the Oslo Accords that “the issue of Jerusalem” is a permanent status negotiating issue that can only be settled by direct negotiation between them with a view to settling their respective claims. The U.S. President, as well as the presidents of the Russian Federation and Egypt, the King of Jordan, and the official representatives of the EU are among the signatories as witnesses to the Oslo Accords.
8. Neither UN/UNESCO resolutions, nor declarations by governments, leaders, and organizations can impose a solution to the issue of Jerusalem, nor can they dictate or prejudge the outcome of such negotiations.
9. Acknowledging the facts that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and acknowledging that locating the American embassy in Jerusalem is the sovereign prerogative of the United States would in no way prejudice or influence the peace negotiation process. They would be an acknowledgment of a long-standing factual situation and rectification of a historic injustice.
10. Statements by the King of Jordan, the Palestinian leadership, and Arab leaders that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or locating the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem will endanger the peace process and bring a wave of violence, are nothing but empty threats and unfortunate attempts to threaten a sovereign government and incite. Surrendering to such threats of violence and terrorism would be a dangerous precedent and a sign of weakness.

B. Quotation from Muslim blog: "Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the apartheid Israeli state not only leaves Palestinians with no other avenue to justice than the use of violence, but also paints a target on the back of every American abroad.
Israel seized East Jerusalem alongside the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights in 1967. It’s occupation of these territories constituting a flagrant violation of international law, thus in normalizing the illegal seizure and occupation of Palestinian land, the United States is validating an Israeli war crime, and, in doing so, makes a mockery of international laws and norms that are guided by the Geneva Convention.
Moreover, this is a move that not only sabotages whatever slimmer of the hope the now non-existent peace process held, but also serves no one’s benefit. It neither helps the Palestinians or Israel, and nor does it serve any broader strategy. In other words, it’s a move without a cause, a decision absent any coherent or reasonable logic.
Practically the entire international community has condemned the decision. The United Nations, European and Arab leaders have each issued stern warnings against Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
Even a majority of Americans reject the move with arecent survey from showing that 63 percent of Americans oppose it, against a mere 31 percent who support it, and those who argue Trump is merely playing this to his white evangelical Christian base are not supported by polls that show barely half of them support moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.
“The peace process — whatever that is and whatever is left of it — was built on agreements that included a certain set of American guarantees about how the U.S. would approach final status issues, including the question of Jerusalem,” stated Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. “This is something that no American president has dared to do before, because of the kind of pushback that they would receive in the region.”
Responding to Trump’s dangerously delusional decision, the US State Department has directed its embassies around the world to boost security, warning of likely violence in the days ahead.
Predictably, Western media will now fix its attention on the Palestinian and Arab response, hoping that their predictions and expectations of violence, underpinned by anti-Muslim and anti-Arab negative stereotypes and tropes, will produce more page clicks, eyeballs, and social media shares.
What will be ignored, like always, is the 70 years of daily violence carried out by the Israeli state against Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories. The media will ignore that three-quarters of a million Palestinians have been eternally displaced; more than 500 Palestinian villages have been ethnically cleansed; more than 30,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished; nearly one million Palestinians have been incarcerated by their occupiers; and that 5 million Palestinians live under a brutal Israeli military occupation that is supported by 700,000 heavily armed Israeli settlers.
The media will also ignore the socio-economic violence that living under occupation and apartheid imparts on the Palestinian people, resulting in lower health, education, income and employment outcomes. It will also ignore the Warsaw ghetto like conditions that 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are permanently caged to, with the United Nations declaring the enclave, or rather “open air prison,” to be unlivable within 2 years.
In short, when Palestinians aren’t being segregated, humiliated, and denied freedom of movement, they’re being arrested, detained, tortured, starved and bombed. This has been their plight for 70 years, a plight made worse by a dishonest and untrustworthy broker – the United States of America – which has for the better part of the last half century done nothing to halt the Israeli colonial expansion project.
While the Palestinians have long been completely forsaken by the international community, Trump’s upheaval of the status quo promises to increase the sense of betrayal, humiliation, frustration, and hopelessness Palestinians and the Arab world writ large feels towards the Western world, but more so than ever before, they will fixate their anger towards the United States.
In validating Israel’s illegal seizure of Jerusalem, Trump has given credibility to narratives that posit that not only is the West at war with Islam, but also the “war” is being led by the “Crusader-Zionist” alliance.
In an interview with Al Jazeera, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh described Trump’s decision as a “flagrant aggression,” adding that it is “an uncalculated gamble that will know no limit to the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim reaction. We callon stopping this decision fully because this will usher in the beginning of a time of terrible transformations, not just on the Palestinian level but on the region as a whole. This decision means the official announcement of the end of the peace process.”
History will mark today as the day Trump and the United States came to be remembered for officially killing the peace process and the Palestinian liberation movement".

Amir's reply to the writer and to everybody else that does vnot know the history of the occupation: Israel did not seize the West Bank, what you call Palestine, but it is not. Israel conquered it following a war that was imposed on her by Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. These 3 Arab countries attacked Israel, simultaneously, in order to throw the Jews into the sea. This was their declared aim. They lost. Israel conquered them in 6 days. Therefore this war is called "the 6 days war". Since then Israel is occupying Judea/Samaria. It is important that the true facts will be submitted to everybody. So, please correct yourself and stop lying the people.
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Post-Dec. 7th. 2017
1. The spiritual Motto of Pre. Trump's declaration from Isaiah 62.1: "For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, un6til her triumph go forth as brightness and her salvation as a torch that burneth"

2. Pre. Trump: “After more than two decades of waivers, we are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result. Therefore, I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel…….. Today, Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government. It is the home of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, as well as the Israeli Supreme Court. It is the location of the official residences of the Prime Minister and the President. It is the headquarters of many government ministries…….Jerusalem is the capital the Jewish people established in ancient times,” Trump said. “Today Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government…..Today, we finally acknowledged the obvious, that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more than recognition of reality. It is also the right thing to do…..That is why consistent with the Jerusalem Embassy Act, I am also directing the State Department to begin preparations to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers, and planners do that a new embassy when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace”.

3. After days of speculation and rumor-mongering, The American Pre. Donald Trump delivered the speech of a lifetime – at least in the lifetime of the Jewish People. I never thought he would have it in him, but I give Trump full credit. The speech was excellent. He hit all the right notes without committing any great diplomatic faux pas. He declared America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – “recognizing reality” as he accurately called it. He simply reaffirmed the blindingly obvious – that Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and that it’s about time America recognized that fact. He walked a diplomatic tightrope by not going into the details of exactly where the US Embassy will be located or how long it will take to get it ready. In this way he satisfied the Israelis, and if the Palestinians were so inclined, they could be satisfied too, since the issue of the Embassy was left open-ended. He also didn’t mention the dreaded two-state solution – which by now should be recognized by all as a non-starter. He simply reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to peace and to settling the Arab-Israeli conflict, calling on all sides for restraint. In fa, t the speech was startling for the lack of any great new insights. It was the very fact that every point was obvious, and has always been evident for anyone who cared to look, that was so unusual – because when it comes to Middle East Peace-processing, wishful thinking is the name of the game. This speech was almost an “Emperor has no clothes” moment, except that here Donald Trump was playing the part of the naive child who states the reality for all the world to see.

4. The Arabs, the Palestinians in particular, are threatening “days of rage” in response to Trump’s declaration. But did they ever declare “days of peace” when countless UN resolutions were passed in their favour? How about that miserable UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which declared all of Judea and Samaria as Palestinian territory, and calling all the settlements illegal, which was passed with the aid, abetting and active assistance of the United States under President Barack Obama? Did we get peace talks and normalization, or offers of land-swaps? We did not. We simply got more of the same old violence: stabbings, car-rammings, shootings and more. So please, give us Israelis one reason why we should take any more notice of these latest threats of days of rage than any other days of rage that are routinely declared on the slightest of pretexts.

5. The Taylor Force Act passed the US House of Representatives by unanimous consent on Tuesday, confronting the Palestinian Authority with the prospect of a massive cut in US aid for as long as it maintains its policy of paying monthly salaries and other benefits to the families of slain or convicted Palestinian terrorists. Named in memory of Taylor Force — the former American army officer stabbed to death during a knifing spree by a Palestinian assailant in Tel Aviv in March 2016 — the legislation prevents the transfer of funds “that directly benefit the Palestinian Authority” for a six-year period beginning in 2018 unless the PA verifiably ends its so-called “martyr payments” policy.

6. One that will read this post will think that the skies fell down. No, it didn't. All seen here is a result of one thing: It is the result of the constant refusal of the Arabs to negotiate peace with Israel and their declaration that all of Israel, unconditionally, belongs to them. In order to achieve it, rule over the entire of Israel, they will kill all Jews. Moreover, Trump's declaration and the written in #4 are results of the Palestinian continuous pressure, on Israel, and the massive majority of Muslims in every UN committee. All the resolutions that were confirmed in the UN different departments, in favor of the Arabs, were achieved due to religion, not political and or historical facts, vote. Although none of them was a critic for the survival of Israel, It bothered Israel. Even those that didn't have any formal juridical foundation. (There was couple like these). So, Trump's blessed declaration will be a torch, to the international world, that will light the way of the UN towards voting for the truth, not for dark political resolutions and that also tiny states have rights in this world especially a state like Israel, that contributes to the world many times more than the Muslim states that feed 1.7 billion mouths of Muslims that contribute very little to the society.

7. Pre. Trump opened a wide door for peace. His declaration gives one in a generation, to go forward with it. But, the Arabs/PA, like in all previous cases/attempts holds all trials, repeat their stubbornness. Moreover: The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniya said that they, Hamas will do what they know the best: to make war. He said that he will open the gates of the sky. Mr. Abu Mazen was not less extreme when he declared the following: "Further to Trump's declaration of USA recognition Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, the Palestinian issue is now in a very critic condition. The American regime decided to overrule the international resolutions and prefer to ignore international consensus. We, Palestine, condemn this behavior of the American president……"Jerusalem is the city of peace, the city of Al Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the capital of Palestine". Please pay attention: No word about any past/previous/ancient relations between Israel and Jerusalem. So, does anybody can consider bridging/creating peace between over such a wide gap? I am sorry. I don't see any possibility for such.

8. This atmosphere, as described in #7, is the direct result of UNESCO's resolution, that fully supported the Muslims side, concerning the full relations/contacts of the Muslim to Jerusalem/Al Aqsa, and on the other hand the complete lake of Jewish relations to the Temple and the Mount Temple in Jerusalem. From this point of view Pre. Trump's declaration put a break in the wheels of the train that carry the Muslim's lies. I am certain that Trump's declaration, which can be considered as Balfour declaration, will help Israel in its position, concerning Jerusalem internationally.

9. Trump's effect: Further to Pre. Trumps decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, more states expressed their will to do it. Trump broke the glass ceiling and now Jerusalem will get its right position, like all capitals in the world, that all embassies will be located in the capital of Israel-in Jerusalem.

10. There is a silent agreement, among the Arabs and Muslims, of being Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The late Pre. Sadat came to the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in Jerusalem to take his speech. The same was with king Hussein of Jordan. Many Muslim leaders from Africa and the Middle East visited/visiting will visit Israel and its capital Jerusalem. They give publicity to their visits. This means that they recognize Israel and its capital.
11. This is what the Arabs/Muslims are dealing with: 2 Muslim terrorists were arrested in GB suspected in planning to murder the PM of GB. Well, what is this vast murder done by Muslims against Muslims and Non Muslims too??????? Is it normal to behave this way???

Jerusalem was, is and will stay Israel's capital forever in spite of all pressure that is coming from the Muslim, only from Muslim world.
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Post-Dec. 6th 2017
1. GE Healthcare, the medical unit of US giant General Electric, will be working with DiA Imaging Analysis to incorporate the automated imaging technology developed by the Beersheba-based startup within its ultrasound devices. The two firms said last month they signed a multi-year, non-exclusive licensing and professional services agreement. DiA has developed and is selling its automated imaging analysis software to deliver immediate and accurate interpretations of ultrasound images for so-called “point of care settings,” enabling medical professionals — in intensive care units, emergency rooms or even ambulances — to make a quick ultrasound diagnosis using smaller or even handheld ultrasound devices. DiA’s software uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to create fully automated tools, imitating the way the human eye identifies borders and motion. The algorithms produce quick, accurate and automated data for diagnosis, the firm said. DiA’s first product is cardiac ultrasound software, which has received approvals from the US Food & Drug Administration and by the regulators in Europe. The technology can be used for other purposes as well, and the company is planning to soon launch additional automated imaging analysis tools, said DiA CEO and co-founder Hila Goldman Aslan in a phone interview. The idea is to create a “revolution” in the field of medical imaging analysis, by developing fully automated and accurate software tools that can be used easily and quickly, anywhere and anytime, the company says on its website. “The vision, I think, of the ultrasound companies is that eventually, it will be like a stethoscope,” said Aslan. “The average physician will carry such a small device, which is based on the mobile phone.” “GE Healthcare has a long history of bringing innovative solutions to our customers around the world,” said Rob Walton, general manager of GE Healthcare Primary & Affordable Care, in a statement. “These tools would bring new capabilities to ultrasound at the point of care,” Aslan said that changes in the ultrasound market have benefited DiA. “Once the devices became cheaper and the quality is very good — not as good as the high-end but very good — you started to see those devices at what we call point-of-care,” said Aslan. This means that if ten years ago when a patient needed an ultrasound they would go to the specialized ultrasound unit — using bulky tech costing upwards of $100,000 — now patients are treated with mid-range ultrasound devices costing $40,000, as well as hand-held devices costing between $8,000 and $10,000. GE Healthcare, which had revenues of more than $18 billion last year, has been on the scout for innovative and disruptive technologies and has recently announced partnerships to further its AI, imaging, and bioprocessing capabilities, including with Israeli startups like MedyMatch Technology. DiA, founded in 2009 by Aslan, Michal Yaacobi and Arnon Toussia-Cohen and formerly known as DiaCardio — has raised $2.75 million in funding to date, according to Start-up Nation Central, a nonprofit that tracks the industry. Investors include China’s Shengjing group, one of China’s largest management consulting and private equity investment advisory firms, Israeli VC fund AltaIR Capital and CE Ventures.
2. The complaint: " They are about to be expelled from their homes but every person I met on our visit to the community of Ein al-Hilweh in the Jordan Valley asked us if there was news of rain. The farmers and shepherds in Ein al-Hilweh and in the neighboring village of Umm Jamal are worried. It is the middle of November, and without water, their herds of cattle, sheep, chicken and other animals are beginning to die of hunger. There is no water to drink. The dry earth does not provide food for pasture. The small community, which is not connected to running water, depends on rain to grow the crops that provide the little food off of which they and their livestock survive".
The answer: Israel is really behaving terribly to Palestinians. We, the cruelest Israelis, even stopped the rains in Palestine, and directed it to our places. I have no good words about Israel in order to convince us that we must assist the Muslims @ daytime while allow them, the Palestinians, @ night time to murder Jews. They are instructed by their holy Quran: Kill everybody that is not Muslim. So, the fanatic Muslims obey the Quran very strictly. Now they expect to get water from Israel for their use and for their cattle. What a joke. They must understand that murdered supplier of water is dead, there is nobody to replace him, at least not in the short time, and they, the Muslims, due to their awesome behavior, will suffer a shortage of water and if this will lead them to death-we are sorry. The Israelis have their right to fight for their safety, security, defense, survival. Let the boorish Arabs read this reply.
3. The world lost its interest in the Israel PA (Palestinian Authority) conflict. The reason is that the world learned that the Muslims demands, concerning land, are ridiculous and they will never achieve them, as in every demand there must be a seed of justice/sense. In the Arabs demands, to settle the conflict, there are any of these. What is the hottest issue, presently on the table of the world? It is the constant claim, of the PA, that Jerusalem was/is their capital in their ancient states-Palestine. All the Muslim/Arab leaders put this subject as their motto and they even warn the world in another intifada if US will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state and/or if US will move their embassy to Jerusalem. There is only one problem in the Arabs theory: In order to justify this demands the Palestinians must remind/explain the world when was the state of Palestine established, for how long time, who recognized it and who lived there? Is there any official/ recognized document that says it? Where Jerusalem is mentioned, at least once, in their religion book? As far as I know the only answer to all these questions are negative. So, how come that you, PA, claim that Jerusalem was your capital if there was never a state that you owned under the name of Palestine? If somebody, at all, somehow, can claim ownership of Jerusalem, it is Jordan. But even they can't because they are Jordanians and they have their capital in Amman and there is no, so far, one state with 2 different capitals. So, the only conclusion from the above description is that the Palestinian demand to Jerusalem as their capital is fake demand. The funny thing in this case is that when I explain this to the Arabs they get quiet, as I am 100% right and they have no historical answer. They carry on demanding especially when they are among people that does not have a clue about the history. When/if this issue will be discussed all true evidences, from the bible and from all history long, will be put on the table. The Israeli position will win as Jerusalem was always Jewish and never Muslim. Like One swallow does not herald spring so one mosque does not make Jerusalem Muslim.
4. In addition, Jerusalem is the capital Israel for more than 3000 years. Israel does not need the authorization of the Arabs, UN or any other respectable body to declare this gold city as our capital like nobody told any other country about its decision upon its capital. Russia, just one example, changed its capital several time. Did anybody overrule its decision? No. This is internal Israeli issue and it is none of anybody else's business.
5. The Turkish President declared yesterday, concerning the Jerusalem debate, the transfer of US embassy to Jerusalem, that if it will happen, he will cut all his relations, diplomatic and others, with Israel. Many European businesses will be very happy, if it happens, as then they will get a lot of business with Israel. In this case business means transfer of Israeli technologies that currently are transferred to Turkey, to Europe. Erdogan must understand this situation. He warned to punish Israel because of American deed/decision. This warning could be serious if the decision was coming from Israel. No, it came from US. This means that Erdogan is warning trump. Well, this is completely different story. USA is not tiny Israel. Warning trump could lead Turkey to different places. He must take into consideration that his state is a member in Nato, the problems that he gives to this organization, and the fact that his army is equipped with western/American arms. Turning his back to the West is a major change in the European power. He supposes to be the bumper in case of Russia attack on Europe. Now he is joining Russia against Europe. This is very serious situation. Erdogan climbed on a very tall tree and the question is how he can go down. It will be very hard mission unless he is prepared to lose his face.
6. After Erdogan shot down a Russian plane, killed his pilot, he went to Canossa, to meet Putin. The results of this meeting was that Turkey compensated Russia Hundreds of millions of Dollars, for the lost plane and the pilot, Turkey collaborated with Putin and the Muslims terror groups like, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and in the far N. Korea too. This is the axis of the cruelty. Erdogan decision to join them reveals his face. Putin is the only none Muslim person in this organization. Putin is the declared leader of this group as he is the strongest leader. Erdogan's collaboration with this group gives a hell of problems to the West. This put Turkey/Erdogan as a very much untrustable man.
7. Erdogan, by his decision to cut his relations with Israel, is making a very big mistake, as he is, maybe, professional in the Islam, but not in politics. Erdogan does not know that Putin, his leader in this group, declared/said, in April this year, that Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel. The Israeli capital is Jerusalem. West Jerusalem. This recognition, by Putin, was never achieved from USA. So, one of the 2 powers (50%), that is leading his group, already agreed to Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Now, the other 50% do. Let's Erdogan and the Arabs blame Putin and Trump.
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