Post-July 19th 2018


  1.  Israeli ministers and IDF authorities clashed during a discussion on how to respond to Hamas’ arson terrorism, which has ignited over 1,000 fires in Israel’s south in the past three months.                                                                                                 Education Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home party, reportedly disagreed with IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot during a security cabinet meeting about the latest escalation surrounding the Gaza Strip.                                       The cabinet approved a new policy according to which the IDF will directly attack any cells launching incendiary balloons and kites rather than merely firing warning shots at them, as has been the procedure until now.                                            Bennett reportedly demanded a more forceful response.                                          According to a leak from the confidential meeting, when discussing the fact that children are sometimes members of the airborne arson cells, Bennett asked, “Why not shoot anyone who launches aerial weapons at our communities? There is no legal impediment. Why shoot next to them and not directly at them? These are terrorists for all intents and purposes,”                                                                                “I don’t think shooting teens and children—who are sometimes the ones launching the balloons and kites—is right,” Eisenkot responded.                                                “And what if it’s an adult identified as an adult?” Bennett asked.                               “Are you proposing to drop a bomb from a plane on incendiary balloon and kite cells?” Eisenkot asked.                                                                                                              When Bennett responded that he did, the IDF chief said, “I disagree with you. It’s against my operational and moral positions.”                                                                        The discussion took place after an extremely violent weekend during which Gaza-based terrorists fired some 200 rockets at Israel and, in response, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out the largest wave of daytime strikes against Hamas terror targets in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014, bombing some 40 terror targets.                                                                                                                      Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman criticized Bennett on Monday, alleging that the minister was attempting to make political gains of the situation.                                     “A politician who seeks to gain at the expense of the IDF chief is the most disgusting thing,” he told Ynet, without mentioning Bennett by name.                                                “Trying to gain at the expense of the IDF chief means that this person simply has no red line, and I don’t think it’s even worthy of mention,” he added.                             Bennett’s party hit back at Liberman, calling him “weak, confused and transparent. He should focus on eradicating terrorism in the south.”                                              Liberman also rejected claims by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that Israel has agreed to a ceasefire. “There’s no ceasefire. We sent a very clear message to Hamas on Saturday, and it was a kinetic message, not a verbal one. And I hope they got the message. In any case, the ball is in their court.”                                                                  “We tried to exhaust all options to avoid a wide scale conflict in the Gaza Strip,” Liberman explained. “We proposed a humanitarian aid package, and we offered all sorts of economic relief measures—of course in exchange for a resolution on the MIAs and POWs issue, so we can return to a different reality. Hamas rejected all of the proposals. So I believe everyone in Israel understands that if the Gaza Strip continues with the friction on the border fence, with the fires, with all kinds of flying objects—we’ve got no other choice.”                                                                           The one important thing that we learn is that, to differ from the Arabs, The IDF is a real humanitarian organization that is not looking to kill Arabs, while the Arabs are also "humanitarian" organization who is looking, definitely, to kill Israelis. In order to explain I would say that the difference between Israel and the Arabs is that if Israel won the war the Arabs will keep living. If the Arabs won the Israelis will be killed. This is what they declare all the time. We Israel want to live and to make other's living.
  2. How many NP refugees there are in the world? This is the eternal question. An old American report, that was established in the Pres. Obama's days inn the white house, say that there are 20000 refugees. Unrawa, the UN agency that takes care of the refugees claim that there are………5.1 million. The ratio between, the 2 figures is 1:255. Yes, these are the Arabs. The report was hidden since Obama's time till just lately. Please imagine the difference in cost to take care of all these people that are npt considered, according to the UN laws/regulations, as refugees, any more. The American tax payer, that is the main financier of Unrawa must know that he pays a lot of money that nobody knows where it goes to. It's time that the financiers of Unrawa will get exactly/true figures their money is going to and its use. Obama was a big supporter of the refugees so he hides this report. 
  1. Israel apartheid? If yes, why the Syrians, especially journalists appeal to Israel to give them shelter? Don't they know from their brothers that live in the Golan Heights, 50 years, that Israel is apartheid? Of course they know the truth. They know that there have no connections/relations /truth in this blame/rumors. They, the Syrians, trust Israel more than any other Arab state inj the world. The facts of what Israel is doing for the people, Arab too, is the flag/lighting torch of the Israeli state. We are very proud of it. I wish that at least some of the Arabs would be human like Israel.

 4. Another apartheid story. I am not sure how much the Arabs are doing and following statistics. As for Israel the statistics is a tool for better management. So, the best school in Israel is an Arab Druze school called "Beit Jan". They have 99% success in Math. Exam. There are more. But, the other interesting point is that all 10 schools that were found copying in the Exams were Arabs, not even a single Druze. Does it say anything to you? As to me, yes, very much. Arabs Muslims can’t be trusted. The Arab Druze yes, they are very much trustable.

 5. If I write about the difference between the Druze and the Muslims, once you get into Muslim's village/city/town, y0ou see a mess. Go into such Druze living places you see everywhere clean, shining. You see immediately the difference in cultures. The Druze also serves in the IDF. They have Israeli manners/culture and are like Jews but different religion. They like us and we like them. There are beautiful relations between Druze and Israeli families. I have a very good friend, that we visit each other very often. The man is a inspector in the ministry of education and his wife is a teacher. They have 7 children. Some of them are married. 3 of the children serve in the security services. This is the style iof life that the Muslim Arabs must adopt/get use to in order to improve their lives instead of looking for donations and charities.,

 6. A small Israeli company, Orbit, won the tender to maintain the KC135 American air force fleet. This is another sign that Israel is leading the world in this kind of technology. God bless you, Orbit.

7. Israel’s Evogene Ltd., a plant genomics company that uses gene modification to improve crop quality and productivity, has reached an accord with Brazil’s Instituto Mato-grossense do Algodão (IMAmt), a developer and marketer of cotton seeds, to work together on the development of insect-resistant seeds. As part of the accord, Evogene will identify genes that are effective against the cotton boll weevil and the fall armyworm, Evogene said in a filing to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Tuesday. IMAmt will validate the findings in its lab, and if they are found to be correct, the parties will enter negotiations for a commercial license agreement, the statement said. Cotton is among the most significant commodity crops. Global production is estimated at $30 billion, with Brazil being the fourth-largest producer of cotton in the world, the filing said.                 The cotton boll weevil and the fall armyworm are among the most devastating pests threatening the cotton industry. It is estimated that the former, which feeds on cottons buds and flowers, inflicts annual costs of $468 million in Brazil alone, with insecticides being only marginally effective.                                                                                                          The fall armyworm can cause significant damage to crops including rice, sorghum, millet, sugarcane, vegetable crops and cotton, the filing said.                                                      As part of the agreement, Evogene will screen its extensive insecticidal gene database and select genes that can resist the two pests. IMAmt will validate these genes in the lab against the target pests, the statement said.                                                                          “When visiting Evogene, we saw great potential for a collaboration between our two companies,” Alvaro Lourenco Ortolan Salles, IMAmt director, said in the filing. “We are confident that together we will be able to respond to the various challenges that tropical agriculture imposes on us.”                                                                                                                   Arnon Heyman, VP Evogene and general manager of the Ag-Seeds division, said there is “increased interest” in the company’s unique genetic database, and it could be “leveraged for targeting additional insects.”                                                                                 The company applies mathematical algorithms to plant biology to seek out genes that make seeds more resistant, enabling farmers to produce higher-yielding crops for a world that is being forced to produce more with fewer resources, as populations grow and the quantity of arable land declines.

Yes, this is Israel compare to its enemies.

Please help Israel by resisting the boycott. Buy Israeli products.

In friendship


מודעות פרסומת


Post July 18th 2018

  1. The Gazans burn Israel using arson balloons. In order to ignite the fields they use arson balloons. They carried on this kind of terror for 3 months. Israel supply them with fuel/energy in order to keep the Gazans civilians lives in a reasonable, refugees, standard. The Gazan regime, the Hamas is against it. They want their people to suffer as much as they can in order to rebel them against Israel. As the fuel is the main material of the burning, Israel asked several times the Gazans to stop sending fire in Israeli fields. The continued. So, Israel stopped the supply of fuel. All Gazans are going to suffer as the will not have gas for cooking, electric power Etc. this will influence all their lives in Gaza. Hamas has its priorities. First the arson balloons to damage Israel then the people. So, Israel, in order to stop the fire, will not supply energy to Gaza. Too many people will suffer. Some, in hospitals, will even die. The Gazans will blame Israel. The truth is that Israel wanted and carried on supplying Fuel to Gaza Israel wanted and carried on supplying Fuel to Gaza 3 months too long. Now, the anti-Israeli propaganda will blame Israel for causing the death of the Gazans. They will never start the story from the beginning that Israel supplied to Gaza fuel that was used to produce the arson balloons that caused a very big damage, 12 million IS, to Israel. These are the Arabs and their supporters.
  2. Yesterday an arson balloon, sent from Gaza, landed in a kindergarten in Israel. It landed just a couple of meters from the place that the children were sitting. It was a big miracle that no damage was done. If there was a damage to one of the children, the IDF air force would have crashed/flattened/demolish all of Gaza in a couple of hours. But Israel is human, not like the Gazans. We don't want to kill innocent civilians. But if Israelis were killed- the Israel unwilling must be moved much further and considering differently. The Gazans must understand that the Israeli behavior is exceptional and there will come a day that the Israeli patient will expire. Then they will start thinking. But then it will be too late as their homes will be flattened and more millions of refugees will be added to the current. This is exactly what Hamas wants. This is exactly what the innocent Gazans and Israel don't want.
  3. Arson balloons are already old fashion means to burn Israel. The new method is an arson falcon. Yes, one of them was found, dead, while the torch, tied to his leg, was still burning. This is the most fruitful innovations and inventions of the Arabs and the improvement of the war systems in order to burn Israel. What a poor bird was this falcon. I hope that they, the cruel Gazans, will never be able to do it again. The interesting point is that all animals' lovers love the Arabs criminals much more and no warning was sent to them The Gazans, with their monstrous ideas lead the monstrous world. This is a fact. It's time to wake up from your pleasant dream. Make something, you the animals lovers, to stop this cruelty.
  4. In spite of the above written the Israeli market is blooming:                                        4.1: Another exit, $886 million of Israeli successful company will cover the damages that the Gazans caused to Israel.                                                                                          4.2: Three huge Biotech companies will enlarge their R&D centers in Israel. They are Medtronic, healthcare and Change healthcare.                                                                4.3: The Israeli market growth in the 2nd quarter shows growth in consumption of 47% which means that the people work, get good money and spend it. This shows the health of the Israel economy. This means that the people are happy/enjoy the life in Israel, in spite of all Arabs attempts to suppress the Israeli people and the economy and this also a very big lose/failure of the BDS in spite all the money that they spend and the efforts against Israel.
  5. Syrian citizens to Israel: "please rescue us. Let us enter Israel. The Syrian air force if killing us. Very strange: Arabs from Syria, one of the most bitter enemies of Israel trust Israel more than their leaders/Gov. What a change in the Middle East. Israel became the angel/rescuer of the Syrians. By the way, not only of the Syrians. More applications, for help, Israel is getting from people that suffer under their regime. This is the contribution of the Israel/Jewish humanity to the world, the world of crimes, war and blood. This world is represented mostly by the Muslims.
  6. The PM of Hungary decided that Israel is their best partner in the Middle East and he arrived yesterday for an official visit to Israel. The interesting point is that he will not visit the PA. He will send there his deputy who is going to visit just one holy place and return to Israel. This is the big change which is going on, of recognizing Israel, in the world. In 2017 the foreign minister of the European Unity, Ms. Mogeriny, tried to pass a resolution against Israel. This Israel hatter's resolution failed as the Hungarians, with more Israel supporters in Europe, voted against.
  7. In January 2006, Hamas won the Palestinian Parliamentary Legislative Council elections. The US and Israel adopted an economic theory of change: apply economic pressure to push positive political outcomes. The goal was to marginalize Hamas, drive a wedge between rulers and the ruled, and encourage a new moderate power structure in Gaza to build a foundation for peace. I know, because I was there in Tel Aviv at the US Embassy implementing US policy in Gaza. What could go wrong? Nearly 13 years later the results are clear. The theory was flawed and the impact has been catastrophic for both Palestinians and Israelis. The political environment in Gaza is now more extreme, disconnected, and dangerous than in 2005. In the Gaza political spectrum, Hamas is ironically the centrist power challenged on the fringe by Salafists, ISIS, and Islamic Jihad. The power base of the historic Gazan business community educated professional class, and vibrant civil society has collapsed. Everything that could go wrong, did — as evidenced by three wars, the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, and an environmental disaster on this small strip of land. The future is bleak too, Generation Z is lost, having spent the last decade indoctrinated and hermetically sealed from Israel, the world, and hope. Enter Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt with their stalled pitch for renewed negotiations to end the seven decades conflict. As expected, there was nothing other than effective silence. The political leadership on both sides of the Green Line have written off the viability of a two-state solution any time soon. In fact, the post-Oslo era almost seems quaint, a pre-internet idea in a world of smartphones and social media. Instead, the Trump Administration should unleash the bottled up, inherently resilient private sector economy. Envision Gaza 2.0, where economic opportunity, connectivity, and trade may begin to create better, more realistic prospects for stability.                                                                                                                 First, the private sector economy needs sustained power and clean water. Mega power plants, off-shore gas fields, and massive water treatment facilities are white elephants. Instead, look to small plant renewable power, micro power grids, solar desalination and off-grid water treatment. Think it can’t be done? Gaza now is already home to several private sector desalination plants, an MIT designed state-of-the-art community solar desalination plant, and proximity to some of the world’s best solar and water technology.                                                                                        Second, re-start textiles and agricultural trade. For decades, Gaza was a hub for textile manufacturing selling to high-end markets in Tel Aviv and Paris. The Palestinian textile producers and Israeli buyers still know each other. These relationships can re-start in weeks. Gaza also produces some of the best strawberries in the world. Historically, Gazan farmers exported strawberries to London and carnations to the Dutch flower markets. The precondition: farmers and textile manufacturers need predictable and expedited clearance to sell their product abroad. Not a problem, Israel has already piloted a known trader program out of Hebron — where trusted companies can fast-track their product to global markets.                                                                                                                                Third, double down on the tech sector. A compelling model is Gaza Sky Geeks the first startup accelerator and full-stack coding academy in Gaza. The West Bank has seen an inflow of early-stage venture capital, with increasingly impressive results. Gaza 2.0 requires a private sector driven, a global fund for investment capital in Gaza.                                                                                                                                          The skeptics say that an economic strategy toward Gaza is naive and undervalues political Palestinian aspirations and Israeli security concerns. Jenin in the northern West Bank demonstrates a different story. At about at the same time as Gaza Disengagement in 2005, the Americans, Israelis and Palestinian private sector opened up this northern market for efficient and secure trade from the West Bank to Haifa and the world. Unlike Gaza, the Jalameh model — named after the crossing between Jenin and Israel — substantially reduced unemployment, stabilized the security environment, and empowered local Palestinian business, civic leaders. Jenin — the former epicenter of suicide bombers at the beginning of the Second Intifada — stands in stark contrast to Gaza today.                                                                The people of Gaza — and the West Bank for that matter — are not going to forgo their political aspirations of statehood for better economic outcomes. A decentralized, private sector-oriented approach to Gaza is not and cannot be an “economic peace” but it can be a compelling pathway out of the cycle of violence, destruction, and despair of Gaza today.
  8. Who is quoted in the following? "It's part of my worldview. The Holocaust is one of the worst crimes in history. I have empathy for Holocaust survivors. Especially those that I live with, in the country. I also oppose the Holocaust. We Palestinians are victims of a victim. And I expect people to discover empathy for the sacrifice of the victim". The sayer was the Arab Knesset member Ahmad Tibi who is a very bitter opponent of Israel. I could not believe as he is a very good friend of the chairman of the Arabs in NP.                                                                                                     I wish we had better Knesset members than this one, But there are no so we must live with what we have.

In friendship



Post-July 17th 2018 

  1.  “Israeli” occupation warplanes carried out a number of airstrikes against the southern part of the Gaza Strip, as the Tel Aviv regime continues with its hostile acts against the besieged Palestinian coastal sliver.

In this respect, the “Israeli” military stated that in the early hours of Saturday, its warplanes hit several locations in Gaza claiming that the targeted sites include a tunnel and a number of bases purportedly belonging to the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement.

Meanwhile, there were no immediate reports of injuries or the extent of damage caused.

The “Israeli” statement added that the aerial bombardment was retaliated by a barrage of at least 17 rockets or mortars launched by Hamas into the occupied Palestinian territories.

It further claimed that “Israel’s” so-called Iron Dome system managed to intercept five of the launches, but one landed inside a rural settlement in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council area.

Following the “Israeli” airstrikes in southern Gaza Strip, sirens were sounded across the areas bordering the impoverished Palestinian enclave.

The “Israeli” regime’s warplanes repeatedly hit various parts of the Gaza Strip during the past decade. Hamas, for its part, repeatedly stressed that the movement has a legitimate right to respond to any “Israeli” aggression against the people of Palestine.

Palestinians in Gaza have been rallying every Friday since March 30 as a part of a peaceful campaign known as the Great March of Return.

So far, “Israeli” forces martyred about 140 Palestinians, including over a dozen children, and injured hundreds of others during the rallies.

Gaza has been under “Israeli” siege since June 2007, causing a decline in living standards as well as unprecedented unemployment and poverty.

I am looking for a single word/sign that the Gazans launched some 200 bombs of different types. No word. This is how the Arabs feed their people with wrong info in order to excite them and to prepare them for wars. This is the Arabs, liars and fights searchers.


  1. Syria reported Israeli strikes on a military position close to the Al-Nairab air base outside of Aleppo on Sunday. Syrian media confirmed strikes were carried out, reporting up to ten missiles used in the strikes. Syrian state television SANA reported early Monday, “The Zionist enemy continues to desperately support the defeated terrorists in Quneitra and ISIS, and fired a missile toward one of our military sites.” Mixed reports claim the strikes targeted an Iranian arms shipment.    The IDF recently downed two drones from Syria using Patriot missiles, the first on Wednesday and the second on Friday. Following the first infiltration, the IDF retaliated, hitting three positions in Syria. The IDF published video footage of its strikes on three military posts in Syria in the Quneitra province in retaliation.           It warned Iran and Syria that it will “continue to operate determinedly and decisively against any attempts to hurt Israeli civilians and breaches of Israeli sovereignty, “ and that it “holds the Syrian regime accountable for the actions carried out in its territory and warns it from further action against Israeli forces. The IDF is highly prepared for many different scenarios and will continue to act as necessary in order to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians.”                                           This is what is happening when a small state must protect itself against giants like the Arab world. Israel will not allow the Iranians to settle in the Golan Heights near the Israeli border.
  2. 3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the “abiding commitment” of the US and President Donald Trump to the security of Israel, as expressed at a meeting on Monday between the American head-of-state and Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The friendship between Israel and the US has never been stronger,” Netanyahu declared in a statement released by the prime minister’s office on Monday evening.                                                                                     In addition to commending Trump, Netanyahu also expressed appreciation for the security coordination between Israel and Russia and President Putin’s clear position regarding Syria’s obligation to uphold the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria.                                                                                 Netanyahu’s comments followed a US-Russia summit in Helsinki, Finland on Monday, after which Putin commented at a joint press conference that Trump “paid particular attention” to Israel’s security.                                                                       Trump also stated that that the US and Russia collaborate on efforts to ensure the Jewish state does not experience fallout from the civil war in Syria through which rebel groups seek to overthrow brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad.                                        At the press conference, Trump also referred to Russian cooperation with Israel as a “great thing.”                                                                                                                             Prior to the summit, Netanyahu discussed security and diplomatic issues by phone with Trump.                                                                                                                       Specifically, Netanyahu commented at Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting, “Yesterday I spoke with US President Donald Trump. We discussed security and diplomatic issues in light of developments in the region, with Syria and Iran first and foremost, of course.”                                                                                                           In Syria, Israel is primarily concerned with the open door Assad has given to the Iranian military, which uses Syrian bases and transfers weapons to the Hezbollah terror group via Syrian territory.                                                                                    Israel has resorted both to diplomatic channels to address the Iranian threat in Syria and has also launched airstrikes to beat back the Islamic Republic’s influence on its border.
  3. This agreement between Putin and Trump concerning the security of Israel, that bit should be kept and watched by the 2 major powers in the world shows everybody how much these 2 and the entire of the world respect and value Israel for all Israel is doing/contributing to the world in different/various/all kinds of doing. This agreement/common declaration of the 2 to strengthen the position of Israel and will bring more support to Israel and on the other hand is weakening the power of the enemies of Israel who mare the Arab/Muslim world and their allies, Europeans and other countries that have mass immigrating of Muslims and are afraid of being attacked internally. I don't have to mention their names as everybody knows it. The Arab/Muslim immigration/occupation of these countries by the Arabs/Muslims is the world's cancer. The only way to change this situation is by relocating the Arabs in their old/natural homes, in the Arab s tastes. If not, the entire of the world is under very serious threat.
  4. In the meantime, Israel concentrates on R&D. G&G was a small Israeli R&D company. They developed a lightweight (40% less weight than their competitors) foamed silicon breast for the implant. It was a bestseller under Israeli management, developers, manufacturing, and sales in more than 60 countries. All Arab countries used this silicon product. The German giant Polytech was astonished by the successful Israeli product, so they bought G&G. Now, it will be sold under the Israeli product will be sold under the German name but continue to be produced in Israel.  This is the major difference between Israel and the Arabs. We help the world. They, in contrary, damage the world.
  5. So, the result of the good things that Israel is doing for the world is that the none blind people/religion leaders, of all different religions, recognize the value of the Israeli doings and came out with the following message: "In friendship The Episcopal Church rejected a measure to divest from Israel at its General Convention last week. The measure, titled “Ending Church Complicity in the Occupation,” was initially approved by the House of Deputies in the church, one of the legislative houses of the bicameral General Convention, but was later rejected by the House of Bishops during its triennial convention in Austin, Texas.                                                      “Divestment will not move us one inch forward in the peace process. It will not bring an end to the occupation. It will not lead us to the solution that we all yearn for, which is two states living side by side in peace within secure borders,” said retired Bishop Ed Little of the Diocese of Northern Indiana, who was one of six bishops to speak against the resolution before the vote, the Episcopal News Service reported.                                                                                                                               While the Episcopalians stopped short of the divestment measure, five other resolutions critical of Israel were passed by the House of Deputies on Thursday that relate “to treatment of Palestinian children, Israel’s use of lethal force against unarmed Palestinians, the system of apartheid between Israelis and Palestinians, Israeli laws that deprive Palestinians of civil rights, and the ability of US companies to boycott Israel in protest of its occupation of the Palestinian territories,” according to the Episcopal News Service.                                                                                                  However, those resolutions faced a mixed reaction in the House of Bishops; it remains uncertain if they will pass.                                                                                       The American Jewish Committee (AJC) commended the Episcopalians in their decision.                                                                                                                       “Divestment against Israel was rejected as unhelpful in advancing an Episcopal Church role toward peace for Israelis and Palestinians,” said Emily Soloff, AJC’s associate director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations. “While we commend the Episcopal Church for that rejection, we are concerned that unbalanced anti-Israel voices were championed through several highly problematic resolutions.”       The move by the Episcopalians to reject divestment comes just weeks after the Presbyterian Church USA passed several anti-Israel resolutions while also expressing support for the BDS movement at its General Assembly in St. Louis.         The Episcopal Church has previously rejected boycott efforts, while the United Church of Christ in 2015 and the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in 2014 voted to divest from companies they deem “complicit in the occupation.”
  6. The IDF announced that it had transferred hundreds of aid packages collected by Israeli residents of the Golan Heights to Syrian refugees who have been forced from their homes in southern Syria in recent weeks, The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. In recent weeks, hundreds of aid packages were donated by the Golan Regional Council. The aid packages included food, and medical supplies, as well as gift packages containing toys, crayons and personal notes from children. Under Operation Good Neighbor, the IDF delivered the packages in two military operations to refugee camps in the northern and southern Syrian Golan Heights.    For six years, a cruel war that has claimed the lives of more than 500,000 people has been taking place in Syria, and the world remains quiet in the face of this horror. We, the residents of the Golan, look right over the fence and see the people fleeing from the killing fields together with their children, and clinging to the fence with Israel,” said Eli Malka, the head of the Golan Regional Council, who coordinated the effort to collect the packages.                                                                                                    “We feel the moral obligation, in accordance with our values, to send humanitarian aid and as much as is possible to build a relationship of humanity with those who have always been our neighbors on the other side of the fence. The residents of the Golan have come together wholeheartedly to raise and collect supplies, and make personal gift bags for the Syrian children, to give them a moment of happiness in a great chaos,” he added.                                                                                                         Col. E, who commands Operation Good Neighbor, said that the opportunity to aid the Syrians is “unique and exciting.”                                                                                    He explained that the operation changes perceptions about Israel, saying, “The Bashan Division is responsible for preserving the security of the residents of the State of Israel, and of the Golan Heights in particular, and through the Good Neighbor command it carries out the mission of defending them in partnership with the citizens (of the area).

“All of this was done for our neighbors on the other side of the fence, who have been educated to hate Israel and everything related to it, and in recent years have understood that the only country which has aided them was the same one they feared,” he added.

Yes, my friends, this is the true face of Israel not what you read in the Arab propaganda. Israel is the only logic state in the region of the Middle East. Please remember it.

In friendship




Post-July 16th 2018

  1. Post in an Muslim/Arab blog: "The Israeli Airforce carried out, on Saturday evening, several airstrikes targeting Gaza, killing two children and wounding at least twenty-five Palestinians in Gaza city, when the missiles struck a  building next to a public green park, filled with people.

The Health Ministry in Gaza said the Israeli missiles killed Amir an-Nimra, 15, and his friend Luay Kahil, 16, in addition to causing injuries to at least 25 other Palestinians.

It added that the Israeli missiles also targeted ambulances, the Central Medical Emergency building, and several mobile clinics.

The targeted public square, known as al-Kateeba, is near al-Azhar and the Islamic Universities, and is surrounded by several government ministries and facilities. It is also used by Palestinian factions when they celebrate certain events, such as the anniversaries of their establishment.

Being one of the few green and public squares in Gaza, it has a public park, slides and swings for the children, and is usually overcrowded with people, especially in the evenings after dark, due to the heat.

According to eyewitnesses, Israel F-16 warplanes fired at least five missiles into the park and a building next to the park, in addition to firing missiles into another area, west of Gaza city, and Palestinian lands in al-Jala’ area, in northern Gaza.

Besides killing the two children, and wounding at least 25 other Palestinians, the Israeli missiles destroyed one ambulance, damaged nine other ambulances, partially damaged three trucks used for transporting medicine and medical supplies, severely damaged a number of administrative offices for medical emergency and transportation, in addition to causing damage to two civilian transporting vehicles".

Very interesting post. The writer, like usual with their reports, start his report from the pint that suites them. He didn't mention the fact that this war day started because Arabs/Gazans attacked Israeli soldiers and one Israeli officer was wounded by a hand grenade that was thrown from the Gazan side of the fence/border between Israel and Gaza, and that they launched 200 bombs on Israeli populated sites since Friday night till Saturday midnight. So, never trust the written in Arab post/info/publications as they don't tell the truth. They submit you only with parts that supports their side and even then they subtract the pars that may be against them. These are the Arabs. This behavior is very characteristic to their mentality. Lies.

  1. Here is the report of the same events in the same time as found in Israeli blog: "The IDF carried out multiple strikes in the Gaza Strip Saturday following dozens of rocket attacks on southern Israel. Over 190 rockets were fired at Israel from the Strip in less than 24 hours, around 45 of them intercepted by the Iron Dome. Dozens of rockets hit open areas and several hit residential areas in southern Israel. Three were injured after a rocket hit their home in Sderot, a rocket hitting a synagogue shortly after.       Escalation begin with Palestinian protests and riots as part of the “The Great March of Return” that broke out on Friday and quickly escalated to terror and rocket attacks from Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants. During Friday's riots, an IDF officer was wounded after he was hit with a grenade thrown by a Palestinian teenager.  So, which report is more trustable/reliable in the comparison between these 2 reports?
  2. A message in arab blog: Israeli snipers killed a child on Friday as Palestinians marked more than 100 days of Great March of Return protests in Gaza.

Uthman Rami Hillis, 14, was killed by live fire, according to the human rights group Al Mezan.

Hillis, from the neighborhood of Shujaiya, was shot in the back by Israeli forces stationed across the boundary east of Gaza City, the group stated.

More than more 100 people across Gaza were injured, 65 with live ammunition.

Video showed distressing scenes as relatives mourned over Hillis’ body at the morgue of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

Before Hillis’ death on Friday, the UN humanitarian monitoring agency OCHA reported that 21 children were among the nearly 150 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza since 30 March, the vast majority of them during protests. More than 4,000 others have been wounded by live fire.

During the same period, four Israelis have been injured.

The question is why the child was there, in a place that was in a dangerous area, of fight/war/clashes Etc?

How the 4 Israelis were injured? Were it due to fire of Israelis to Israelis or it was by the Gazan protestors? If it was caused by protestors, what they are claiming for if they came to the border to fight the IDF that secures Israel?


  1. 4. In April, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared his position on the normalization of ties with the Zionists during his tour to the United States. He openly told the US magazine, The Atlantic, “The “Israelis” have the right to have their own land. … Our country doesn’t have a problem with Jews. … There are a lot of interests we share with “Israel”.”

This is what is useful to the “young prince”; the gradual normalization of ties, which he actually intentionally expressed through meetings, statements and media platforms launched to promote his position. His various methods work and strive to create and convince public opinion of the usefulness of appeasing the enemy to the point of allying with it. The goal is to confront Iran and portray it as the greatest threat to the kingdom.

Bin Salman relays on a group of writers and broadcasters to spread the concepts of “peace” and harmony with the Jews. Some of those are former Al-Arabiya channel director Abdel Rahman Al-Rashed, as well as writers Ahmad Al-Arfaj, Ahmed Al-Faraj, Turki Al-Hamad, Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Hamza Al-Salem, Saud Al-Fawzan, Suad Al-Shammari and last but not least Daham Al-Enezi who called for the establishment of a Zionist embassy in Riyadh.

In addition there are those who are fluent in Hebrew. They compete on social networking sites to attract Zionist activists from within the occupied territories and interact with them under the title of “electronic peace”, at least until now. They have the absolute freedom to court figures within the usurping entity and its axis as long as they agree on attacking the Islamic Republic and inciting against it.

Because tweeting in Hebrew is not a crime in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi writer and programmer, Louay Al-Sharif, addresses the Zionists all the time through his Twitter account. He chooses to tweet in Hebrew to comment on local or even regional news. A few months ago, he recorded a video clip in which he said that “Saudi Arabia has never threatened any of ‘its neighbors’.” He also called on ” the ‘people of “Israel”’ to read the news accurately.” This message was well received by Tel Aviv, so much so that it took care of broadcasting it.

Al-Sharif, who is known for his strong relationship with the royal court and for his role in the Saudi Crown Prince’s “MiSK” Foundation, allocates his [Twitter] account to acquaint his more than 150,000 followers to the “people” of “Israel” and their history. He claims to interact with Zionist tweeters based on his interest in “Jewish heritage”.

Similarly, Abdul Rahman al-Qahtani, who presents himself as a person interested in Hebrew and is fond of Bin Salman, is also active. Al-Qahtani’s posts highlight his focus on attacking Iran and resistance movements in Palestine and the region. He even retweets Zionist and American activists who attack Hamas and glorifies the crown prince. He is keen to use the flag of “Israel” in most of his Tweets that are related to the usurper entity and Saudi Arabia.

In turn, the phenomenon of tweeting in Hebrew has begun spreading among Saudi activists on Twitter. One of them, Abu Omar, identifies himself as having a BA in Hebrew. His account might be real or fake. However, its content centers on his “easy” experience in learning Hebrew, the idea of “peace” with the enemy and criticizing the Palestinians. Another Saudi tweeter (the centrist) says: “The time has come to learn Hebrew!”

Meanwhile, Mohammad al-Ghalban pioneers the Saudi figures that master the enemy’s language. He has a PHD in Hebrew. He is a professor of Hebrew and Jewish studies at the Department of Modern Languages ??and Translation at the College of Languages ??and Translation at King Saud University in Riyadh. He has an MA and a PHD in Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Near Eastern Languages ??and its Cultures in the Indiana-Bloomington University, USA. His general specialization is Hebrew, and his secondary one is in Jewish studies. He has more than 20 years of experience in Modern Hebrew and translation. Not only that, but King Saud University presents him as someone who has extensive knowledge of what appears in Zionist media, is well-informed in “Israeli” and Jewish studies and abreast with the provisions of Jewish religious laws and cultures. He is even fluent in “Yiddish” which is the language of Ashkenazi Jews.

Al-Ghabban believes that the negative attitudes in Saudi Arabia towards the study of Hebrew will change, noting that “a decade ago it was seen as an enemy’s language, but now it is the language of the other,” as he puts it.

The Hebrew Language Program is one of the programs of the Department of Modern Languages and Translation at the College of Languages and Translation at King Saud University. It was activated when the Language and Translation Institute was transformed into a College of Languages and Translation at King Saud University under the 1994 Royal Decree. It is the only program in the Gulf region in general and in the Kingdom in particular that grants a bachelor’s degree in translation from and to Hebrew.

Saudi Arabia is not likely to stop these activities but rather expand them and perhaps open more institutes that teach Hebrew. In this context, Louay Al-Sherif spoke about the allocation of an educational platform for the teaching of languages, including Hebrew that will be launched soon in the Kingdom. Will Bin Salman be the first to join or will there be no need for it in light of the full understanding and harmony with the Zionists?

It can be said today that Saudi Arabia is unable to surprise Arab public opinion in general and the Saudi one in particular, as it placed it at the heart of its normalization policy. It is only concerned about its hostility towards Iran, and nothing else. Originally, it derives from the former Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Baz’s fatwa regarding reconciliation with the Jews.  Justifications for the ratification of the upcoming agreement of humiliation with Tel Aviv derive from this fatwa. But the question is why was the announcement delayed, especially since the popular base is ready for it? What is the Royal Court waiting for following the secret meetings between Bin Salman and Zionist officials in the occupied territories and before that in the United States in March and April, according to leaks by “Israeli” and American media?                                                     Does anybody thinks that all the above mentioned people, that support good relations with Israel, are stupid because they see the future of the Middle East in colors of peace while the other part of the Arab world, see the future of the Arabs by having Israel in the opposite side?.



In friendship



Post July 15th 2018

  1. The red weekend of Israel. For more than 3 months the Gazans fire Israeli properties in the South West part of Israel and in addition they demonstrate on the fence that Israel built in order to prevent the entrance of the Gazans to Israel. They, Hamas and other Aram/Muslim terror organizations want to get their lands back and to throw the Israelis/Jews to9 the sea. Well, nobody can proof that the land of Israel belong to them. Their demand is similar to Israeli/Jewish demand to evacuate all properties that the Jews left in the Arab countries when they were exiled from the Arab countries. Both demands are not operative/executable. So, in order to achieve their demands the Gazans are firing Israeli land. So far the damage was some $3 million. This is not much money for Israel that is exporting for $100 billion a year. But it should not be done. Israel warned Gaza to stop it. Friday, last week, a hand grenade was thrown from Gaza to Israel and injured an IDF officer. Well, this crossed t he red lines and Israel bombed 2 Gazans attack tunnels. The Gazans fired into Israel, populated places, more than 200 rockets/missiles/mortar bombs. Israel ruined Hamas facilities for production of their arms, bombs launchers and other facilities in Gaza. No people hurt. Israel is trying to ruin just the materials and construction of the Hamas that help them to attack Israel. So, prior to the attack Israel is sending fliers to warn the citizens in the neighborhood to evacuate their homes as they can be hurt by the bombs. All citizens less one family evacuated their home. Israel bombed the building and 2 young boys were killed because they didn't evacuate their home in time. These were the only 2 victims in this 30 hours day of fight. The bombing of the Gazans were not very successful as not like Israel, they tried very hard to kill Israelis but their attackswer4e stopped by the successful Iron Dom" defense Israeli developed system. Today, Sunday, after achieving a cease fire, the Hamas is calculating his damage. He suffered a lot. We hope that next time he will rethink if it pays him. He must know that IDF is the strongest army in the region and Gazas not, so far, flattened because the strength of Israel which means we can manage the fight with Hamas on a low fire in order not to cause damage to the citizens that want to live in peace, who are the majority in Gaza, and they don't want Hamas but they are too weak to change their rule.
  2. A new study[1]of Salafism in Sweden, conducted by the Swedish Defence University, paints a bleak picture of the ongoing radicalization of Muslims in Sweden.                                                                    The Salaf are the "pious ancestors" during the first three generations of the followers of Mohammed; its ideology has come to be associated over the last few decades with al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as with local al-Qaeda affiliates. According to the study, Salafists, who believe in Islam as Mohammed's early followers practiced it, tend to reject Western society in favor of a "pure" Islam: "Not all Salafists are jihadists, but all jihadists are Salafists".                                                                                                                                    Although the study does not give an estimate of how many Salafists are in Sweden, it does describe how Salafist milieus there have evolved and grown stronger, especially during the past decade, and lists several examples of the influence they wield in different Swedish cities and localities.                                           "Salafists", the authors of the study conclude, "…advocate gender segregation, demand that women veil themselves to limit 'sexual temptation', restrict women's role in the public sphere and strongly oppose listening to music and some sports activities".                                                                                              According to the study, many Salafists also tell Muslims not to have Swedish friends, and refer to them as "kufr", the Arabic term for a non-Muslim or "disbeliever". One Salafist preacher, Anas Khalifa, said:              "Does that mean that if you meet a Christian or Jew you should beat him or threaten him? No. There is no war between you and Christians and Jews in your school, for example. You hate him for Allah's sake. You hate that he does not believe in Allah. But you want from your heart that he will love Allah. So you have to work with them, talk with them, because you want Allah to guide them".                                                          The Salafists, apparently, have divided Sweden geographically between them. According to the study:         "It is interesting that the Salafist preachers, on which the study focuses, appear to be more in cooperation with each other, rather than rivals. Instead, these preachers seem to divide their da'wa (mission) into different geographical areas…"                                                                                                                                        The study's findings from different cities where Salafists are active include:                                                          In Borås, some children will not drink the water at the school or paint with watercolors there, because they say the water is "Christian". The police report that Muslim children have told their classmates they will cut their throats, while showing them beheadings on their mobile phones. There are examples of "adolescents arriving at mosques at the end of a school day to 'wash' themselves after having interacted with [non-Muslim] society". Care workers [health care, child care, etc.] in the city have testified to how men exercise control over women, checking on them even in waiting rooms.                                                                                        One care worker said:                                                                                                                                             "I realized that there is a network that controls the women so they won't be left alone with the care workers. They are not given a chance to tell anyone about their situation. Many women live worse [lives] here than they would have in their former countries".                                                                                                                 This kind of control of women appears to be taking place in practically all the Swedish cities mentioned in the study.                                                                                                                                                                 In Västerås, religious influence is mixed with crime. "It could be a bunch of guys coming into the grocery store. If the woman at the cashier is not veiled, they take what they want without paying, they call the cashier 'Swedish whore' and spit on her," said a police officer in the study. Other examples include Syrians and Kurds who run stores and restaurants in the area and are questioned by young Muslims about their religion. If the answer is not Islam, they are harassed. In other cases, boys as young as 10-12 years have approached older women in the area, asking them whether they are Muslim, telling them "this is our area".                         In Gothenburg, according to the study, Salafists told Muslims not to vote in the most recent elections because it is "haram" (forbidden). "They said that on the day of judgment you will be responsible for the actions of all stupid politicians if you vote. They stood at polling stations… At one polling station they waved an IS [Islamic State] flag", a local official told the authors of the study. According to one imam in the city, Gothenburg has been the capital of Wahhabism (a Saudi version of Salafism) in Europe since the 1990s.             Out of the 300 Swedish Muslims who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq, almost one third came from Gothenburg. (In relation to their total population, more people have traveled from Sweden to join jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq than from most European countries — only Belgium and Austria have a higher proportion). Somali-Canadian preacher Said Regeah, speaking at the Salafist Bellevue Mosque in Gothenburg, has "raised the importance of people being born 'pure' and that only Muslims are pure. All are born as Muslims, but it is the parents who shape them to become 'Jews, Christians, or Zoroastrians'".            The study also reports that non-Muslim business owners have experienced having their facilities vandalized with Islamic State graffiti and that Christian priests have received threats of decapitation. One man, Samir, said, "If you do not follow Islam, people ostracize you. There are parents here who put veils on their three-year-olds. It is unreal. We are not in Iraq".                                                                                                           Another man, Anwar, was denied service in a Muslim restaurant because he is not religious. He points out that society is letting secular Muslims down: "I don't need a Bible or a Koran in my life. The only book I need is… the [Swedish] law. But if society isn't even on your side, what can you do?"

In the Stockholm area, the study estimates that there are currently up to 150 Salafist jihadists.  Salafists are especially concentrated in the Järva area, a "no go zone". Sometimes the jihadist and the criminal elements overlap, and these Muslims terrorize other people who live in the area. One woman said that Salafists and Islamists have come to dominate businesses, basement mosques, and cultural associations during the past ten years, and that "Swedes have no idea how much influence political Islam has in the suburb". She described how even children are gender segregated and that religious leaders tell women not to tell the authorities if their husband abuses them. "Swedish laws are not applied in the suburbs".                                                             The study concludes with a critique of Swedish authorities for their apparent inability to link individual radical Muslims to the "environments that form their ideas and in certain cases have facilitated the will to join more radical and violent groups". The study mentions the following as an example:                                         "When the then-National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism said that the question of why so many people chose to travel to IS from Sweden was 'a million dollar question', it is an illustration of the overall inability of Swedish authorities (with the exception of police and security police) to see that this problem has not emerged from a vacuum".                                                                                                                                  This inability — or possibly willful blindness — to see that jihadist terrorism does not emerge from a vacuum, but is nurtured in particular environments is hardly an exclusively Swedish situation. The insistence of so many European and other Western authorities to describe terrorist attacks as instances of "mental illness" illustrate it perfectly.                                                                                                                                              The authors of the study also mention that schools and other local authorities do not know how to deal with the challenges created by the Salafists. The study mentions, for example, that a Muslim schoolgirl wanted to take off her headscarf to play hairdresser with the other children, but the Swedish personnel did not allow it out of respect for her parents' wishes. In an example from a Swedish preschool, a little girl did not want to wear her headscarf but the Swedish personnel forced it on her, "even though it felt wrong", because it was the parents' wish. Swedish school personnel have also described that they do not know how to act when children want to eat and drink during Ramadan, but the parents have instructed that they must fast.                              The study is an important first step in Sweden finally acknowledging that there is a problem, but unless the relevant Swedish authorities — including the Swedish government and the political leaders, who refuse to acknowledge reality in Sweden — read and internalize it, the study will have been done in vain.

This Email is coming to you from the logical part of the Middle East-from Israel, in order to explain you the way the Muslims think, all over the world and to give you tools to understand the danger of the Muslim immigration to Europe and the rest of the world.

Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech republic do understand this danger. The other European states-don't.

In friendship



Post-Jul. 13th 2018

  1. The Israeli PM, Netanyahu met with the Russian president, Mr. Putin a friendly official meeting. This is the 3rd meeting of the 2 in 3 months. It looks that they are more friends than politicians/negotiators from the 2 opposite sides of the table. The more interesting thing is that Putin invited Netanyahu to the opening ceremony of the Mundial football championship and Yesterday to the match between England and Croatia. How many Prime Ministers were invited by Mr. Putin to such friendly events?
  2. A couple of hours before this meeting Israel shot down a drone operated by Syrians. It was done when the drone entered Israel space without getting permission and it was over Israeli territory. Putin didn't complain about it. So, he agrees that Israel's space must be clear of foreign powers.
  3. The IDF retaliated to a Syrian drone that infiltrated Israel on Wednesday, carrying out strikes in Syria on Wednesday night. In a growing trend of confirming operations in Syria over the past few months, the IDF published video footage of its strikes on three military posts in Syria in the Quneitra province. The IDF Spokespersons Unit confirmed the events, releasing the statement “Earlier tonight, Wednesday, July 11th, the IDF targeted three military posts in Syria in response to the infiltration of the Syrian UAV into Israel that was intercepted by the IDF earlier today.” It warned Iran and Syria that it will “continue to operate determinedly and decisively against any attempts to hurt Israeli civilians and breaches of Israeli sovereignty, “ and that it “holds the Syrian regime accountable for the actions carried out in its territory and warns it from further action against Israeli forces. The IDF is highly prepared for many different scenarios and will continue to act as necessary in order to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians.”                                              Syrian media confirmed that “aircraft of the Israeli enemy fired several missiles in the direction of some army positions,” claiming it intercepted one of the missiles fired during the strikes.                                                                                                                                                 The IDF launched a Patriot missile at the Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle on Wednesday after it infiltrated Israeli territory. The drone was reportedly downed near the Sea of Galilee. The drone reportedly flew over Jordan before entering Israel.                                                                                                                                                              The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the events, releasing the statement “The UAV infiltrated the Israeli border from Syria. The Patriot aerial defense system identified the threat and tracked it until its interception. The IDF will not allow any violation of Israeli airspace and will act against any attempt to hurt its civilians.” The drone reportedly infiltrated 10 kilometers into Israel territory before it was destroyed.”
  4. The same issue is also with the Iranians. They try to establish in Syria in order to become a regional power. So far Israel disturbs them of implementing their program. Israel is pushing them out of the Middle East.
  5. The Russians that the Iranians do not meet with their taste does not reject the Israeli action. It seems that both states want the same, to see the Iranians in Iran, not in Syria. So, they combine their powers. This means a very deep understanding with Russia's Putin.
  6. The Israeli curtains manufacturer, "Orgon", that concentrate on curtains for outdoor uses, in the most severe environmental conditions has exposed his new product, a curtain that was made out of 50% recycled plastic. "Orgon" new developed technology will minimize the world's problem of the everlasting plastics that cause a lot of damage. The plastic for the "Orgon" curtains is taken out from the seas. This way "Orgon" improves the seas environments. This is what Israeli scientists are doing: cleaning the world and on the way make some money.
  7. Quotation from Arab blogger: "Qatar donated $250,000 to some of the most extreme pro-Israel organizations in the United States, including one that funds senior Israeli military officers to go on propaganda tours.

Joseph Allaham, a lobbyist working for the Qatari government, transferred the money through his firm Lexington Strategies in late 2017 and early 2018.

The sums included $100,000 to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), $100,000 to Our Soldiers Speak and $50,000 for Blue Diamond Horizons, Inc.

Our Soldiers Speak describes itself as the “vehicle through which the IDF [Israeli army] and the Israeli National Police dispatch senior officers to select campuses overseas” and to give “briefings” to members of the US Congress.

Blue Diamond Horizons is a company controlled by Mike Huckabee, the Christian Zionist former governor of Arkansas.

Huckabee, who happens to be the father of Donald Trump’s White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, opposes any Israeli withdrawal from Jerusalem and has suggested Israel should annex the West Bank.

In US government disclosure documents, Lexington Strategies describes the payment to Huckabee’s company as an “honorarium for visit,” while the donations to the ZOA and Our Soldiers Speak are labeled as contributions for “charitable goodwill.”

In January this year, Huckabee traveled to Doha, as one of a parade of far-right and pro-Israel figures invited to Qatar as part of the Gulf emirate’s intensive outreach to Israel and its lobby".                                                                                           Hey Mr. blogger. Where exactly you see the problem and what are your complains about? If Qatar sees Israel entitled/deserves assistance like cash who are you to tell them not to help Israel. If Qatar, just compare between you, the Arabs/Muslims and us Israeli Jews, they can see at once our advantage on you and therefore they put their money in the more valuable places. They want to help themselves by buying Israeli technology or by educating their people. So, what is your problem as long as the money is not yours? Yes, there are logic people also among the Arabs. They are not too many but as long as the good once invest in advancing the world, what are your complaints?


  1. The attacks of the Syrians together with the Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah in the south of the Golan Heights, which is the north of Israel, consumes a lot of resources from the Syrian citizens of this, the attacked, area. Nobody supports them. Yes, sorry, there is one entity that assists them this is the Israeli side. We, Israel, think that we must live with our neighbors in peace, so we help them to overcome this bad time. Israel is "pushing" to the Syrian poor farmers a lot of food, water, medicines, cloth, blankets, mattresses Etc. In general daily use items/products, besides rushing wounded Syrians to Israeli hospitals. This is Israel, to differ from all you hear from the Arab countries. We help their people. They hate each other because they were not educated to listen, understand, love. In the world, what Israel is doing is called "Humanitarian Aid". But, the Arabs are not familiar with aid and Humanity so they want to destroy this aid. They will fail. I assure you.


  1. This is one example of the Arab education and their "Humanitarian aid" . They, so far, burned 30000 Dunams (9000) acres of area. All different kinds of vegetarian, trees, bushes Etc. This is what they were educated to do. Nothing more humanitarian. The problem is that they don't differentiate between people, young/old/women/children, animals, creatures etc. As for them whatever moves and does not belong directly to them or they have no relations to it-they just kill/destroy. I write it again and again, after I wrote it many times because nobody tries/make effort to change it as this is their way of life taken from the Quran. This is their guidebook and they act accordingly.


  1. RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Several Jewish and non-Jewish officials attended events to honor the memory of the Brazilian diplomat who played a crucial role in the creation of the State of Israel 70 years ago. Oswaldo Aranha, a former president of the United Nations General Assembly who presided over the meeting held on November 29, 1947, supported and heavily lobbied for the majority in favor of the resolution that partitioned the British Mandate of Palestine into two states, Jewish and Arab. For his efforts, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948. “We are very proud that it was a Brazilian in that role. We honor the memorable chancellor Aranha for having allowed the Jewish people to make our millennial dream come true,” said Rio Jewish federation President Herry Rosenberg during a ceremony on Wednesday at Rio’s largest synagogue, the 1,000-family Reform temple ARI. On the same day, a Jewish group joined Aranha’s family for a tribute at his grave in a Catholic cemetery.                                                                              “Oswaldo Aranha is regarded by the Jewish people as the great craftsman of the fulfillment of our millennial dream of two thousand years: The State of Israel,” Israel’s honorary consul Osias Wurman told JTA. “Abba Eban, Israel’s first chancellor, once said a very special chapter should be dedicated to Aranha in a book to tell the history of Israel.”                                    Israel’s ambassador to Brazil, Yossi Shelley, attended a ceremony on Tuesday in Porto Alegre, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul state, where Aranha was born in 1894.                                                                                                                              “Israel is a strong nation. We must continue our efforts to bring both Israel and Brazil together even more,” he said.            State Governor Jose Ivo Sartori said that Israel is the result of the struggle and the capacity of the whole Jewish people to be united as one.                                                                                                                                                                             “Israel is a modern nation, but it never loses its origins. At this transitional moment our country is going through, the support of this country, which has experienced so many adversities, motivates us to remain firm and strong and looking forward to the future,” he said.
  2. What this man, Oswaldo, has to do with my post? He, Oswaldo, has 3 great-granddaughters. They were invited by the Israeli Gov. to visit Israel and to see what their great-grandfather did to the Jewish world. "This is a great honor for us to be together with the Jewish community, here, in Israel to see so much, to learn and to enjoy all of it together. It is amazing the tight and important relationship between our family and the importance of our family in Israel. It was exciting to see the street carrying the name of our great grandfather. It was very important to us to see that Israel remembers our great grandfather and that keeps honor him, and neglect him after he finished his job. We see that what he was doing was a really very big job". Yes, my friends, this is Israel that people like to hate because they don't know the truth. The truth of Israel is much bigger than can be written.

Please keep it in your mind.


We will honor every tourist/guest that comes to Israel.


If you are a member of the FFI, the Friendship Force International, please call for your next visit.


In friendship




Post-July 12th 2018

  1. Quotation from a Muslim/Arab blog: "One year ago we issued a call to the European Parliament and to the EU High Representative for foreign affairs to reconsider, actualize and enact the deliberations already previously approved that could grant the opening of the Rafah border under EUBAM, and to start collection of funds and issue a tender for the reconstruction of the port in Gaza. 

The “humanitarian emergency” that led Gaza to be without medicines, sewage, commerce and jobs has been planned carefully and enacted harshly along years by Israeli.

We asked that Europe act to grant a port and stably opened borders. We did not call for the opening any other border under Israeli control. Under the claim of prevention of “dual use” (use of merchandise other than for civilian purposes)  Israeli have reduced, prohibited, tricked and controlled the arrival in Gaza of everything along 11 years, eventually determining the present scarcity. Is this control that needs to be removed?

Our call was directed to Europe because of the potential through its previous deliberations for a port and for guarding the borders to rapidly activate the autonomous development for Gaza, liberating the people from the burden that the Israeli (and Egyptian) blockade impose".                                                                                                                                                      This is exactly\y what the Gazans are doing. Instead of declaring peace that will give them all they want, they row towards war in order to demolish Israel and just because they failed, they call for assistance from Europe. This assistance never came because most of the Europeans are not stupid enough not to see the Arab behavior. They declare openly that they support the destruction of Israel and blame also the Egyptians in their poverty. The Europeans don't trust them, and even their brothers the Arabs and they don't transfer the donations that were promised as the money, with this behavior of the Gazana will be gone like the waste $45 million in their demonstrations near the border fence.


  1. Jews, Muslims and Christians, young and old, most of them strangers to one another, they were forgoing a night’s sleep for the chance to sing Bob Marley’s “One Love” in three languages and three-part harmony as a show of unity from Israel. The event was organized by Koolulam, a social musical project that gathers as many as 12,000 people at a time, from a broad Israeli spectrum, to film a joint singing production for sharing on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.  The unusual timing of this particular mass singalong wasn’t accidental.                                                                                         That night was Eid al-Fitr, a holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and introspection, and the Jerusalem visit of Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf, secretary general of Indonesia-based Nahdlatul Ulama, the world’s largest Muslim organization with more than 60 million members.                                                                                                            Staquf had seen a Koolulam video and contacted the organization to say he was coming to Israel and wanted to be part of an interfaith social music event. Coincidentally, the Tower of David and (a website offering in-person and virtual tours of Jerusalem) wanted to sponsor such an event.                                                                                                                      “It was an amazing confluence and fit our agenda that each person can be part of our events no matter where he comes from or what he believes,” she says. “And what could be better than this historic location to host people of three religions singing together in English, Hebrew and Arabic?”                                                                                                                                   Shneiderman says Koolulam reached out to Muslim and Christian groups that might be interested in taking part. “Happily, they all came and sang with us.”                                                                                                                                                            The midnight start time didn’t faze her. “There aren’t many things as a young mom I’d give up my sleep for but we felt it was so beautiful we decided to do it. As an Israeli and as someone who loves to sing I think it’s an amazing initiative. And it was absolutely incredible.”
  2. YO is the first home sperm test of its kind to receive approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as EU and Israeli certifications. A soon-to-be-published study by the Cleveland Clinic has shown YO to be more than 97% accurate.

While other kits are available to gauge whether sperm count is normal or low, YO uniquely uses smartphone technology to provide a real-time video display of sperm motility – the critical factor in the ability to fertilize an egg. The video can be saved and sent to a physician for further analysis.                                                                                                                                       A mega-data study published last year by Hebrew University public-health researcher Dr. Hagai Levine with a colleague at New York’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center revealed that sperm counts in North America, Europe and Australia plunged 52 percent between 1973 and 2011.                                                                                                                                                                         And the problem appears to be worsening, likely due to previously identified environmental and lifestyle factors such as prenatal chemical exposure, adult pesticide exposure, smoking, stress and obesity.                                                                              In response to market demand, YO was developed through a subdivision of Medical Electronic Systems (MES) in Caesarea. The company’s automated sperm-quality analysis tests have been used by labs worldwide for 17 years and hold a 40% market share in the United States alone.                                                                                                                                                                  “People had mentioned to us the idea of developing a home sperm test because it’s difficult for men to produce a sample in a lab environment and the test is very time sensitive,” explains Marcia Deutsch, cofounder of MES with her husband, Gabe.               But until a few years ago, home kits were not able to do more than count the number of cells in a semen sample.                           “We hesitated to get into the market until we could offer a moving sperm test so you could see video and the user could know both count and motile concentration, which is very significant,”                                                                                                        Several years ago, they realized such an advanced test would be possible using a smartphone platform. YO was launched after four years of development in Israel and clinical trials in Israel and the United States.                                                                   Each home test kit ($59.99) contains disposable collection cups, testing slides, liquefying powder, cleaning wipes and plastic pipettes for two tests, along with a proprietary reusable smartphone clip-on device for iPhones and many Android devices.                                                                            The user follows simple directions to prepare a slide with a drop of his semen. The slide is inserted in the clip, and the YO

  1. The parents of Islamic Jihad member Muhammad Aql who recruited and prepared the suicide bombers who attacked a bus at Karkur Junction near Hadera on Oct. 21, 2002, murdering 14 and wounding 50, are such parents. When interviewed on official PA TV they described his actions as bringing them "honor":  Mother of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aql: "Our hope is that Allah will release them from prison. These are heroes we raise our heads thanks to them…"                                                                                                                                                              Father of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aql: "Praise Allah, he is imprisoned for an action that honors us, and not for anyt       Terrorist Aql was also involved in additional shooting and bombing attacks and is serving 14 life sentences.                                By law, the PA pays Aql and thousands of other terrorist prisoners a monthly salary, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch.
    These terrorist salaries start at 1,400 shekels/month and increase until reaching 12,000 shekels/month. For 2018, the PA has budgeted 7.47% of its operational budget for salaries to terrorist prisoners, released terrorists, and payments to families of "Martyrs" and wounded.
    PMW's documentation of the PA's payment of rewards to terrorists and murderers played a crucial role in the passing of a recent law in Israeli Parliament to deduct the amount of money the PA pays imprisoned terrorists and families of "Martyrs" from the tax money Israel collects for the PA.
    PMW reported recently that official PA TV honored three imprisoned terrorists who participated in the Ramallah lynch of two Israeli reserve soldiers in 2000 as "heroic."
  2. Seven-year-old Liel Levitan was the top winner in the Girls U7 category of the European School Chess Championship 2018, held June 29 to July 8 in Krakow, Poland.                                                                                           More than 300 players from over 20 European federations were divided into six age categories for open competitions and girls’ competitions (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17).                                                                                                                                 The Israeli second-grader won with 6 points after playing seven matches. Her mother, Julia, filmed Liel accepting her medal while wrapped in an Israeli flag                                                                                                                                                            Two of Liel’s three older siblings, Ronit and Yaron, also were among Israel’s 23-person delegation to the event. Ronit finished third in the World School Championship in 2011, when she was seven. The Levitans, who live in Tel Hai, play in the Israel Chess Federation’s Greater Haifa Club.                                                                                                                                                The winners of the European Championships 2018 receive free board and lodging to participate in the World School Championship 2019 to be held in Tunisia.
  3. A unman drone, that entered from Syria, was shot down by the Israeli air defense corps. The wrecks fell down and were spread all over, in the area. This is not the 1st time that, most probably, the Iranians try to send their drones into Israel but all their attempts, so, far, totally failed.
  4. The senior vice president of talent marketing for sports and entertainment agency WME-IMG had met Israeli Olympic and Paralympic gold medalists, learned Israeli self-defense martial art Krav Maga and spoken with the owner of Bnei Sakhnin, the first Arab soccer team to win the Israeli National Cup. He’d hiked up Masada, strolled down Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, floated on the Dead Sea and sampled local cuisine ranging from Georgian to Armenian to barbecue.                                                                                                                              My expectations were extremely high and I wasn’t disappointed,” Stahlberger told ISRAEL21c on the final day of the eight-day Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation REALITY Sports tour for global change-makers.                                        Among the 50 sports personalities on the tour were Andrew Siciliano, host of DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone and the NFL; Ronny Turiaf, former player for the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat; Benoit Huot, a nine-time gold medal Paralympic swimmer; and Katie Haas, vice president of Florida business operations for the Boston Red Sox.                                                        Most were experiencing Israel for the first time.                                                                                                                                   “My father immigrated here as a Holocaust survivor after World War II, but we never visited so it was pretty moving to go to [Holocaust memorial and museum] Yad Vashem,” said Stahlberger.                                                                                                                                 “What surprised me in general was how close and small Israel is, from Tel Aviv to Haifa to the Golan to Jerusalem. And I felt that the sense of purpose and community here is really palpable.”

So, let's bless the world and Israel to stop all wars.

In friendship