Post-July 11th 2018

  1. Quotation from an Arab blog: "Photographs of military armored vehicles uprooting and crushing trees and vegetation within the Gaza Strip are not foreign to Israelis, but what is less widely known is that since 2014 Palestinian fields are also being  razed through the use of herbicides sprayed from the air — as first publicized by the website 972. Officially, the spraying is only done on the Israeli side of the fence, but as Palestinian farmers on the other side, along with the Red Cross, have testified, the resulting damage can be seen deep inside Palestinian territory.

“The air spraying is carried out only over the territory of the State of Israel, along the security obstacle on the border of the Gaza Strip,” the Defense Ministry told Haaretz (Very extreme Pro Muslim Israeli newspaper). “It is carried out by legally approved spraying companies, in accordance with the provisions of the Plant Protection Law, 5716-1956 and the regulations thereunder, and is identical to the aerial spraying carried out throughout the State of Israel.”

The IDF Spokesman said, “The spraying is done using standard material used in Israel and in other countries, which causes existing vegetation to wither and prevents the growth of weeds. The spraying is carried out near the fence and does not cross into the Gaza Strip.”

However, the standard material used in Israel is intended to assist farmers to grow their cash crops. In Gaza, it’s destroying crops".

Please reread the 2 last sentences in order to know/understand the truth. There is no farmer in the world that doesn't use different kinds of materials to spray their farms/fields in order to get some crops at the end of the season. All materials used in Israel are approved and recommended by the Israeli ministry of agriculture for use in the production of human food. This quotation shows us the reliability of the information published by the Arabs especially when it concerns Israel. By the way: The Arab farmers buy the same chemicals that Israel use and spray them in their fields. The complainer in this article never blamed the Arabs and if they don't want it nobody enforces them to buy the Israeli made products. Let them buy it from USA.


  1. The very important issue is the following that can be connected to #1. Knesset (Israeli parliament) member the Arab Dr, gynecologist, Ahmad Tibi complained that the Israeli Gov must create/establish a special, Yes, this is his claim, program to keep the health of the Arabs that live in Israel. He claimed that his population, the Arabs/Muslims is sick much more than the Jewish. Statistically, he is right. In order to keep the health one must follow some basic rules. If this one does not keep his hygienic nothing will help him. This is exactly the situation in the Arab world and in the Arab/Muslim sector in Israel. They don't keep the basic sanitary rules. So, Dr Tibi and your followers: you as a doctor know the rules. Instead of complaining and send in the air allegations against Israel, take your people, that admire you and reject everything that bits source is Israel, and instruct them hygienic, health food and gym. By the way, reduce the number of cigarettes that they smoke. You will be astonished how this will contribute to the health of your people. I wish you success, Dr. Tibi. I am not sure they will listen to you.


  1. From my personal experience I can tell you that once, in one of my jobs to help Muslim countries, a program lead by the UN, I traveled to Indonesia. I met a lot of people, mainly Doctors. When I told them that they must stop smoking as this is the 1st step to improve their health the answer was: "I am oriental and as such a man is not considered if he does not smoke". The symbol that differentiates the man of not man is the smoke of cigarettes. With this/such kind of mentality, it is very hard to make a change. Once you go to a Muslim state please try to see how many of the population does not smoke. You will find very few. The majority do smoke. Don't even try to talk to them. You will be very disappointed with their answers: "NO".


  1. They, the Arabs, behave the same with firearms. Their leadership encouraged their followers to collect arms in case that a war between Israel and the Arabs will burst and then the Israeli Arabs could fight against Israeli soldiers and the Israeli people internally. It means that they were intending to help the outside Arabs in their war against Israel. But, the final outcome was that instead of using the collected arms to fight Israeli Jews, they use it to kill Israeli Arabs. They, the Arabs, have, among them, too many conflicts and following the Quran that order killing, they just kill. The victims among the Arab population grow up every year. Now, the Arab leaders, in Israel, realized what a problem they created to their people, so, now they call the Israeli police to collect the arms from their people. This is just one example of the cleverness of the Arabs.


  1. They, the Arabs are professional in destroying. In the last 3 months, since they began igniting Israeli fields, they burned some 35000 Dunams which is 9000 acres of agricultural or natural forest land. Would any country in the world absorb such suffering? No. None in the world would have sit and see its fields get in flames. But, as you know, Israel is a social, human and friendly state. We don't want the other side to suffer. So, Israel did not take any drastic actions. We wanted to solve it peacefully. The Arabs described the Israeli lack of action as a weakness and continue to fire the Israeli side of the border. Yesterday it came to a sad end. The Palestinians will get no more products, from Israel and will not be able to export their products. Israel closed the only gate that remained open for this purpose. Now, they will get only food and medicines. No more cooking gas, no materials nothing. Let's see how they survive. How they overcome this new situation? And, if this will not help we have more ways to stop the burning and the demonstration in the Gazans border.


  1. The Gaza leadership published, yesterday, the official figure of how much it cost them the weekly demonstrations in the last 3 months. The figure is $45 million. Can you imagine what a waste of money? What did they achieve? What was the purpose of this waste? Nobody, in Gaza, will complain of this waste. They are afraid to be killed/murdered, by the Hamas if they ask a question. This is the Arabs logic and the way that they lead their people. Shame on you Muslims.


  1. The Ethiopians and the Eritreans are much cleverer than the Arabs. They, the Eth and the Eri, after 20 years of war and 80000 dead decided to make peace. The Arabs after 70 years of war and uncountable Nu of dead people still carry the flag of war. They will kill themselves, their families destroy everything in order to see Israel demolished. This is their purpose due to their culture and education which is conducted by the Holy Quran. Its time, you stupid Arabs to understand that peace is better than war and it can be achieved in 24v hours, provided that you see that peace as the solution for your continuous suffering. But, you want war in order to make war in order to kill people. They, the Arabs don't even know what they are fighting for. Instead of fighting for peace they fight to establish war. As simple as that.


  1. Just compare one figure. The unemployment in Israel is 3/3%. The unemployment in Gaza is 44 %. Now, with the new sanctions that Israel imposed on them yesterday their unemployment will go up to 50%. Where do they want to get? They, this foolish person, don't even know how to read and analyze the info that they get from the UN. Now, they declared that because of Yesterday's new sanctions they will fly more arson kites to increase the damage in Israel. This is the Arabs logic. Be aware not to meet them in dark places as they are dangerous.


  1. Israel is concentrating on completely different issues. One of them is research. December 2018 is around the corner. Sometime then Israel will send a spaceship to the moon. Yes, exactly. A spaceship to the moon. It cost a fortune but Israel, with all the troubles from the BDS (Nonsense group) and the Arabs (same as the BDS) Israel is contributing to advance and help the world. May I ask you how many states landed their spaceships on the moon? So far-3 states. USA, Russia, China. Israel is the 4thd state, worldwide, to land ship on the moon. Do you understand the achievement of Israel? A state of 8.5 million is equal to the strongest states in the world? If I was not Israeli proud Jew I would admire Israel as this is a unique state. Unique in everything. As from the Bible, the book of books all the way through the Holocaust and the current state of Israel.

Yes, you Arabs. You deal with wars and fight, therefore, you are behind the world. You can carry on. We Israel leads the world in peace and technology and science and medicine and, and, and. You, the Arabs, lead the world in hatred, wars, blood, crimes and all dark/ugly businesses. Just compare who are better you or Israel.


  1. Rumors in the international media say that Israel attacked and destroyed some Iranian facilities in Syria. This is not the 1st time that such rumors were published in the international press. If it is true and if it is not, the fact that the world gives Israel such a big credit means that Israel has the means and the ability to do it and that the Israeli developments are much more advanced than the entire of the world. This is the reason that Israel has $125 billion in the reserve banks while all Arab countries together have not 10% of it. Without the oil, they would have starved to death. so, stop making wars to kill your children and start making peace in order to get out of the hell you are in.


  1. Because of this, the advanced technology of Israel the world is looking to invest in Israel to get some knowhow. The European investment bank "Benson Ouch" is going to invest in Israel part of his $5 billion. "We decided to invest in Israel because of its technology and the many startups. Israel out of box thinking attracts many investors and therefore we are here….."


  1. Not just German banks. Slovakia and the Czech Republic are negotiating with Israel the establishment of a triumvirate, like Israel, Greece, Cyprus to help each other to overcome problems and difficulties. The fact is that these entities are not afraid, of the Arabs, to become declared collaborators with Israel. This shows everybody the quality of Israel. Only the Arabs do not understand it as they don't know how to evaluate us, Israel. The Arabs parameters of evaluation are completely different than the entire of the world's values. These 2 together with Hungary will be the best friends of Israel as they might have similar problems, from the Muslim's immigration, like Israel do.


  1. The reason why these, and other, states want to be best Israeli friends is that Israel is ranked, by the American Institute "US news and world", in the honorable 8th position among the strongest states in the world. Israel was positioned before Canada, Aussie, and most of the European states. Yes, this is Israel that the world likes to hate. The reason is that Israel is more advanced than many states of the world. To get to this position is a result of many years of hard work.


  1. Israeli exits of Hi-Tech startups, as from Jan. to June 2018 valued $6.2 billion. How many more states with exits like this you can find, and the list of more startups that are negotiating exits are still very long. Israel is unique and if there was not the Arab's bothers it could help the world poor/sick/undeveloped states/people, through unique developments, much more, in food, medicine and all other items/categories that the people need but there is nobody that deal with this necessities.


Please think of the high quality of Israel.


In friendship



מודעות פרסומת


Post July 10th 2018

  1. On the afternoon of June 27 while most of Canada was at work or watching the World Cup matches, a major funding announcement was made with little fanfare and in front of no more than a couple of dozen, mostly Muslim audience of Pakistani Canadians. Mississauga-Erindale MP Iqra Khalid who has been the mouthpiece of the divisive Motion M103 on ‘Islamophobia’ stood in her constituency office to announce that the Trudeau government was investing an additional $23 Million into its multiculturalism program.                                                                                                                                                                With no mainstream media in attendance to ask any questions, Khalid boasted that her “hard work has resulted into tangible action.” She listed the following two groups as being among the recipients of the new funding:                                                   There is no solid record that the Canadian arms of these two organizations have contributed to current problematic behaviour.  Nonetheless, for over a year many Muslim Canadians, including yours truly, my Sun colleague Farzana Hassan as well as other Muslim critics of Islamism had warned that the M103 initiative was much more than the victimhood culture of guilt being forced onto ordinary Canadians.                                                                                                                                                      On Wednesday, we saw our fears come true. While Islamists will receive millions to conduct their Sharia agenda in Canada, Muslim critics of jihad, polygamy, FGM and Sharia have been left on their own to fight global Islamofascism.                            It will end with a call to Allah to grant Muslims victory over non-Muslims, referred to as ‘Qawm al Kafiroon’.”                                      “Will the $23M be used to de-radicalize mosque clerics and educate them to end hateful sermons from the pulpits,” I asked.          Despite reaching out to her office twice, I did not get a response, nor any press release or statement issued by any ministry of the Trudeau cabinet.                                                                                                                                                                                    In making the announcement, the Pakistan-born Liberal MP told her scant audience, her M103 initiative was about “systemic racism and religious discrimination” and that “my goal was to study it and understand why does it happen and to find solutions.”         Most Canadians would have told her, ‘physician, heal thyself,’ but of course, ordinary Canadians are too scared to be labelled as ‘racist’ by privileged Islamists riding the waves of victimhood.                                                                                                           In recommending Islamic Relief as one of the recipients of the $23 million fund, Khalid covered up the fact that even Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority country has banned Islamic Relief from providing either relief or aid to some 500,000 Rohingya refugees who have taken refuge in the country.                                                                                                                                    Khalid also shrugged off allegations that Islamic Relief has long been accused of funding terror. The United Arab Emirates has designated Islamic Relief as a terror-financing organization while in Russian authorities have accused Islamic Relief of supporting terrorism in Chechnya.                                                                                                                                                         My question to ordinary Canadians is this: Who will stand up to the Islamist agenda in our country if it’s the government itself that funds their agenda
  2. Israeli forces shot 22-year-old Muhammad Abu Halima in the chest, killing him, during protests east of Gaza City on Friday.

Nearly 400 people were injured along Gaza’s eastern boundary on the 15th consecutive week of the Great March of Return demonstrations. Nearly 60 were wounded with live ammunition, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

On Wednesday the health ministry announced that Mahmoud Majid al-Gharableh, 16, had succumbed to his wounds after being shot in the head on 14 May, which saw the highest number of fatalities in a single day since the launch of the protests in late March.

Al-Gharableh is the 20th child among the nearly 150 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli forces in Gaza during that period, the vast majority of them during protests. More than 4,000 others have been wounded by live fire.

It is very sad to read about killing of young people. By the way, what did they do near the border where nothing is there? No houses, no trees, no flowers, no water to drink. No, no, no. Nothing. So why did they go there. If you have the answer you know why they were shot. Youngsters that are educated to kill the other must be treated accordingly. The best is to stop their activity but if they endanger Israelis, they must be treated accordingly. A live shield for the terrorists must take into consideration that they might be suffer. This is one way of suffering.


  1. Emergency mobile communications technology developed by Israeli company Maxtech Networks is being used by rescue teams working to save 12 teenagers and their 25-year-old coach who have been trapped for 11 days in a flooded cave in Thailand.

The teenagers, a boys’ soccer team, went missing on June 23 after a soccer game when they visited a sprawling 10-kilometer-long cave system in the northern region of Chiang Rai, and became trapped by a flash flood.                                                         Initial rescue attempts were hampered not only by the rising waters, but by lack of communication between first responders, as existing communication systems couldn’t work in the complexity of the underground caves.                                                      Uzi Hanuni, 51, the CEO of Maxtech, said the company’s agent in Thailand was first approached by Thai naval special forces shortly after the boys went missing.                                                                                                                                                 “From that point on everything was clear to us,” Hanuni told ISRAEL21c. “We knew that we would do whatever we could to save these boys.”                                                                                                                                                                                    On June 25, Maxtech software engineer Yuval Zalmanov hopped on a plane with 17 of the company’s emergency Max-Mesh radio units, to help train the first responders how to use the technology. The company sent everything without charge and Zalmanov was joined by Asaf Zmirly, an Israeli who owns a rescue company and lives in Thailand.                                           Zalmanov is now embedded with the rescue team, which is made up of Thai special forces and international experts from the UK, China, Australia, and the US, and is expected to return home in a day or two.

It took 10 years to develop the technology, according to Hanuni. No direct line of sight is necessary, enabling it to be used in complex environments like the underground caves, where no other communication device will work.                                             “On every rescue mission you need to coordinate the rescue team and to know at all times where they are, and what their status is,” explains Hanuni.                                                                                                                                                                          “These caves are very long, and you can’t send messengers back and forth through them, but the divers need to be in constant contact with their base so that everyone knows where they are. No other system could work here, except ours. It’s helping to keep the first responders alive.”                                                                                                                                                             It is unfair that I give publication only to Is5raeli technology. I would like to publish more technologies that can support people. Especially innovations of/from the Arabs world. If anybody has Arab technology please send its details to me. I will publish it. In the mean time I was looking for any Arab technology. I never found any such genuine technology.

  1. Israel is criticized daily for simply defending its borders from Hamas terrorists seeking to infiltrate and murder innocent Israelis. Enemies such as Iran, who are now close to Israel's border with Syria, are not shy about their desire to destroy Israel. Defenders of Israel understand that the deep bond between the People and Land of Israel goes back thousands of years, and that biblical prophecy has been fulfilled with the return of the Nation of Israel to its ancient homeland 70 years ago.                                         Defenders know that regardless of the enemy, Israel will never be destroyed – but will survive and thrive! Israel has the unwavering right to defend itself and will do whatever it takes to protect its citizens.                                                                                                                         Defenders of Israel recognize that Israel is blessed with the finest army in the world to defend its citizens. True to the Creator's biblical promise to Abraham, the IDF has helped keep the Jewish people secure in their eternal homeland.                                                                                As a Defender of Israel, in addition to receiving your gifts, your name will be added to the Honor Scroll that will be presented to Israeli officials. A prayer will be recited for you at Jerusalem's holiest site – the Western Wall.                                                                                     A portion of proceeds supports vital Israeli charities that promote and strengthen the People, Country and Land of Israel, in honor of Israel's 70th Year of Independence.
  2. The PA was invited and included in the conference while the PA actively and openly uses its money and also donor countries' money to pay terrorists, while PA leaders ignore the condemnation by the international community.
    The PA pays monthly salaries to around 6,500 imprisoned terrorists, as well monthly allowances to the families of tens of thousands of killed terrorists – who the PA calls "Martyrs" –  to which the PA allocated over $350 million in its published 2018 budget. Despite international criticism, PA leaders vow to continue to pay these salaries rewarding terror.
    Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA spends money on establishing monuments to terrorist murderers and the PA Ministry of Education has named 31 schools after terrorists, just to name a few of the many ways the PA spends money on terrorists and on immortalizing them.
    PMW has documented the enormous amounts the PA has paid to imprisoned terrorists.
    This video exemplifies the payments made to 16 terrorists serving life sentences, who have already received hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries.                                                                                                                                                       Recently, Abbas' deputy chairman of Fatah, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, who may replace Abbas should he step down, emphasized the PA's commitment to continue funding terrorists: "We are speaking about [imprisoned] heroes and fighters, about freedom fighters… Even if we are left with only a few pennies, we will allocate them only to the families of the Martyrs and to the prisoners."                                                                                                                                                                                        Abbas himself has stated several times that the PA remains forever obligated and committed to funding terrorist prisoners:
    Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake emphasized that the PA "is proud" of its funding terrorist salaries: "We're proud of this, not ashamed of it, and we say this openly, because it's our national, human, and moral obligation, and the obligation of the struggle. It is supported by the Palestinian leadership and by the Palestinian government."                                                                                                                                                                                     Note It has been proven the falsehood of the PA claim that its funding the terrorist salaries can be categorized as "social aid" to the families.

After reading/learning all of this post and understanding the positive Arab position for war and its negative position towards peace, please support Israel.

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Post July 9th 2018

1. Algemeiner-Germany:

Six wounded  Syrians — including four orphaned children who lost their families in the ongoing fighting in their country — were transported to Israel on Friday night for medical treatment.                                                                                                                                Last  night,  IDF  troops  provided  life-saving  treatment  to  six  injured  Syrians  before  they were brought to an Israeli hospital for further treatment                                                  Five of them, the Hebrew news site Mako reported,  are  being  cared  for at  the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.                                                                                                              Hospital  director  Dr.  Masad  Barhoum  said  the  patients  were  three  children,  ages  6, 7 and  14,  and  two  adults,  ages 19  and  28 — all  of whom had suffered serious or critical injuries.                                                                                                                                      Naama Shahar — the  head  nurse  of  the  hospital’s  Pediatric Intensive  Care  Unit — said, “We  are,  first  of  all, human beings.  Most of us are mothers  or  fathers,  and  when  we  see  these  cases,  our  hearts  simply  break. We  treat  them  and we cry.  The  sights  are  very tough, these  are war  wounds,  and  despite  all  our  strength,  we  take  it  home  with  us.”                                                                                                                       “With  children  like  this  who  have  suffered  so  much,  there   is  no  thought  of  them  as  the  ‘enemy,’  we  take  care  of  them  as  if  they  were from our people,  and we give them the best treatment, with everything that includes,” she added.                             According to Barhoum, around 2,500 wounded Syrians have been treated at the Galilee Medical Center over the past five years.                                                                                    Just  one  short  question:  Who  else,  from all  Arab  states  took responsibility  to  treat/help/assist/hospitalizing  its  most bitter enemies?  Please look for just one single name of a Muslim state. You can read how many Muslim  people Israel saved by helping them. This is Israel. Yes.

  1. Slovakia confirms the process for relocating embassy to Jerusalem, announces the opening of a cultural center; Slovakian official: Slovakia is on its way to relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.                                                                                                           Slovakia announced it will begin the process of opening its embassy in Jerusalem.   During a Slovakian delegation’s visit to Israel this week, head of the Slovak National Council, Andrej Danko, announced Slovakia would open a cultural center in Jerusalem, announcing “Slovakia is on its way to relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.”                                                                                                                                    Speaker of Israel’s Parliament (Knesset) Yuli Edelstein praised Slovakia, which is following in the footsteps of the Czech Republic and Bulgaria by opening up government buildings in Jerusalem. Edelstein stated “This is a tremendous diplomatic achievement for Israel and a pleasant surprise… I am certain that when additional delegations arrive here they will understand Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital.”                                                                                                                                          The United States, Guatemala, and Paraguay have opened their embassies in Jerusalem, Israel in talks with numerous countries on moving their embassies to Israel’s capital.                                                                                                                             Slovakia has not provided a timeline for the opening of its cultural center in Jerusalem. Why Slovakia is doing it? Because they trust Israel and they know that if they must choose between Israel and the Arabs they prefer Israel of all Arab states. This is a very sign of honor to Israel and its policy. Thank you Slovakia and Slovakians for your sensible decision.
  2. On Saturday, Israeli police thwarted an attempted stabbing attack by arresting a Palestinian man carrying a knife and a meat cleaver near a Jewish community in Samaria. Traffic officers operating outside of the town of Beit El observed the suspect acting suspiciously, prompting them to search the vehicle where the weapons were found. The suspect, a 28-year-old Palestinian from a village called Dura, confessed to police that he had planned to execute a stabbing attack, the police stated.                                                                                                                                The incident marked the second time on Saturday that Israeli authorities detained Palestinian carrying weapons near Jewish areas in Israel.                                                During the day, police caught a Palestinian at the Shuafat checkpoint near Jerusalem trying to pass through a metal detector with a knife.                                        Since 2015, Palestinians have carried out scores of fatal stabbing attacks, murdering Israeli civilians in public places such as bus stops and in their own homes.                  In the last time19-year-old Palestinian terrorist stabbed three family members to death in the Jewish community of Neve Tsuf in Samaria while the family gathered for a Shabbat meal to celebrate the birth of a new grandson.                                           In yet another incident in February, 29-year-old Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal was stabbed to death by a terrorist as the young father waited for a ride near the city of Ariel.     The terrorist, in this case, was an Arab with Israeli citizenship.                                        This Arab terror is the result of the education that the Arabs get from their education system. If the Arabs education is to stab/kill they will do it everywhere. It is just a matter of time till they will start stabbing in all the states that they are now immigrating/moving to. Please analyze the Muslim's behavior and be aware of their future doings.
  3. This is also a part of the Arabs education: On Saturday, terrorists in the Gaza Strip targeted Israel communities with incendiary kites, causing two major fires. One of the fires, near Kibbutz Or Haner, burned out of control, requiring nine firefighting teams and firefighting aircraft. The other fire was ignited near Kibbutz Nir Am.

Arson terror has become increasingly popular among Palestinian rioters near the Gaza border, who start fires by floating incendiary devices into Israeli territory using kites and helium balloons, the gas for which is reportedly pilfered from Gaza hospitals.              To date, Palestinian arson terrorists have caused millions of dollars of damage in Israel, destroying thousands of acres of farmland and nature preserves.                                            This Friday, demonstrations were staged on both sides of the Gaza border.                           While thousands of Israelis peacefully rallied for the return of two IDF soldiers’ remains held by Hamas, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, Palestinians amassed within Gaza to continue the Hamas-orchestrated violent rioting organized under the “March of Return” banner.                                                                                                                                                     The Palestinians’ tactics during the campaign have included planting plain-clothes Hamas commandos among civilian rioters, paying a family to lie and say that Israeli tear gas killed an 8-month-old baby, a fabrication later refuted by a Palestinian doctor, and claiming that IDF snipers shot a paraplegic protester, despite conflicting reports within the Palestinian media that cast serious doubt on the circumstances surrounding his death.                                                                                                                                                  One Palestinian reportedly died this week during the riots, killed when an improvised explosive detonated in his hand.

  1. I am not a feminist and not racist therefore I can ask the simple question: Why the newly elected mayor of Mexico city is both a woman and Jewish. The answer is in the following: "Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo has made history in Mexico by being elected mayor of the country’s capital, say the exit polls from Sunday’s election. That Sheinbaum Pardo is the first Jew elected to such an important post – heading North America’s largest city of nine million people – may not even be the biggest surprise, even though its Jewish community merely numbers between 30,000 and 36,000 (or most of the country’s total Jewish population). She is also the first woman to earn the post via election. The only other female mayor held the position on an interim basis for a year nearly two decades ago. The mayor’s grandparents hail from Lithuania and Bulgaria and they kept Jewish tradition, according to Sheinbaum Pardo.                                                                                                                       "We celebrated all the Jewish holidays at my grandparents’ house,” she told a Jewish audience in a speech last month.                                                                              The 56-year-old followed her parents into the sciences, getting her university degree in physics and holding a doctorate in environmental engineering. She has published many articles in her field and is a respected member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences.                                                                                                            From being an activist in the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), she jumped into Mexico City politics in 2000 to become the locality’s environment minister (for six years) when the leader of her party, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, became mayor. Later, when he formed a leftist breakaway party in 2014 called Morena, she followed him as well, and in 2015 was elected a district mayor of the Tlalpan borough of Mexico City.                                                                                                           Her election comes as the representative of a coalition party called “Together We Shall Make History,” which is a partnership among three leftist-leaning parties: the Labor Party, the Social Encounter Party, and newcomer Morena                                     In fact, Morena leader Lopez Obrador, with whom Sheinbaum Pardo has a close relationship, became president-elect of Mexico on Sunday. Both have promised to tackle crime and corruption, which are considered major issues in the country"    Now, after reading this message you can understand why this woman was elected tom the position that 600 million Arab women, from all over the world, didn't. This reflects the big difference between the Jews and the Arabs from all different views of life in the world. God bless you Claudia and help you to manage your city and succeed in order to be reelected.
  2. Iran should make more effort to ensure stability in the Middle East and get along with its neighbors, said Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong. He made his remarks during a news briefing ahead of a major summit between China and Arab states that kicks off in Beijing next week.                                                                      Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and some senior military commanders have threatened to disrupt oil shipments from the Gulf countries if Washington tries to strangle Tehran’s oil exports.                                       Carrying one-third of the world’s seaborne oil every day, the Strait of Hormuz links Middle East crude producers to key markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and beyond.                                                                                                                         Asked about the Iranian threat to the strait, Chen remarked that China and Arab countries had close communications about Middle East peace, including the Iran issue.                                                                                                                                           “China consistently believes that the relevant country should do more to benefit peace and stability in the region, and jointly protect peace and stability there,” he added.                                                                                                                                  “Especially as it is a country on the Gulf, it should dedicate itself to being a good neighbor and co-existing peacefully,” he continued. “China will continue to play our positive, constructive role.”                                                                                           Ministers from 21 Arab countries are attending the summit, as well as Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber al-Sabah. Chinese President Xi Jinping will give the opening address on Tuesday.                                                                                        The United States Navy vowed on Thursday to protect oil routes and international navigation in the Hormuz Strait in wake of Iran’s threats.                                                  “The US and its partners provide, and promote security and stability in the region,” Central Command spokesman Navy Captain Bill Urban said in an email to Reuters.  He was asked about the US naval reaction if Iran blocks the strait, he said: “Together, we stand ready to ensure the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce wherever international law allows.”                                                                     This is what the Iranians are expertise in: To give troubles in their way to become the leaders of the world. They do it by creating a new block of Muslim powerful states. They want a Muslim conducted world. This is catastrophe. We reject it.

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Post-July 6th 2018

  1. Israeli hospitals received tonight 4 seriously wounded Syrian citizens. One of them was a 4 years old girl. The other 3 are men, all of them civilians that were not involved in the war and didn't carry arms. This is the contribution of the Arabs to the world's peace. They kill everybody. They clean Syria. This is the Islam's culture. This is the big difference between Israel and the Arabs/Muslims. Israel saves blood, help/save people. The Muslims make the opposite cause blood/kill people.
  2. Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali of Iran's Civil Defense Organization An Iranian general on Monday accused Israel of manipulating weather to prevent rain over the Islamic Republic, alleging his country was facing cloud “theft,” before being contradicted by the nation’s weather chief. “The changing climate in Iran is suspect,” Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization told a press conference, semi-official ISNA news agency reported.          “Foreign interference is suspected to have played a role in climate change,” Jalali was quoted as saying, insisting results from an Iranian scientific study “confirm” the claim.                                                                                                                                “Israel and another country in the region have joint teams which work to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain,” he said.                                      “On top of that, we are facing the issue of cloud and snow theft,” Jalali added, citing a survey showing that, above 2,200 meters (7,218 feet), all mountainous areas between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean are covered in snow, except Iran.         Iran’s own meteorological service struck a skeptical note, however.                               General Jalali “probably has documents of which I am not aware, but on the basis of meteorological knowledge, it is not possible for a country to steal snow or clouds,” said the head of Iran’s meteorological service Ahad Vazife, quoted by ISNA.   “Iran has suffered a prolonged drought, and this is a global trend that does not apply only to Iran,” Vazife said.                                                                                                “Raising such questions not only does not solve any of our problems but will deter us from finding the right solutions,” he added, in an apparent reference to Jalali’s claims.                                                                                                                                            The general’s allegations of weather pilfering were not the first time an Iranian official has accused the country’s foes of stealing its rain.                                                  Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2011 accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran, adding that “European countries used special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.                    In a video last month addressed to Iranians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to share Israel’s water expertise with Iran, saying “the Iranian people are victims of a cruel and tyrannical regime that denies them vital water.”                   Netanyahu told the Iranians that Israel faced similar water issues and found ways of dealing with them, adding that Israeli technology can help the Iranians.                   What would you say about the Iranian sense and their ability to establish lies? Their people believe them. It shows who are the Iranians in general. Bunch of liers leading a bunch of stupid believers.  I would give them the best mark in University for lies.
  3. Senior Palestinian officials condemned an Israeli law financially penalizing the Palestinian Authority (PA) for paying stipends to Palestinian terrorists, their families and the families of terrorists killed or injured during terror attacks. Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh on Tuesday said the Palestinians “categorically reject this grave decision and considers it as harmful to relations [as] the 1993 Oslo Accords.” Israel collects an estimated $2.4 billion in tax revenues for the PA, in accordance with the 1994 Paris Protocol, which governs economic relations with the PA, including import taxes on goods passing through Israel to the Palestinians. The PA budget this year is NIS 18.5 billion ($5.2 billion).                       Abu Rudeineh was responding to the Knesset’s passage of a law on Monday that withholds tens of millions of dollars from tax revenues collected by Israel on behalf of the PA over “welfare payments” the PA allocates to the families of prisoners and terrorists killed by Israeli forces. Israel and the US view these payments as a direct incitement to terrorism.                                                                                                            The PA has dedicated a significant portion of its budget, some seven percent, to directly incentivize the murder of Jews through stipends to terrorists and their families.                                                                                                                                          In its 2018 budget, the PA increased the funding and allocated $360 million for the Prisoners and Martyrs fund, which disperses payment to imprisoned terrorists, released terrorists and the families of dead terrorists.                                             Israel’s new legislation mandates that at the end of each year, the defense minister will draft a report on the funds the PA pays terrorists. The financial penalty will be determined by the report.                                                                                                      Amir: If anybody understands this NP logic-please explain it to me as I don't understand how come that the side that supports killing and death say that eliminating it by not compensating the killers/their families is a declaration of war. I thought, and please correct me if I am wrong, that every war action must be eliminating and the eliminator must be blessed. But the Quran says the opposite. The killer is blessed and the eliminator is the criminal. Very clever position. It is very clear why the Muslims kill so many Muslims without qualms.
  4. At a meeting in Vienna at which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was given an opportunity to try to resuscitate the 2015 nuclear deal, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz chided Rouhani over the Iranian Republic’s belligerent stance on Israel. Specifically, Kurz announced at a joint press conference with Rouhani that he considers it “absolutely unacceptable” to question Israel’s right to exist or to demand the destruction of the Jewish state.    The meeting and press conference was held against the backdrop of Tehran’s central role in various conflicts in the Middle East. By funding and arming terror organizations such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthis, in addition to the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip, Iran wages proxy wars in a number of nations in the region.                                Iran has also established a significant presence in Syria, fortifying the regime of brutal dictator Bashar Al-Assad and also attempting to amass military assets close to Israel’s borders.                                                                                                                        In addition, to address Iran’s position on Israel, Kurz also spoke out against Holocaust denial, a recurring theme for political and religious leaders in the Islamic Republic.

“In my meeting with President Rouhani, I emphasized that Israel’s security is non-negotiable for us. Questioning Israel’s right to exist or downplaying the Holocaust is absolutely unacceptable,” Kurz tweeted soon after the meeting.                                           Rouhani’s Austrian visit was largely overshadowed by the arrest of an Iranian diplomat-related to an alleged bomb plot targeting anti-regime activists in Paris.                                  With regard to that development, Austrian officials announced the legal immunity of Vienna-based diplomat Assadollah Assadi would be revoked. Assadi was detained Sunday on a European arrest warrant after powerful explosives were found in Belgium in a vehicle owned by a couple with Iranian roots.                                                                        Assadi was accused by Belgian authorities of being involved in the plot to target a Paris rally, after which the Iranian ambassador to Austria was summoned to the for                                                                                                                                                                               While Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif dismissed the plot as a “false flag ploy,” Iran’s involvement in terror operations around the globe are the basis on which the US designates it as one of the world’s leading state sponsors of terror.

  1. After weeks of shuttle diplomacy allegedly carried out by Russia and Israel, Iranian forces and allied militias — including the so-called "military wing" of the Lebanon-based organization Hezbollah, all of which has been designated as a terrorist group by the US — reportedly began to withdraw from parts of southern Syria, near Israel's border. According to other reports, however, many Hezbollah fighters, disguised as members of the Syrian army, have simply remained on their bases to escape being targeted by the Israel Air Force. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel's air force has carried out sporadic strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah bases and convoys across its neighbor on the north. After more than seven years of fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria, the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah is highly unlikely to make an easy exit from the war-torn territory, no matter what supposed agreements are reached or promises made.         In a televised speech on "Quds Day" — which Iran has marked every year since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 — Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah addressed his supporters as follows:                                                                                                                "We are in Syria because we should be there. The Syrian leadership has asked us to be present there based on developments in the ground…. Gulf states and Israel must know that we will be happy when we return our men to Lebanon… we will be happy and we will feel victorious to complete our mission. So what keeps us in Syria is our duty and the Syrian leadership, but at the same time I would like to tell you even if the entire world decided to remove us from Syria, we will not leave."      Nor does it seem that the Syrian regime is in a rush to tell Hezbollah to leave the country. In a recent interview with an Iranian state-run news channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad said, "Hezbollah is an essential element in this war — the battle is long and the need for these military forces will continue for a long time."      Having helped defeat anti-regime rebel forces in the suburbs of Homs, Aleppo, and Damascus, Hezbollah fighters are now in control of much of Syria's border with Lebanon. In fact, the Shi'ite terrorist group is in charge of controlling the Lebanese side of the border, despite the presence of the Lebanese military, which is weak. The areas in which Hezbollah operates are of great importance to the group, which uses the mountainous terrain as a route to transport military equipment between Syria and Lebanon. So entrenched is Hezbollah in that region that it has managed to build multiple military bases within a small radius.                                                        With those fronts of Lebanon and southern Syria already secured, Hezbollah fighters increasingly have moved to the oil-rich province of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria to aid the Syrian military in its battle against Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists. Meanwhile, Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias – such as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) — are largely in control of strategic areas along Syria's border with Iraq.                                                                                                                          Not far from those frontiers, the U.S.-led coalition has been aiding Kurdish-led forces to push out ISIS from other parts of Deir Ezzor. The months-long campaign has liberated large strategic areas from ISIS. More than once, however, these two anti-ISIS campaigns have come head to head in Deir Ezzor, leaving the U.S. with no choice but to defend its local partners.                                                                                    Once ISIS is completely defeated in these areas, Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed groups could be better positioned to wage attacks on U.S. interests there and elsewhere in Syria.                                                                                                                        With no end in sight to Syria's seven-year war, Hezbollah will undoubtedly continue its military expansion, causing more instability in an already volatile region.
  2. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on European leaders Tuesday evening to stop funding Iran as they prepared for a meeting Friday with Iranian officials to discuss the nuclear deal. Netanyahu made the statements at a Fourth of July party just a day after a failed plan by the Iranian regime to bomb an opposition rally. Netanyahu urged European countries to call off planned talks with Iran over preserving the nuclear deal after officials alleged they uncovered a plot backed by Tehran to attack an event by an Iranian exile group in Paris.                                       “Here’s my message to the European leaders,” Netanyahu said. “Stop funding the very regime that is sponsoring terrorism against you and against so many others. Stop appeasing Iran!”                                                                                                                 -The prime minister made his statements before some 2,500 people attending celebrations marking the US’s 242nd year of independence at Airport City.

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Post-July 5th 2018

  1. Quotation from Muslim blog: "On September 16, 1982, Christian Lebanese militiamen allied to Israel entered the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila and the adjacent neighborhood of Sabra in Beirut under the watch of the Israeli army and began a slaughter that caused outrage around the world. Over the next day and a half, up to 3500 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, were murdered in one of the worst atrocities in modern Middle Eastern history. The New York Times recently published an op-ed containing new details of discussions held between Israeli and American officials before and during the massacre. They reveal how Israeli officials, led by then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, misled and bullied American diplomats, rebuffing their concerns about the safety of the inhabitants of Sabra and Shatila".                         Amir: The most important point in this blog is that the writer is concentrating on the past, where people got killed and they are dead for long years, but, he is blind to see the current daily massacre of the Syrians with Hezbollah with Russia crushing live people in Syria. This, as for his highly understanding, is allowed. This is OK. To kill honest women/infants/ elderly/unprotected people. Moreover: In Gaza, the Hamas kill in cold blood everybody that resists their regime/rule. This is OK. The problem was with Sabra and Shatila massacre that even the writer says that it was created/implemented by the Lebanese. This is the way that the Arabs/Muslims cheat the world and pull to wars while killing many of their citizens in cold blood. This is typical Arab/Muslim behavior.
  2. Please reads the following quoted a report that analyzed the situation in Syria and decides who is right: "Thousands of Syrian refugees have begun to crowd near Israel’s Golan Heights border in the Syrian town of Rafid near the historic cease-fire line between Syria and Israel. As the Syrian regime keeps up its bombardment of rebels in the south there are concerns that the refugees and spillover from the fighting will pressure Israel to intervene.
    Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, an expert who did extensive research on the border area and is familiar with relations between Israel and the Syrian rebels, presents several scenarios as the crisis unfolds.
    “I think the Syrian military operation will grow and a deal will be struck… Some [rebels will be] deported to the north… others will stay and some who stay may become enforcers for the Syrian government,” says Tamimi, a Research Fellow at the Middle East Forum.
    The Syrian regime has been pounding rebel positions and overrunning villages and towns in southern Syria for a week. An estimated 45,000 people have fled, with as many as 5,000 or more fleeing toward the Israeli border, seeking shelter in an area they know the regime is loathed to bomb.
    The Russian air force has also been active in southern Syria, claiming to be targeting extremist groups that are not a party to a cease-fire it signed with Jordan and the US last July. With US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin scheduled to meet in July, the crisis in southern Syria could throw a wrench into discussions between their two countries. For Israel, the central concern is keeping Iranian-backed militias away from the Golan and managing the crisis.
    “It is still early… and there is a sense that the Jordanians may pressure the rebels into negotiations,” says Tamimi. In other places in Syria, the regime has signed reconciliation deals with local rebels and left them to run their own affairs even after the government reasserted control. This “soft” deal could be in store for the small rebel groups on Israel’s border.
    However, another option is that the factions surrender and then end up being paid to be part of the regime’s government structures, such as military intelligence. A third, “harsher” deal would envision the rebels being deported and their supporters being shipped north to Idlib province, which is still controlled by rebels.
    The problem for the villages near the Golan is that some are run by a single group – such as Fursan al-Jawlan, the “Knights of the Golan” – while other areas might have numerous rebel groups, including more extreme factions among them. “If there is a multiplicity of factions there could be problems with law and order,” Tamimi says. The more extreme groups such as the ISIS-affiliate Jaysh Khalid bin-Walid in the southern Golan will want to fight the regime, and Damascus will not want to reconcile with them.
  3. The Israeli export institute: "Israel is exporting to India values of $1bilion a year". This quotation was taken from the Israel-India business conference that takes place in Tel Aviv. More than 200 representatives from 160 Indian companies attend this conference. The Indian delegates say that they know and are aware to the Israeli abilities and Hi-Tec and they want to establish business relations with the Israeli industry. Some of them that represent foreign companies in India came in order to establish business relations with Israel in order to sell the Israeli products in 3rd countries. This means that Israeli products are penetrating into the Arab/Muslim world through a 3rd party and that the Arabs buy and support the Israeli industry although officially they boycott Israel. This is the level of the stupidity of the Arabs. Just think of: They buy Israeli staffs form the third party that makes money on it instead of to buy it directly from Israel and to saves money. Muslim logic/sense/stupidity. Only they can explain it. I can't. These are the economic results of a state that concentrate on positive actions (Israel) instead of negative (The Arabs/Muslims).
  4. More results of the same state/source-Israel: Tiny Israel is the 13 in a sequence of the size of the investment in the Hugh American market. 9 Million Israelis, Jews, and Arabs contribute to the world's economy of more than 1.7 billion Arabs. This is the population of all Arab states together. Israel figures are as following: Israel exported to USA (Interesting that this Hugh democracy/industrial state need/make business with the flea Israeli products) in 2017 goods valued $ 17b billion + diamonds for $ 11.2c billion. Export of business services was $10.7 billion, mostly Hi-Tec. The investment of the main world's hi Tec companies, like Intel, Google, Motorola, IBM and more like them, in Israel reached the $ 11 billion. Israel is investing in USA more than Aussie and Sweden. Israel bought $ in order to stop the declination of the US$. The total investment was $115 billion. The total, Israeli export in 2017 exceeded the $100 Billion. The estimation for 2020 is to reach the $120n billion. This is the value of Israel. What is the value of the Arabs? We can measure them just by killing. How many people they killed in each year? Even this is not accurate as they don't count dead as well as not lives. This is the enemy of Israel.
  5. More economy: while the Arabs keep on fighting and killing each other, Israel drilled another gas source and will start producing and export gas in the next year. This drill went as deep as 3.5 KM. (For Feet please multiply by 3000).
  6. Pre. Trump regime is going to declare the guard forces of Iran a Terror organization. This should have been dome long ago as this is exactly what they are by definition. They say/confirm it. Why only now somebody decided to declare them officially as such? Because the world is afraid of the terror that they are going to impose on the world. Iran tries to threaten the world. They will lose. The Iranian regime is going to be replaced. The riots over there are this time, more serious than the previous.
  7. Intel is considering making a new investment of $9 billion in Israel, the country’s Economy Minister said Tuesday while addressing an accountants’ trade conference in the Israeli resort town of Eilat. Intel reacted to the statement saying that “there is no concrete investment being considered right now in Israel.”                                        Eli Cohen, an accountant by profession, did not elaborate aside from saying that “Israel is benefiting from innovation, a global brand and human capital.”                    When asked to specify the target of Intel’s investment, Cohen said the chipmaker “specializes in processors and data, an area that is growing and growing.”                  The statement by Cohen comes two months after Intel confirmed that it would spend $5 billion to upgrade a semiconductor plant in the Israeli town of Kiryat Gat. Cohen said that the work on the plant would begin by the end of the year. As part of its negotiations with the Israeli government on the upgrade, Intel committed to buying a large portion of products from local companies.                                                 If the $9 billion investment happens, Intel could become eligible for a government grant of 700 million shekels.                                                                                                         Intel has long maintained a substantial presence in Israel, with major manufacturing facilities, and research and development offices. Last year, the company made its biggest Israeli investment yet with the $15-billion acquisition of Mobileye, a company developing autonomous driving technology. The total amount of investments and acquisitions since 1974 is $35 billion, according to the company.  About 12,000 people in Israel are employed by Intel, including 7,000 in technology development, 4,000 in manufacturing, and the 1,000 people who work at Mobileye.
  8. Eric Benhamou, a Califonia-based Jewish entrepreneur who has headed the digital electronics manufacturer 3ComCorporation and Palm Pilot, the most successful handheld computer in the late 1990s, has turned his sights to Israel, seeking to transform Startup Nation into Social Startup Nation.                                                            Together with Israeli entrepreneurs Benny Levin and Itsik Danziger and other veterans of the Israeli and international tech scene, Benhamou have set up the Israel Venture Network (IVN), a nonprofit that fosters startups that not only make money but also benefit society.                                                                                                 IVN brings together “successful mentors of the US and Israeli tech community with the common goal of using their talent of professional careers to helping Israeli society,” Benhamou said in an interview with The Times of Israel last month,  during a brief visit to Israel from California, where he resides.                                        Benhamou, who has served on the US Presidential Information Technology Advisory Council, appointed by President Bill Clinton, and has also taught entrepreneurship at INSEAD, the graduate business school, set up IVN in 2001.          Over the years, the organization has gradually increased awareness in Israel of the need to set up socially conscious for-profit ventures. It aims to steer regulation for social businesses in Israel and help social startups grow, by mentoring them and helping them find investors and funding.

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Post-July 4th 2018

  1. Simone Veil, the French Jewish Holocaust survivor and human rights champion, who died aged 89, will receive the rare honor of being inducted into the Panthéon, President Emmanuel Macron has announced. She has become only the fifth woman to be buried in the Paris monument, which houses the remains of great national figures.                                                                                                            Veil will join scientist Marie Curie; two resistance members who were deported to Germany, Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz and Germaine Tillion; and Sophie Berthelot, who was buried alongside her chemist husband, Pierre-Eugène Marcellin Berthelot.                                                                                                                                        Among the other luminaries buried in the secular mausoleum are writers Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Émile Zola.                                                                                                 Veil was deported to Auschwitz in 1944 when she was a teenager. She survived the concentration camps that claimed the lives of her mother, father and brother, and went on to become a crusader for women’s rights and European reconciliation. What a big honor to this unique Jewish human rights fighter that was recognized and honored with the highest gesture in France.
  2. A 2,000-year-old coin was found in archaeological excavations in Israel. The expression, which was minted in 69 CE, on the eve of the destruction of the Second Temple, was written in ancient Hebrew script "For the redemption of Zion". This coin is not the first to be discovered in the City of David, it is the Old Jerusalem. This invention testifies to the lives of Jews in this place during this period. In the recent past, the Palestinians have been cleaning Solomon's Stables, which are also nearby, on the Temple Mount. However, not as Israel, instead of sifting the dirt and searching for archeological findings, they threw the dirt. The Israelis picked up this dirt and found there very important archeological findings to understand the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount throughout history. This is not the only one difference between Jews and Arabs. Israel is interested to learn and in developing. The Arabs are not interested in anything like this and they are destructive power. They are losing. It is recommended that enemies and haters of Israel study all these facts and draw conclusions about who is their preferred side in all aspects and to stop blind hatred of the Jews.
  3. If anyone thought the riots in Iran would stop, he was wrong. Yesterday, four demonstrators were killed. The reasons for the demonstrations can be understood. Iran's economic situation is very bad. They too, like the residents of Gaza, have no clean water. No electricity. Because of the inflation the value of money erodes. The people have no money to live a daily life, no luxuries. The United States has imposed severe restrictions on trade with Iran, and many companies have stopped doing business with the Iranians, the quantity of commodities is small and prices are rising, and the Iranian regime is weakening and the day will come when it will collapse. Those who are still standing by it, and this too is not for a long period of time, are the Revolutionary Guards. But they also need the money/salaries that the Iranians do not have to pay. The Saudis are helping the Americans in their mission to bring down the Iranian regime by increasing oil production and exports. The situation is that the Iranians cannot sell their oil and they suffocate with it.

And if all these do not collapse the Iranian regime then in November are going to enter a series of more severe sanctions. These steps are taken because the Iranians are helping/supporting countries that are recognized as terrorist states as they, the Iranians, want to become a regional state. They want to control the whole Middle East. For that, they arec looking for the develop of an nuclear bomb. The world is afraid of them and their religious faith – Islam.

  1. A funny cartoon in an Israeli newspaper. It draws a fork lift carrying all kinds of stuff, like, cloth, medicines, food Etc in the Israeli side of the Israel-Syrian border, aiming to help the poor Syrian citizens. On the other side of the fence there are waiting the poor Syrians. But, in between stands an idiot that does not care about his brothers. He is from the BDS and shouting: "Boycott Israeli products". This is the clever Arabs that if they were not that stupid they would be in completely different place. They, with the money that they have and if they would use it for productive purposes they could lead the world. But, just watch where they stand. They are in worse position than the poor people in Africa.
  2. Some 44,400 people are uprooted from their homes every day. The Palestinian Nakba created 711,000 refugees. The West absorbs a small part of them. It is impossible to absorb so many people, many without a profession, for such a short time. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, more than one million people have arrived in Europe. The immigrants are getting hurt. The amount of sexual harassment, murder, and theft increased alarmingly. Europe is learning in the hard way what it means to absorb unwanted immigration from low-level countries, neither language nor Western customs. In the end, the immigrants would be a nuisance on the backs of countries that wanted to help them. The immigrants are getting hurt. The amount of sexual harassment, murder, and theft increased alarmingly. Europe is learning the hard way of what it means to absorb unwanted immigration from low-level countries, neither language nor Western customs. In the end, the immigrants would be for trouble on the necks of countries that wanted to help them.
  3. The following are the names and crimes of Abu Hmeid's other sons and the salaries they have received since being arrested through May 2018 (The current salaries are based on total length of time in prison which in some cases includes previous arrests as well): Nasser Abu Hmeidwas a commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) in Ramallah and is serving 7 life sentences for murdering 7 Israeli civilians and 12 attempted murders. The PA has paid him $251,917 (921,500 shekels). His current salary is 10,000 shekels/month.                 Nasr Abu Hmeid was a member of Tanzim (Fatah terror faction) and is serving 5 life sentences for involvement in two terror attacks. The PA has paid him $261,578 (907,000 shekels). His current salary is 8,000 shekels/month.                                  Sharif Abu Hmeid was a member of one of his brothers' units that carried out terror attacks and is serving 4 life sentences for accompanying a suicide bomber to his attack in March 2002. The PA has paid him $253,590 (879,300 shekels). His current salary is 8,000 shekels/month.                                                                                    Muhammad Abu Hmeid is serving 2 life sentences and 30 years for involvement in terror attacks. The PA has paid him $178,115 (617,600 shekels). His current salary is 7,000 shekels/month.

In addition to the salaries paid to the terrorist prisoners, the PA also pays monthly allowances to the families of "Martyrs." An additional son murdered an Israeli and was subsequently killed while Israeli police attempted to arrest him. The PA pays Abu Hmeid an additional 1400 shekels a month as the mother of a "Martyr."

As of May 2018, the PA has paid the Abu Hmeid family at least $51,738 (179,400 shekels) since the "Martyrdom-death" of murderer Abd Al-Mun'im Abu Hmeid in May 1994.                            

In the month of May 2018 alone, the PA paid the Abu Hmeid family $9,920 (34,400 shekels), as rewards for the terror attacks carried out by Abu Hmeid's children.

Just one month prior to Islam Abu Hmeid's attack, PA Chairman Abbas hosted the murderer's mother, Latifa Abu Hmeid, who is also known as "Khansa of Palestine," – a name that refers to the woman Al-Khansa from early Islam, who sent her four sons to battle and rejoiced when they all died as Martyrs.                                                                        This is where the money of the PA is going to. To encourage/support murder and murderers.

  1. An American citizen, Jew, is one of the greatest supporters of the BDS. She is Israel's hater. She must have her reason. She is using her nationality and her religion to demonize Israel. She was trying to penetrate Israel. Her reason was studies in the Jerusalem University. She traveled to Israel, landed, taking to investigation which at its end she was deported. Thank you lady. We don't need you as a student. We need honest Jews that learn and stay in Israel as it is a Jewish state, not Jews that hide behind the mask of loyalty and stab the Muslim's knives in the back of Israel. This point must be cleared to all Israel's haters. They will not be allowed to use their heritage to attack Israel and of course not from inside Israel.
  1. Please count the difference between the lady in #7 to the following: Australia is stopping it's money donations/support to the PA (Palestinian Authority). The Australian has the best reason to do it: They refuse to pay salaries to murderers. As the PA pay monthly salary to the family of every Arab murderer that killed Jews, and it cost millions of $, and as all of it is the donations from free western countries and from the UN humanitarian departments, and in order to stop all this kind of cheating/games/instant murder, the Australians decided, following the Americans and more states, to stop financing the murder industry of the Muslims. Thank you Ausie and all other honest states that see the lives in the world in different way that the Arabs/Muslim murderers.
  1. Hezbollah is warning Israel: "If you interfere in the fight in Syria we will attack you with our missiles". Well, this is a real threat. They have 150000 missiles of different kinds. No doubt that it can cause Israel a lot of damage. This is frightening. More frightening is their easy pull of the trigger. They are ready to open war. To kill people. For them, blood is worse nothing. For them, blood is just a colored liquid. I know that the written here can freeze the blood of every conscious reader. I am not that sure it will influence the Muslims. They are looking for Blood/killing/destruction Etc. They don't care about the vast damage that Israel can cause them. I don't want to get into details, but too many people can suffer if Hezbollah implements his threat. I don't want to think about the most honest people get killed because of Nasrallah and his bunch of fanatic Muslims. This is not a warning light. This is an open explanation/analyze of the very flammable situation and a trial to get the Arabs/Muslims down from the high tree that they climbed on.
  1. Please read this carefully. Such nonsense I never read. This is typical to the boorish Muslims. Only they can create such nonsense and only their believers can believe in it. So, please pay attention very carefully: "The current severe draught in Iran is due tom the Israelis. A group from Israel and another state near Iran are hitting the clouds above Iran and turn them to dry/waterless. This is a theft of clouds and snow. A new research shows that all climax of the mountains from the latitude of 2200 M and more, as from Afghanistan all the way to the Mediterranean sea are covered with snow, excluding the Iranian mountains".

Amir: well, when did you read, at any time such stupid info. I must tell you that I never read such. Thank you Iranians,+ for making joke out of you, and making my job, of explaining Israel, much easier. The announcer of this silly theory was Gulam Raza Jalily who is in charge of the civil defense forces.

  1. The American sanctions on Iran due to their continuation to endanger the world with their arms start to produce fruits. The spiritual Iranian leader Rouchany is having an urgent visit with European leaders in the aim to ease the European sanctions against Iran. Hopefully they will put him in his place and tell him up to here no further steps towards nuclear war means.


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Post July 3rd 2018

  1. During Jared Kushner’s recent round of Middle East diplomacy, he refrained from spelling out the details of the Trump plan for an Israeli-Palestinian deal. But you don’t need details to see where things are heading. Kushner laid that out in a remarkably blunt interview in Al Quds, the leading Palestinian newspaper.

“The world has moved forward while you have been left behind,” he said to his Palestinian readers. “Don’t allow your grandfather’s conflict to determine your children’s future.”

In other words: The war against the Jewish state is over. You lost. Now, get over it. Kushner dismissed the traditional Palestinian core issues (the return of refugees, a fully sovereign state including East Jerusalem and the end of Jewish settlement in the West Bank) as “talking points,” in an endless quarrel.

He also portrayed the Palestine Authority under Mahmoud Abbas as naysaying time-servers. “We will release our peace plan and the Palestinian people will actually like it because it will lead to new opportunities for them to have a much better life.”

This assumes that a new generation of Palestinians will put material self-interest before anti-Zionist dogma, and accept a peace with Israel that offers Muslim control of the holy places in Jerusalem, limited communal autonomy in the West Bank, and prosperity through massive public and private-sector investment. Kushner calls it an opportunity for Palestinians left behind decades ago “to leapfrog into the next industrial age" by inclusion in the ecosystem of the "Silicon Valley of the Middle East, Israel."

Kushner thinks that young upwardly mobile Palestinians will take a chance and leap. But it won’t be easy. For them, it would not be like challenging a distant dictatorship, a la the Egyptian Arab Spring. It would be more personal, a rejection of elders, relatives in the diaspora and a widely believed national narrative.

Still, there are some reasons for optimism. One is the failure of the West Bank to explode, as predicted, over the opening of the U.S.  Embassy or the Gaza March of Return. Another is the eagerness of Palestinians to work peaceably in Israel.

During the Kushner visit, the Israeli government announced that it is issuing 7,500 work permits to residents of the West Bank, where unemployment hovers around 20 percent. This decision is made possible by Israel’s belief that they will not pose a security threat. This assessment stems from the fact that 100,000 West Bankers already work in Israel, largely without incident.

But the kind of prosperity Kushner is talking about does not rest primarily on blue-collar jobs in Tel Aviv. It depends on the Trump administration’s ability to provide major economic benefits and fast. This generates a degree of skepticism.

After the 1993 Oslo accords, there was grandiose talk about international investments in the Palestinian economy. The second intifada, which began in 2000, put a damper on this. So has the endemic corruption of the Palestinian ruling class and its bureaucracy. And Israeli entrepreneurs were mostly unwelcome; West Bankers didn’t want to be accused of collaboration. This could change, but Trump’s “peace through prosperity” approach has to produce results.

Still, the Trump plan has a lot going for it, starting with the Trump attitude. Previous U.S. administrations wanted to be seen as honest brokers. To demonstrate this, they gave the Palestinian leadership something approaching a veto over developments in the “peace process.”

That’s finished. Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is not neutral. He sees things Israel’s way. If current Palestinian leaders reject his plan and no one comes forward to accept take it up, well, that’s their problem. If there is no Palestinian partner, Trump will let Israel go ahead and impose the deal it wants in the West Bank.

This is serious leverage. The Palestinians can’t count on Arab governments to counter it: Already the support of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States has been reduced to lip service. These governments depend on the U.S. for protection against ISIS and Iran and they understand that Trump is a transactional president. He doesn’t believe State Department wisdom about the need to court Arab goodwill. As far as he is concerned, it is the Arab allies who need to court him. That means helping him get the deal of the century in the Middle East.

Nor is Trump likely to accept the excuse that they can’t help him because of the hatred in the street for Israel. If they can’t deliver, what good are they?

This approach is radically different than anything the U.S. has proposed in the past. It is premised on the idea that most Palestinians want a better life more even than they want revenge or another generation of dysfunction and conflict. Perhaps Trump is naive to think so. Maybe his plan is a coarse appeal to personal gratification. Or maybe he is right. In any case, it is what’s coming next.


  1. “If it bleeds, it leads” is an old adage describing the media’s tendency to prioritize stories involving violence. But this is not the case, it seems if it’s Israelis who are doing the bleeding. And not if you’re The Washington Post covering the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Beginning in late March 2018, Hamas undertook a nearly two-month-long operation dubbed the “Great Return March,” in which the Gaza-based terror group sent its operatives — many of them armed — to breach Israel’s sovereign border. In an attempt to create civilian casualties, terrorists were interspersed among unarmed civilians and tires were burned and mirrors used to obscure the vision of IDF snipers seeking to target Hamas terrorists.

Nonetheless, the Israeli targeting was largely successful. Of the 124 Gazans killed during the event, “more than 80%” were “terrorist operatives or affiliated with terrorist organizations,” according to a June 12, 2018 analysis by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. Hamas itself not only admitted that many of those killed were its operatives but also conceded that they were “deceiving the public” by claiming that the March was one of “peaceful” resistance.

Media coverage of the Hamas-led operation, however, was uniformly awful — as CAMERA has documented. And The Washington Post was among the worst.

The Post regurgitated casualty claims by Gaza’s “Health Ministry,” but failed to inform readers that the ministry is a Hamas entity that shares the group’s goals of delegitimizing and destroying Israel. The “ministry” is not, as The Post would have readers believe, a credible source.

Worse still, the paper failed to fully detail Hamas’ role and objectives at the border, often neglecting to note that leaders of the terror group planned the operation while calling on their supporters to murder Israelis. Weeks after Hamas leaders admitted on video that many of those killed at the border were its members, The Washington Post has continued to file reports referring to the dead terrorists as “protesters” (see, for example, “Palestinians trapped in Gaza face mounting health crisis,” June 20, 2018).

Portraying Palestinian terrorists as protesters is emblematic of The Post’s tendency to minimize the threats faced by the Jewish state.

As CAMERA detailed on June 8, 2018, oped, Gazans have been sending hundreds of kites and balloons filled with flammable material over the border, causing hundreds of fires and destroying Israeli property and livelihoods. Despite the novelty of these attacks, The Post didn’t report the mass arson until weeks after it began. The Post’s June 18, 2018 dispatch claimed that the “damage is not huge,” only to later quote an official from the Jewish National Fund who said that the damage to woodland and wildlife is “extensive.”

Similarly, a May 29 Post report seemed to question Israeli anger at Hamas for launching rockets at the country’s schoolchildren. The paper bizarrely reported, “One of the mortars in the first round of fire early Tuesday struck the yard of a kindergarten, drawing angry responses from Israeli leaders, although no children were in the preschool at the time” (emphasis added).

This description could be read as implying that the “angry response” from Israeli leaders was an overreaction. At the very least, it’s an odd way to describe a terror group’s failed attempt to murder Israeli schoolchildren.

And when The Post isn’t busy downplaying anti-Jewish violence, it’s outright ignoring it.

On June 5, Israel’s Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency announced that it had broken up a Palestinian terror cell that had planned to murder top government officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Post failed to report the story, just as it failed to report a foiled February 2018 plot by Palestinian Islamic Jihad to assassinate Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

On June 18, The Jerusalem Post reported, “Twenty Hamas members from the West Bank city of Nablus who planned lethal attacks across the country — including a suicide bombing in Jerusalem — have been arrested.” The Washington Post didn’t print a word about the arrests.

Thwarted terror plots, including suicide bombings and the planned assassination of a country’s leaders, are certainly newsworthy, but apparently not if the country is Israel and the newspaper is The Washington Post.


  1. This is what Israel is doing towards its enemies: Seven wounded in the fighting in southern Syria, including five children, have been rushed to medical treatment in hospitals in Israel. Three of them are in very serious condition and suffer from tremors all over their bodies, especially in their heads. Two adults seriously injured. A 10-year-old girl with heart problems was flown to the hospital, regardless of the war. The heartfelt girl came to treatment a week ago when her condition was critical. Today she breathes without any help. In view of the situation in Syria and the inability to treat sick children in need of surgery, they are being transferred to Israel for treatment. Yesterday, a 3-month-old child was diagnosed with a severe heart defect that endangered his life. In another hospital, a baby, a year and a half old, is waiting for a heart operation. An 11-year-old girl underwent surgery last week, in Israel, and returned to her native Syria.         The treatments of all the Syrian needy are funded by Israeli foundations. Most importantly, the Peres Foundation for Peace raises funds all over the world. The beneficiaries are the residents of Syria. Hoping that in the future they would appreciate the help they had been given. This is the true face of Israel, to the knowledge of all the instigators of the war against Israel and the instigators of wars in general.


  1. What do the Arab states concentrate on? They are not looking to improve their living conditions. They aim to destroy Israel completely. This is a very negative trend and cannot be explained to them because they cling to their backward leaders and see war and killing as their main target. The European Union has a program of assistance by financing technology development/ innovations programs. Israel received, and also paid the others, very high sums. Israel is known as the state of high technology development. Pro-Palestinian activists are trying in any way to block Israel from receiving research funding. The fact that people are lurking, including Arabs enjoying developments of Israel, does not interest them. The only thing that interests them is the demolish of Israel. The fact that many people will be harmed by the fact that Israel is also developing special drugs for special patients – this is of no interest to the Arabs. They only strive to destroy. To build? Look for someone else. That's how the world looks and why the world looks like this.

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