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"The matter of jihad is in the hands of the ruler and his ijtihad, and the people must obey him in whatever he sees fit with regard to that". — Al-Mughni (10/368). "It is not permissible for the army to set out on a campaign without the permission of the ruler, no matter what the situation, because the ones to whom the command to fight and engage in jihad is addressed are the rulers, not individuals. Individuals have to follow the decision-makers. So it is not permissible for anyone to fight without the permission of the imam." — Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah. Perhaps you thought that Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has given permission to kill Jews. But the Palestinian Authority is not an Islamic state and the Palestine Liberation Organization, of which Mahmoud Abbas is the head, is a secular body and will never be the basis even for a future Islamic state. Today, there is no Islamic state in Palestine, nor is there an Amir with authority to issue a call to jihad. You have been greatly misled in this. Above all, no one has the right to take up arms, even a little knife, and go out as a mujahid on his own volition. Such a man would not die a martyr, for he will have acted at his own command. Doubtless there is permission for an individual to fight if Muslims are attacked. But the people you killed had not attacked you. You attacked them. They were defenseless. You did not even ask them to convert to Islam, which, under shari'a, is the first thing to be done before an attack. You say, "Here they are closing the al-Aqsa mosque" and claim you are acting to open it. But no one had closed the mosque. It is open to all Muslims to pray there, as it has been since 1967, when the Israelis handed authority over it to the waqf authority in Jordan. Did you not know that? The Masjid al-Aqsa is built on a high place that is the holiest place in the world for Jews and has been holy to them long before the angel Jibril delivered Allah's message to Muhammad. Jews would never wish to commit acts of violence on a spot they regard as so holy, nor would they wish to destroy a mosque because that is forbidden under their own laws, which were written to protect all holy places, something they have done and do to this day. If your purpose was to "open the mosque", tell me how has the slaughter of a God-loving family brought a solution closer? Muslims have killed Jews many times before, and that has not advanced the Islamic cause or religion in the slightest. The Jews have endured much, yet not a single death Muslims have suffered has achieved prosperity or peace for the people of Islam. You know that the Jews will never leave the land Allah gave to them, as promised by the prophet Musa in Surat al-Ma'ida, aya 21: "O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has prescribed for you, and turn not back in your traces, to turn about losers." When you kill believers in the one God, you harden their hearts against you. Again and again, the people of Israel have offered the Muslims of Palestine peace and prosperity, and each time you have turned their offers down and brought calamity upon yourselves. That is not wisdom. That will not bring good lives to you, your family, your village or your young people born to hatred and anger. The Jews do not hate you: they hate the slaughter you have brought upon them for almost one hundred years. The Jews are commended in the Qur'an and in the books of Islamic law as "People of the Book". That is because they received a revelation from God. Yet you slaughtered them as though they were idolaters. In Syria, war is raging and Muslims are killing Muslims in many thousands, and millions have been dispossessed and forced into exile. But even now, Israeli Jews are working in special hospitals in Syria, clinics they have built, bringing in injured men, women and children for treatment by skilled doctors and nurses. Would they do that if they hated Muslims? People from Gaza and the West Bank have been treated in Israeli hospitals in their thousands, just as you are being treated now. Would the Jews give that help if they had hatred in their hearts for your people? Yet you and others like you have nothing but hatred for them. Have you not read the sound Hadith: None of you has faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. (Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 13, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi) Do you not remember the words spoken by the Prophet in his Final Sermon: "Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you"? And even if you think the Jews have done wrong to you, have you not read the words of Allah in Surat al-Fussilat, aya 34: "And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend". (Sahih International). I have heard some Muslims say that you will prevail because the Jews love life and you love death. You went out on their holiest day of the week because you boasted you were happy to die. But in their love for life the Jews have brought great advances, healing, knowledge, and prosperity to the world. And in your preference for death you have brought nothing but hatred and despair and hard lives for yourselves. You will go to prison and you will stay there until you die. You will achieve none of your ambitions, your hopes, your aspirations, a life that would bring pride and dignity to your family and your fellow Muslims. You will never become a doctor and heal the sick, a noble calling. You will never become a lawyer or a judge and deliver justice, another godly way of life. You will never become a Muslim scholar, an 'alim, a preacher, an imam, all holy callings. You will never marry, never have children, never become a great man who might have enriched the world and your own people. There are men and women in the world whom you might have summoned to Islam, but who, hearing of the evil things you have done, will reject Islam for the rest of their lives. Your name will go down in history along with names like Adolf Hitler and Pharaoh, who killed and enslaved Jews against God's will. And I fear that in the next world, if there is a world to come, you will share eternity in the company of murderers and tyrants. You may think that killing Jews is a noble thing, that others will praise you and hold you a hero, a brave man, a batal, a true believer. Yet what you did was not brave, but cowardly. People will tell you that the slaughter you performed was heroic and that you took up arms to bring freedom for your fellow Muslims. But today, millions around the world detest what you did and call it by its proper name, a Satanic act. If you had gone into that house with an open hand and a smiling face, I assure you that the family would have welcomed you, shaken your hand, and invited you to share their meal. But you chose not to do that. Instead, you took the lives of grandparents and parents, ruining the future for their little children. How can anyone be proud of that? I am addressing this letter to you in the hope that somewhere, today, tomorrow, or many years from now, you may see what you have done for what it is and feel shame. You have brought dishonor on your people. Perhaps in that, you will find a way to explain to your fellow believers, to young Palestinians like yourself, that, despite what they may hear to lure them into killing, they are on a path to their ruin. Arabs have fought six wars against the Jews and lost each time. You have fought intifadas to dislodge the Jews from the land God gave them, and they have survived and prospered. They have offered you everything you need to grow in peace and prosperity. They have guarded you so you can worship freely, attend your mosques, and preach your sermons, even when you have preached hatred for them. Are these not signs that Allah has protected them, given them the strength to survive, and blessed them? It is time to seek another way, to turn your knives to ploughshares, to make peace, not war, and to put an end to the sacrifice of your young people and elderly that brings nothing but wretchedness to the Palestinian Muslims. If you alone, one man, could come to understand that peace is close as soon as you want it and work for it. Allah says in Surat al-Waqi'a, ayas 25-26, about the people of Paradise: "They hear no idle talk there, nor words that call to sin, for only the words 'Peace, Peace!' are spoken there."
Peace be upon you. Al-salamu 'alayka.
Denis MacEoin
Denis MacEoin, who earned a PhD in Islamic Studies, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.
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Post Aug. 9th 2017 An Open Letter to Omar al-Abed / by Denis MacEoin

1. Omar al-Abed murdered three members of a Jewish family recently: Yosef Salomon, his daughter Chaya and his son Elad. The murders took place in the settlement of Halamish, land disputed by Israelis and "Palestinians" since the War of 1967. After reading that the murderer had survived and had been taken to hospital, I wanted to speak to him — in part, just to tell him how counterproductive and futile his action had been. But I also thought it worth trying to address him in language he would understand, by referring to Islamic matters, by quoting the Qur'an and sacred Traditions known as Hadith. The letter below might be translated into Arabic and shared with other young men. In it, there is mention of my background as a teacher of Islamic Studies, in the hope he and others might see I am not coming out of antagonism for either him or his faith — a faith that he and they are committed to following. I wanted to raise moral questions that seldom if ever occur to Palestinian Muslims, especially when they are roused by false rumors about al-Aqsa or other sites they consider sacred. It is important to stress that Jews are the only religious people alongside Muslims who believe in the absolute unity of God. After all, it was from the Jews that Muhammad learned to preach that "there is no god but God". I write to Omar al-Abed that he had no right to proclaim jihad, for an individual may not do that. Even though there are provisions in shari'a law that permit an individual to use violence if he believes Islam is under attack. I wanted him to know that the individuals he murdered had not attacked him and that the Israelis actually protect al-Aqsa and that it is not even slightly under attack. I quote Qur'anic verses about loving one's enemies, even though many later verses say the opposite. But if the Qur'an for him is the Word of God, surely he cannot simply ignore the earlier verses. The letter is just a way to try to open some eyes by speaking in terms that someone who regards you as an enemy, especially if you are not one, may grasp, and that may serve as an outreaching of hands. 'Umar al-'Abed will only change if, over the long life he will spend in prison, he has time to reflect and to use those parts of his religion that call for peace. Who knows what can happen in a lifetime?
Perhaps the exercise is worthless. I am not a Muslim, and no doubt that makes a difference. I am not a Jew, but I have tried to say that, in my long experience, Jews are good people and the people he killed so brutally were good people who, like him, believed in one God. Here is the letter: Ya 'Umar, Ya Abu Zayd, I have just read your Arabic will and testament. After the bismillah and salutations upon your prophet Muhammad, whom you extol as ashraf al-khalq wa'l-mursil, the most noble of mankind and the prophets, I came to your words:
I am young, not even twenty-years old, I had many dreams and many aspirations. But what life is this in which our women and our young are murdered without any justification? They are desecrating the al-Aqsa mosque and we are sleeping, it is an embarrassment that we are sitting idly by. "You, those who have a gun and who are worn out, you who only bring out your gun at weddings and celebrations, are you not ashamed of yourselves? Why are you not declaring war for Allah? Here they are closing the al-Aqsa mosque and your gun is silent. All that I have is a sharpened knife, and it is answering the call of al-Aqsa. Shame on you, you who preach hatred. God will take revenge on you and will make it count. All of us are the sons of Palestine and the sons of al-Aqsa. You, sons of monkeys and pigs, if you do not open the gates of al-Aqsa, I am sure that men will follow me and will hit you with an iron fist, I am warning you. 'Umar, I cannot come to your bedside in the hospital where your wounds are being treated by the people you have been taught to hate. If you had a knife, perhaps you would murder the doctors and nurses who are now saving your life. I have taught Arabic and Islamic Studies at a British university; I have many Muslim friends and have written much about Islam, a religion I know well. Much of my life has been spent in its study. I have read the Qur'an and the Hadith in Arabic, and love Islamic art, calligraphy and poetry, and can well understand why you love the Masjid al-Aqsa, the Qubbat al-Sakhra and all of the Haram al-Sharif. Many of the most beautiful buildings ever created have been mosques. There is no bitterness in my heart. But I do write with mingled sorrow and rage for what you have done. I know a great many Jews; they are good people who have suffered, and, like Muslims, millions of them have been slaughtered. Jews, like all Muslims, say the equivalent of la ilaha ill'llah — there is no god but God — in their holiest book. God has mentioned the Torah, al-Taurat, sixteen times in the Qur'an. In al-Taurat, you will find the words: "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one". Are these not like the words pronounced by the first Mu'adhdhin of Islam, Bilal ibn Rabah, when he was tortured by his master for having abandoned idolatry and said repeatedly ahad, ahad: one, one. The Jews and the Muslims are the greatest worshipers of a single God. Did it ever occur to you that you did something evil? You took the lives of a family of believers in one Deity. You destroyed their lives: a father, his son, and his daughter. You gravely injured the mother who, like you, is in hospital, fighting for her life. And when she is conscious she will be told that you have taken her husband, her son and her daughter. All the members of that family are today in grief, a grief from which they will never recover. And you have destroyed your own family. Have you not read in the Qur'an, in Surat al-Isra, that speaks of the Prophet's Night Journey to the Masjid al-Aqsa, when speaking of God's command "God has decreed that you worship none but him"? It continues: "And be virtuous to your parents. Whether one or both of them reaches old age, say not to them 'Uff' nor chide them, but speak unto them a noble word". Now, your father and mother have lost a son who might have protected them in their old age. Another son, your brother has been arrested. Today or tomorrow, soldiers will demolish the home in which your family lived. Is that what God would wish? You write, calling on your fellow Muslims, "Why are you not declaring war for God?" What war can that be if not jihad? But what right do you have to issue a call to jihad? Do you not know shari'a law and what it says about the call to jihad? Have not the 'ulama and the fuqaha stated that "Qital or fighting can only be declared when there is an Islamic State and the leader or Amir of this Islamic State is the only one who can declare this Holy War." To be continued tomorrow
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Post Aug. 8th 2017

1. The following was taken from an pro Palestinian blog and answered by me:
Israel steals important Jerusalem property deeds from Al-Aqsa
MEMO | August 7, 2017
During the closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque last month, Israeli occupation authorities stole important documents from Al-Aqsa Mosque relating to Jerusalem’s properties and endowments, revealed yesterday.
Chairman of the Jerusalem International Centre Hassan Khater said that the Israeli occupation stole the documents from the “rooms, libraries, documentary archives” of Al-Aqsa Mosque when its forces were alone during the closure.
“Through these documents, the Israeli occupation is putting its hand on the endowments, properties and real estate of Jerusalem’s endowment department,” Khater said, noting that the theft of these documents is a “real disaster”.
He noted that these documents include “details, secrets and signatures”, adding that more than 90 per cent of Jerusalem’s Old City is part of these endowments.
Khater stressed that the “Israeli occupation’s ability to forge documents will harm the endowments of the city.”
He also expressed his fears that the Israeli occupation would use these documents to help carry out its Judaisation plans in the holy city, noting that Judaisation is “the main battle” between the Palestinians and the Israelis
seelistenunderstand, on August 8, 2017 at 4:04 am said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Another silly lie of the sick Muslim lies industry. You,, lier Khater, should have brought a name of one, just one, a document that was “stolen”.Let me tell you and all your crowd in order to make them know who are you and your people: Israel did not touch a thing because everything is written and documented in the bible and afterward document. The problem is that you have no evidence and you try to establish your ownership of the holy places. So, you blame Israel for stealing the documents. It will not work. Take all the documents and make photocopies. No, you will not do it as if you do it you can never blame Israel for stealing documents that you never owned.
Now, think about it and don’t think that the world will swallow your evil stories.

2. Wher from this behavior of the Muslims come from? From the following and similar behavior: The Palestinian guides, that are free/entitled to guide tourists, including students from Palestine and abroad, tell them deviated history and their explanation are full with incitement and hatred. The Muslim guides tell their groups that "Israel behave to the Palestinians the way that the Germans treated the Jews in the 2nd world war". They instruct this when they visit the "Yad Vashem" museum of the holocaust. Only stupid people, like the Muslims, can believe it. They see the high standard of lives of the Palestinians. But they believe the guides as it suites the Muslim's ideology and they like to hear it and to spread it further on. I want to believe that you the reader know the history of the holocaust and you believe Israel not the Arabs.
3. What Israel can do is to deny the right to guide from the rebellious guides. Then they will blame Israel in Unesco that Israel eliminated their income and Unesco will issue their resolution that Israel behaved impolite. Why impolite? Because, they, the Unesco delegates support the Muslims. This is the story of the Muslims leading the world.
4. Nada Amin was Iranian journalist that escaped from Iran to Turkey. SAs long as the relations between Turkey and Iran were moving on a unpaved surface, she could stay there. But, now, after the relations were improved, she was warned that Turkey is going to hand her to Iran, where she was sentenced to death. She escaped to Israel and got here political absorbed many refugees from all over the world. The problem is that nobody publicizes it. The only publication that Israel gets is that we kill Palestinians. This is right, but when and why and for what reason? Answers to these questions you will never get from Palestine.
5. King Abdullah, of Jordan, visited Palestine yesterday. It was a quick one. 3 hours. Why he came there? Because he needs the Palestinian approval to reopen the Israeli embassy in Aman. Why he wants to reopen it? Because they got stuck with the entry visas to Israel in order to visit their relatives, but more important is to get medical aid in Israeli hospitals. It should be mentioned and explained that the Muslims need Israel more than we need their friendship. They are dependent on Israel. I will not go over the long list. I will just confirm that they can't, like the Palestinians, survive a long time without Israel. Israel is the back of the king and the Palestinian leader. Without water, power, food Etc they can survive, the most, 6 months. The visit was very successful. They agreed to stand still with their relations with Israel, that they need more than we do.
6. The Arabs blame Israel for everything. But now they started to give troubles to Europe. So, the German Bundestag members decided to submit the Bundestag a proposed resolution to take Palestinian and Lebanese terror organization to exclude of the law. It's time that Germany and all other states will establish this kind of resolution in order to limit the action of the Muslims all over.
7. In spite of all the hardships that the Palestinians and other Arabs try to give us, we expand our economy and build better relations almost all over. For example: a Mexican company invested in Israel, by buying a drip irrigation factory for…………………..$1.16 billion. And, in addition, the factories, head quarter and the R&D will stay in Israel. How many stupid Arab states managed to build such factories, the largest drip irrigation system in tge world. Just for your info, to let you understand the profitability of this company, so far, in 2017 the Ebitda is $135 million on a turnover of $980 million. China is buying for $40 million and India for $150 million. The interesting point is that all large states buy the Israeli drippers. Why, cant they produce it by themselves? No, it is patented and it is sophisticated.
8. The police statistics show a sharp reduction in agriculture crimes. I wrote about it last week. Today's news talk about a kind of remedy that was developed by the Israeli police. The herd of bulls was stolen from the farm of the family of Ariel Sharon, the late Israeli general and prime minister. It was detected and returned to the farm. This is due to new/different ways of working inside the police and with the citizens. The info and quick action arte among the most important factors in the success.
9. The following you don't find in the Quran: Israeli students picked the 1st place in the Math Olympiad that took place, this weekend, in Bulgaria. 71 of the most famous universities in the world, 351 students participated this competition. So, I ask you, Muslims, why don't you win in such events? Why you win only in cases of murder/destruction etc.
So, please learn/study/imitate Israeli behavior and build instead of destruct spend your time in studying subjects that will help you to improve your lives. Murder/killing/beheading are excluded of the term of improvement.

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In friendship………………………….Amir


Post-Aug. 7th 2017
1. "France is not a random space… fifteen centuries of history and geography determined its personality. Inscribed in the depths of our landscape, the churches, the cathedrals and other places of pilgrimage give meaning and form to our patriotism. Let us demand our civil authorities to respect it". Two years ago, the French journalist Denis Tillinac promoted this appeal, signed by dozens of French personalities, after some French imams requested the conversion of abandoned churches into mosques. A year later, terrorists who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State assaulted the Catholic parishioners in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, murdering an elderly priest, Father Jacques Hamel, at the foot of the altar. An outpouring of great emotion followed the most serious attack on a Christian symbol in Europe since the Second World War. After that attack, the French authorities prevented many Islamist plots against the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Last June, police shot a Muslim man outside the cathedral after he tried to attack them with a hammer. Another terror cell of French women, guided by Islamic State commanders in Syria, had previously been foiled before they could attack Notre Dame. France's most famous Catholic house of worship is a prime target for the jihadists. A t the same time, France has been dismissing the religious and cultural heritage of France's Catholic patrimony, which, in a time of religious clashes and revival, should instead be protected as treasures and sources of strength. Last month, around the time of the first anniversary of the murder of Father Hamel, a wrecking crew demolished the famed Chapel of Saint Martin in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, built in 1880-1886 and deconsecrated in 2015. A parking lot will replace the old Christian building. Photographs and videos posted on social networks, in scenes reminiscent of ISIS' vandalism of churches in Mosul, show the cross being ripped from the church and the church destroyed. A few days earlier, in Rouen, not far from where Father Hamel had been killed, the local authorities ordered the destruction of the Saint-Nicaise Church's presbytery, for "safety reasons".

In 1907, the French state appropriated all church property, and now increasing numbers of local authorities are deciding they cannot or will not renovate their churches. French mayors call this process "deconstruction". The year of Father Hamel's martyrdom, France was very busy demolishing churches. The Patrimoine-en-blog website, a platform providing a regular inventory of demolished churches, reports seven demolished churches in France in 2016 alone, and two in the first half of 2017. Along with these destroyed Christian buildings, 26 churches were put up for sale in 2016, and 12 churches were listed for sale in 2015. In 2017, many churches were converted to offices, apartments, "entertainment centers", gyms and art galleries. The picture is not promising for French Catholicism: "Over the past two years, Christian associations have sold nearly 40 churches throughout the country, at prices ranging from 100,000 to 400,000 euros. Twenty-seven other churches have been demolished. According to the Catholic Church, more than 1,000 churches are to be sold or demolished throughout France". According to a report from the Observatory of Religious Heritage, presented at the French Senate, France could lose "5,000 to 10,000 religious buildings by 2030". Every year, 20 churchesare sold and converted in France. The art historian Didier Rykner, who runs La Tribune de l'Art, said that "not since the Second World War have we seen churches reduced to rubble". These authorities and mayors, so lenient when it comes to presenting economic reasons for destroying churches, are always generous when it comes to mosques. "Nearly 2,400 mosques today, compared to 1,500 in 2003, is the most visible sign of the rapid growth of Islam in France, consequence of a population of immigrant origin and the process of strong re-Islamization", noted an report by the magazine Valeurs Actuelles. When it comes to Islam, neutrality is abandoned. For example, "the municipality of Évreux voted for the provision of 5000 square-meters of land, for one symbolic euro, for the project of the Union of the Muslim Faith". The author and journalist Élisabeth Schemla detailed how French mayors have become "builders of mosques". This is how, in the last 30 years, more mosques and Muslim prayer centers have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century. The Church of Santa Rita used to stand in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris. A few weeks after Father Hamel was assassinated by the Islamic terrorists, the French police cleared the church. It is now a parking lot. Police dragged out the priests by their legs as a Mass was being celebrated. "When France is moved by the martyrdom of Jacques Hamel and [then Prime Minister] Manuel Valls speaks of financing mosques and training imams, we do not understand that churches are abandoned to their sad fate and demolished", Eloise Lenesley wrote at the time in Le Figaro. In France, there are laws protecting old trees from indiscriminate cutting. But the state is free to flatten old Christian churches. The vacuums created in the French landscape are already being filled by the booming mosques. Cowardly French authorities would never treat Islam as they are now treating Christianity. Marine Le Pen pointedly asked: "What if we built parking lots on top of Salafist mosques, instead of our churches?" The author, Giulio Meotti, is an Italian famous and respected journalist and is the Cultural Editor for Il Foglio.
2. Well, this is the negative Muslims way to conquer the world. The Israeli way is the following: A 16 years old girl, Sarit Sternberg, from a small farm in Israel, is signed on a very important achievement: Sarit found the Virus that can kill the Anthrax. The Anthrax is a very dangerous virus that penetrates to the breathing system and attacks it internally. So long the method to fight anthrax was antibiotics. As from now, I mean not this very moment but the future, this will be the answer to the anthrax attack. The new development, which is a virus that kills viruses, will give biological solution instead of the chemical that is currently in use. The big advantage is that as from now the anthrax will be unable to develop a mutation that will neutralize the "Good" viruses.
3. Now a basic question that everybody must answer to himself: can you compare between this Israeli girl achievement and all other Israeli developments, and the Muslim's that their achievements are how many people, especially Jews, they killed in their attacks on the world's humanity?
So, please support Israel's way to achieve peace through humanity. Please explain the Muslims their wrong ideology and way to achieve the requested, by them, superiority, as wars are doing only bad.
Please buy Israeli products
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Post Aug. 6th 2017
1. If you want to have a black rose or any other color, please apply to Israel. Israeli researchers managed to develop/produce technology that will enable us to change the colors of various plants, flowers, fruits Etc. Due to these changes, due to the new colors, the precentage of anti oxidants will increase and it will help the immune system to protect us of disease. This is what Israeli researchers are busy/dealing with instead of developing destruction, that we are enforced to develop due the fanatic war that the Muslims impose on us following the written in the Quran that everybody, especially Jews, who is not Muslim, must be converted. If he resists, his verdict is death.
2. 2. This means that the entire of the world must be Muslim no matter if we want it or not. So, let's assume that we will surrender and convert. The Muslim world, today and many years ago are fighting each other. What will be the end of the Islam and to the people that were converted? Will they be protected/secured by the Muslim's God in appreciation of becoming Muslim? I doubt very much.
3. Here is a fresh example, if you need it at all, of the fight/war of Muslims against Muslims and the cruelty of their members: There is war going on, for more than 3 years, Between Jabahat Al Nusra and Hezbollah. Last week Hezbollah achieved a very big "success": Hezbollah killed 150 Jabahat's fighters. Following it another 7000 Jabahat's soldiers were moved to the city of Ideliev in Syria. The question is if this is going to be the live/face of the world after/if the Muslims will win and manage the world? The answer is, most probably, yes.
4. Israel and Palestine are very tiny. To accommodate all their people they need space. The space that both entities has is very small. So, every Sq. In. is in use. The situation is that in many cases the villages of the 2 people are close or even shacks each other. This enables common peaceful lives or the opposite. In very many cases the common lives are very successful. But in some cases this closure disturbs the peaceful lives, like in the following case: Thieves broke into a honey factory/store and took al the stock of a year's work. The value is millions of shekels. They took everything, not just the packed, ready for delivery, honey. They took the tanks with the removed, from the hive, honey. They took also the honey removing machines and the new glasses packaging the honey. The owners were left naked with no alternative and no hope for the future. The trail of the thieves led to the near by/most closed Palestinian village that the Israeli honey producers are in deep/close relations/friendship with these village citizens. The Israelis were selling their honey to this village, and more neighboring Palestinian villages, shops. So, how the peace can be held, after/if it will be achieved at all? I am deeply sorry to say that in such a situation the peace will not hold water.
5. In the last week refrigerated/cold storage was ignited. The flames burned everything. It caused damage of vast money. This again was done by a group of Israeli Arabs. The people of this village are very loyal and many of them serve in the army and they hold bachelor's degree of Israeli Universities. They also serve in Gov. high positions. Not in the Gov. itself so far. But one day they will get there too. The igniters are strange to this village, but, still, they were educated by somebody. From the Quran. They are extremely fanatic Muslims. The solution is to behave to them in the way they deserve/understand-to be harder to them.
6. The PA were asked to stop all payments to the Jihadists families. Here is how they did it. The PA head quarter in Turkey used to buy products/goods, in Turkey. It was sent to Israel and sold in Hebron shops. The money was shared with the Jihadists families. Now it was stopped after the Israeli security services broke into the system.
7. Yesterday I visited the blog of Rachel Corrie. In her blog she perform in a play in which she blames Israel for the occupation and for killing Arabs. This play is exactly the target that can be attacked. Please allow me, Rachel, to ask you from which stage/year you started your play? I know. From 1967. The reason is that in this year 3 Arab states, Egypt, Syria and Jordan declared a war on Israel. They failed and as usual, in the war there are many casualties and just one winner. Israel was the winner. This is history without explanations. Why you did not start your play from the year of 1965? I will answer: Because in that time the Arabs use to attack Israel and Israeli citizens, in their homes, within the international borders of Israel, that were recognized and agreed by all international institutes. Yes, the Arabs, called Fedain (commit suicide), entered Israel in order to kill Israelis. They killed a lot of us. They were and still are murderers. This is the people that you support. In order to submit to your audience the full picture/truth you should add the pre 1967 story as well. But it does not suit your agenda, so, you will never tell the truth. You tell you and the Arab's truth. But, unfortunately, this is not the truth. This is deviation of the truth. You instead of helping the Arabs you disturb them of learning/knowing/understanding the real situation. This is very bad of you. Please check the history and learn it. I am happy that I can lead/teach stray souls, like yours in order to "repair" you and silly people like you.
8. One man offered his colleague: Lets bate. I will throw a coin 10 times. If your choice will win I will pay you $120. If mine- you will pay me $100. The 1st one refused. The reason is that he was afraid of losing so he rejected his chance to win. But it was 50%. No ways. This is the situation in Israel. The 1st, the refusals are the Palestinians. They are so afraid of losing that they prefer not to negotiate the peace because they are afraid to lose. This is true. Their arguments are so weak that there is no chance for them to get a good resolution for them. All of it provided that the UN will be fair. If the current composition of the UN members will stay there is no chance for Israel. They can pass every resolution. In spite of their perfect position they are afraid. It is because they worry about the loyalty of their brothers that can't be trusted.
9. In Math. If we face a problem we are looking for the formula to answer it. There is no way that we place figures in math. Formula and it does not work. The situation in politics is completely different. Every formula that was brought in front of the Palestinians was rejected. The reason is that they want Jews to be in the sea (as Arafat declared) drinking salt water. This means that the only solution they see it to have the entire of the blooming Israel for themselves. This is the ethics of the world.
10. In the 1st world war the French and the Germans slaughtered each other, in millions, for land. But, since 1917 there is no more fight. Why? Because they saw that there is nothing good in it. It is better to live together in peace on a much smaller piece of land. So, the split the land and the ego and live peacefully in a smaller land.
11. This situation is very worrying. If we combine all that is written in this post we find out that this world is not controlled by any super power. This means that every bastard is a king that can behave his way. This is true for the North Korean, the Iranian Ayatollah, the Palestinians as well as the entire of the Muslim world. This must bother everybody who is looking for peace and to secure his life.
I wish all of us peace
In friendship